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Of course, in order to feel the magnificent atmosphere of Singapore City, one needs to visit this place, walk on charming streets of the historical center, visit local cafes, and enjoy the look of the local landmarks - Sultan Mosque, Old Supreme Court, Merlion , Fullerton Hotel, Floating Stadium and many others. In order to make your virtual tour to the city more interactive, we offer an unusual opportunity to fly over every notable landmark of Singapore City. Simply start the video, and use the full-screen mode. Each landmark comes with extra information, containing a collection of interesting facts and a photo gallery. Let’s go!

Sultan Mosque, Singapore

Location on the map:   Facts:
» The Sultan Mosque is the oldest of surviving mosques in the city and one of the most important mosques in Singapore.
» The mosque accommodates 5,000 worshipers and is intended only for Muslim men; women pray in the gallery on the 2nd floor.
» The Sultan Mosque remained unchanged since its construction, even though the Second World War. During existence of the mosque, only the main hall was a subject to repair in the 1960s and in 1993.
» The Sultan Mosque became a national monument on 14 March 1975.
» Two domes and four minarets of the mosque show Arabic style with a touch of Moorish features. The roof of the mosque is framed with 40 spires featuring the same shape as minarets.

Old Supreme Court, Singapore

Location on the map:   Facts:
» The Old Supreme Court is one of the most spectacular classical buildings in Singapore constructed in 1930. It became the last building erected in the country during the rule of Britain.
» The Old Supreme Court building is made of white stone and topped by a tower with a turquoise dome. The facade of the building is decorated with numerous columns of white travertine.
» The amazing bas-relief of the Italian sculptor Augusto Martelli decorates the front. It portrays Justice, the central figure is traditionally holding a sword and scales, but isn’t blinded by a bandage.
» You can see the building not only outside, but inside. The building constantly hosts art exhibitions and tours.
» It was planned to open an art center in the old building of the Supreme Court.

Merlion , Singapore

Location on the map:   Facts:
» Merlion is the fountain built in 1964 by the famous designer Fraser Brunner. The fountain is constructed in form of a creature with lion's head with a fish's body sitting on a wave.
» Merlion is the symbol of Singapore.
» The original 70-ton statue that reaches a height of 8.6 meters is located near the mouth of the Singapore River.
» The lion's head is a symbol of opening of Singapore, as described in the Malay historical chronicle. Singapore literally means the Lion’s City. And if we talk about the fish body of the statue, it symbolizes the ancient settlement called Temasek, a small fishing village, where the history of Singapore was started.
» This statue occupies a prominent place among the major attractions of Singapore. Merlion was opened in September 1972 and since then welcomes all visitors of Singapore.

Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

Location on the map:   Facts:
» Fullerton Hotel is the unique architectural attraction of Singapore.
» The former post office was renovated and transformed into an upscale hotel that was opened in December 2001.
» Impressive neoclassical facade of the building was completely preserved, but the interior of the former post office was transformed into spacious, comfortable, elegant and comfortable rooms featuring contemporary design.
» The hotel has two restaurants. One of them offers visitors to taste Asian cuisine, while the second serves Italian cuisine.
» Hotel guests can enjoy the local fitness center, gym, and a massage parlor or listen to live music.

Floating Stadium, Singapore

Location on the map:
Facts: » The Floating Stadium is the stadium located on a floating platform in Marina Bay in Singapore.
» The Floating Stadium is the world's largest floating stage.
» The platform supports the weight of up to 1,070 tons; stands on the beach can accommodate 30,000 spectators.
» The Stadium is the venue for various events such as sport cups, exhibitions, concerts and other cultural festivals.
» Between stands and the stadium there is the section of Formula 1 Marina Bay. Stands are actually a part of the rostrum slopes and are also used during the Gran of Singapore and other races.
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Singapore is the location of numerous monuments of the colonial era. Parliament House is a striking example of it. It was built in 1827; the mansion was originally owned by a wealthy merchant. Later the building housed the court, and it became the residence of the country’s parliament only in 1965. During your walk through the city one can see large number of unusual sculptures and monuments, each of which has its own original story. Thus, in Merlion Park you will find an interesting statue called "Sea Lion". The sculpture depicts an unusual animal with lion's head and the body of the fish. It is believed that this unusual monument protects the city from storms and other water disasters. The territory of the city is divided into several national quarters, in each of which you can find not only interesting sights, but also national restaurants and shops. Chinatown is the location of the famous Sri Mariamman temple. People come to the shrine to admire its luxurious design as well as to watch the yogis who perform the most incredible exercises in the square in front of the temple. From a historical point of view Chijimes Chapel Hall is a truly interesting structure. Several centuries ago the beautiful building housed a monastery. In the beginning of the 20th century a beautiful Gothic chapel was built near the architectural complex. Currently Chijimes Hall regularly hosts theatrical performances, musical concerts and other celebrations. Among the newer architectural … Read further

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