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Singapore Flyer

From the series “The Most Thrilling Roller Coasters in the World”
Among the scariest rides of the world there’re not only roller coasters and carousels, which can be compared to modern skyscrapers in terms of height, but also the largest Ferris wheel in the world, Singapore Flyer. Rise to great heights may cause dizziness even among the most courageous people. Fans of extreme activities will have a unique opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of Singapore. Despite the fact that the first launch of the Ferris wheel was held on 11 February 2008, the official opening took place a little later, on March 1. The diameter of the huge Ferris wheel is 150 meters and the total height is 165 meters.
Here 28 modern transparent cabins are arranged to accommodate passengers; each of them can pick up to 28 persons. All cabins are equipped with modern air conditioning systems letting feel as comfortable as possible. The giant Ferris wheel makes a full turn in 30 minutes, during which visitors can enjoy all the delights of ride at a great height. When the cabin reaches peak height, passengers can enjoy panoramic views not only of Singapore, but also of the nearby islands of Indonesia and Malaysia. The Singapore Flyer has several VIP-cabins for the most discerning travelers, where visitors are served dinner with chic specialty cocktail called Singapore Sling. Most experienced travelers recommend visiting the attraction in the evening, when the city illuminates with fabulously beautiful lights. ... Complete sights collection

Swissotel The Stamford

From the series “The World's Tallest Hotels”
One of the highest and most famous hotels in the world is located in Singapore. Swissotel The Stamford has the height of 226 meters. In the hotel there are over 1 200 rooms, as well as 16 nice restaurants and bars. In addition, the Swissotel The Stamford is home to one of Asia's largest spa centers, were guests have a wide selection of original relaxation places.
On the 71st floor of the skyscraper there is a popular Equinox restaurant with circular panorama. Visitors will be able to test the most popular dishes of Asian and Western cuisine. Among the bars accessible to the hotel guests, one should especially mention the City Space. Delighted by the panorama of the city, visitors can taste the varieties of alcohol and elite cigars, brought from different parts of the world.
Tourists who choose the Singapore hotel to organize the festive banquet or marriage ceremony will not be disappointed either. One of the open terraces of the hotel is just for such occasions. A pleasant surprise awaits the wellness lovers, as the spa salon of the hotel provides two open landscape pools together with the luxurious relaxation areas with comfortable furniture. ... Complete sights collection

Fountain of Wealth

From the series “The Most Spectacular Fountains in the World”
The wonderful sights are in Singapore. In the Suntek City district is the world-famous fountain of wealth. Every day, hundreds of people come to the fountain to perform the symbolic ritual. They walk around the central part of the fountain, holding their hands in the water, and thinking of the longing desire. Thousands of people around the world claim that their dreams come true after this ritual.
Certainly, after this symbolic event, one is splashing. The experienced tourists know, however, that the fountains of the fountain are switched off several times a day, which allows the free and 'dry' access to the center of the fountain. The fountain is part of the Suntec City trading center and was built in 1995 specifically to ensure prosperity and flourishing the center.
The trading center itself was built according to the Feng Shui rules, which caused the unusual form of the fountain. According to the canons of Feng Shui, the inward water movement symbolizes the enrichment process. The Chinese consider water to be one of the main symbols of prosperity and prosperity. Every evening the grandiose light-and-music shows take place in the commercial center. During an hour you can hear the beautiful music and the rays of the fountain are lit with the laser beams. After the opening, the fountain of wealth was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest fountain in the world. ... Complete sights collection

Esplanade Theatre

From the series “Top 16 Most Amazing Buildings of the Planet”
In Singapore there is a unique architectural attraction - the beautiful Esplanade Theater, located on the coast Marina-Bay. The theater is located next to the district of the same name and the old park, to whose honor it was named. The main feature of the modern building are two huge glass domes with thorns that are illuminated at the dawn with the incredibly beautiful artillumination.
Looking at the building from the bird's eye view, it reminds of Durian, the exotic fruit, which is also covered with small spines. The organizers of the project, however, had the other associations, they wanted to make the theater building similar to the large two-shell shell. The huge domes were made of glass, and in order to protect the theater from the hot weather, the special sun roofs were put on the domes, all of which recall the durian's barb.
In the huge building, besides the theater, the excellent concert hall was arranged for 2,000 spectators. There is also the large commercial complex and several popular restaurants in the original building. The building was built in 2002 and today is one of the most striking architectural sights in Singapore. The unique cultural center is absolutely worth seeing for all tourists. This is where the various cultural events take place every day. In good weather the theatrical performances are performed in the open air. ... Complete sights collection

Marina Bay Stadium

From the series “Top 14 Sport Stadiums with Impressive Design”
Located in Singapore's floating marina 'Marina Bay Floating Stadium' is probably one of the most original building of its kind in the world. It was built specifically for the singapore football team in 1995. For more than ten years, Marina Bay has been the only swimming stadium in the world. The only grandstand of the stadium, which can accommodate 30,000 people, is located on the mainland and the playing field is completely located on the water. Specifically, for the unique stadium, the steel platform, whose length was 120 meters, and the width - 83 meters, was built at the Golf Marina Bay.
This platform is incredibly secure and can carry more than 1000 tons, which corresponds to the weight of 9000 people. Since 2007 not only the sporting events but also the concerts, as well as the different exhibitions and the national holidays on the original floating stadium are carried out. The singapore stadium still has an interesting secret. Between its platform and the platform on the edge of the mainland stretches a Formula 1 track. Not only the sports fans, but also many well-known athletes dream of seeing the only swimming stadium in the world with their own eyes. ... Complete sights collection

Henderson Waves

From the series “The Most Unusual and Strange Bridges on Earth”
Several strange bridges can be found in Singapore. One of them has the symbolic name 'Wave Herderson' and is part of the Henderson Road road. The footbridge, which is 274 meters in length, connects two unique parks - Telok Blanga Hill Park and Mount Faber Park. From a structural point of view, Henderson Bridge has no distinctive peculiarities. It has been known worldwide for its unique design.
The most important decorative element is the wavy metal construction that forms seven cozy niches on the bridge. The excellent recreation zones were equipped with benches and small tables. A better place to enjoy the river or a photo-shooting can hardly be found in this district. Inside, the decorative design has a beautiful wood design and is adorned from the outside with the impressive illumination system. Since the opening, the bridge was immediately popular among the couples. The newlyweds are coming here to make the beautiful photos for wedding albums.
The bridge was opened in 2008 and was a joint project of the London architectural firm IJP and the Singapore office RSP Architects Planners, as well as the engineers from Ingenieros PTE Ltd company. The bridge connects two wonderfully beautiful parks and, thanks to its original design, is an excellent example of the surrounding landscape. It must be noted that 'Wave Herderson' is the highest bridge in Singapore. The height of their reinforced concrete supports is 36 meters. The visitors of the bridge should take into account that the entrance with motor scooters, bicycles and even scooters on the bridge is forbidden. ... Complete sights collection

Helix Bridge

From the series “The Most Unusual and Strange Bridges on Earth”
Among the odd bridges of Singapore you have to mention the helix bridge, which was opened in 2010. The covered pedestrian bridge is characterized by the unusual design. From outside it looks like a DNA spiral structure. In the evening, when the LED lights turn on, the bridge looks just incredible.
Stahl served as the main building block for the bridge construction. Helix is ​​located in the center of lively Singapore and connects two large districts - Marina Center and Marina Bay. In 2010, a few weeks after the opening, Helix Bridge was awarded the 'World's Best Transport Building' award during the World Architecture Festival Awards. The size of the bridge is quite impressive. Its length is 280 meters. For the tourists and city dwellers, four large viewing platforms were set up on the bridge, opening the magnificent panorama to Singapore's most picturesque districts.
The unique bridge is the result of the collaboration of the best architects in the world who work in the architectural companies Architects 61, Arup and Cox Group. The authors of the bridge say that their form was not chosen by chance. The helix bridge symbolizes peace and life. The unusual bridge construction was even approved by the Feng Shui Specialists, whose opinion is very important in the architectural and construction areas of Singapore. ... Complete sights collection

Toilet in Singapore Zoo

From the series “Public Toilets, Who Makes it Extravagant”
In Zoo 'Singapore' you can see not only the rare animals and birds, but also a very interesting public toilet, designed in thematic style. The toilet structure is very unusual - it is half-open and surrounded by lush brushwoods of green plantings. For the guests of the zoo, the toilet is free of charge and quite worth seeing.
The room with the cabins and the toilet hall are shared by the huge aquarium. And instead of one of the walls you can see the lush scrub of the orchids and the cypergrass, as well as the fine brook flowing between them. Particularly interesting is the unique thematic design of the cabins, in which the large posters hang with animals. The photographers have taken the animals at a sharp moment - if they do, in their own way, the emergency.
Each poster is accompanied by the corresponding information note. All the animals on earth make 'it' in a peculiar way. In the toilet are more than ten cabins available to the visitors. Each cabin is uniquely decorated. It must be noted that the toilet on the zoo territorium is so to say usually environmentally friendly in the world. For this important feature, she has been awarded several prizes several times and is considered to be one of Singapore's most remarkable and unusual attractions. ... Complete sights collection

Singapore Flyer

From the series “The Most Exotic Restaurants in the World”
Located in Singapore, the Singapore Flyer, which is the largest ferris wheel on earth, also serves as the location of one of the highest restaurants. The tables of the restaurant of the same name are located in the enclosed glass cubicles of the Riesenrad. A better restaurant for romantic dinner in Singapore can hardly be found. The maximum height reached by the ferris wheel cabins is 165 meters. From the highest point, the magnificent panorama opens onto the island, and in the clear weather one can see from the Ferris wheel the Malaysian and Indonesian islands.
The ferris wheel has 28 cabins, each of which can accommodate up to 28 people. The large cabins have long been popular among the newlyweds, who perform the wedding ceremonies, and are also used as a venue for banquets. The Singapore Flyer Restaurant is one of the most sumptuous and chic in Singapore. This luxurious facility offers the Hofmannservices to all visitors. ... Complete sights collection

Jurong Bird Park

From the series “Top 16 Most Unusual and Original Parks and Gardens”
In Singapore, travelers can visit the amazing Jurong Bird Park. Its main feature is a rich collection of feathered inhabitants. Here, you can see birds typical not only for South-East Asia, but also for European and African countries and the United States. Jurong Park is unique because of a feeling that all the birds live free. Indeed, the park doesn’t have open-air cages, but natural areas for each type of bird. Zones are masterfully recreated there.
Flamingoes are living at a large artificial pond. Penguins have a special isolated part of the park equipped with a special air conditioning system. One of the most interesting and popular places for visitors is an aviary with parrots that features more than a hundred species of birds. No less impressive is the large pavilion with an artificial waterfall, which is home to over 1 500 birds from different parts of the world.
Jurong Bird Park area is more than 20 hectares. All in all, its territory is inhabited by about 5 000 birds belonging to 380 different species. The opening of the park took place in January 1971. About $ 3.5 million were spent on the creation. Guests can stroll around the territory or ride the cozy air-conditioned tram, whose route goes around the park. Here, visitors have an opportunity to observe the birds in real time, i.e. watch them swimming, building their nests, and raising offspring. The only thing you can not do in the park is to feed the birds. ... Complete sights collection
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