Travel tips for Singapore - what to prepare in advance and what to obey

Far Far Away At Universal Studio Singapore 1. Planning a trip to Singapore, tourists should be ready to give up the usual chewing gum. Import of the gum into the country is prohibited.
2. It is not allowed to bring any printed materials of an erotic nature to Singapore. Magazines like "Playboy" and "Stern" are banned.
3. You can not eat or drink in the subway or other public transport; it is undesirable to have snacks on the go while visiting cultural institutions - a violation of this rule results in a large fine.
Monuments and architectural objects, notable for the history and culture of the country. …
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4. The government strictly monitors the cleanliness of the streets. Spitting or throwing garbage in undesignated areas are punished by a fine.
5. In restaurants, for smokers, there is a special time.
6. Tipping is not accepted in Singapore, as the bonus amount for waiters is already included in the cost of meals. Any attempt to give some tips may be regarded as an offense.
7. In Singapore, it is absolutely safe to drink tap water. The government makes quite high demands on sanitation while drinking bottled water in the country is not cheap. Copyright
8. The following characteristics are taken into account when choosing a beach: Palawan Beach is more suitable for family holidays, Siloso Beach accommodates all kinds of entertainment for thrill-seekers (surfing, canoeing, night parties), the beach zone of Tanjong is a romance for couples.
9. Do not buy sim cards, home appliances, souvenirs in the airport's shopping centers. In the city, the prices for these goods are lower by nearly half.
10. Prepare as much cash as possible. Given all the technological advancement of the country, not all services can be paid with a card. Thus, the purchase of a subway token often requires a cash payment.
11. It's better to make international calls from a phone box - it's cheaper.
Lying on several islands, the largest of which gave the country its name, Singapore is in the top ten Asian countries in terms of the number of …
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12. There is a transit visa in the country. Tourists are allowed to stay in Singapore for 96 hours as transit passengers, provided that the aircraft is used as a means of transportation. Have airplane tickets to your final destination with you - this is considered a guarantee that a tourist does not intend to stay in the country.
13. Using the taxi services, passengers must take a rear seat. You can pay in cash or with a card.
14. Pedicab services are common in the central part of the country. This is a transport for tourists and sightseeing, so it is not recommended to use it for long trips.
15. On the street, it's better to avoid touching passers-by - it is regarded as harassment and entails heavy fines. Please ask a police officer if you have any questions, there are quite a lot of them in Singapore.
16. The transportation of any narcotic substances, even if it is marijuana permitted in many countries, is punishable by death penalty without the right of appeal.
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Colorful and unique places in Singapore

Marine life park

From the series “The Coolest and Largest Oceanariums in the World”
There is an incredible oceanarium in Singapore. The total volume of water in its aquariums is more than 45 000 cubic meters. More than 10 000 fish and marine animals that belong to 800 different species are living there. One of the outstanding features of the place is its central aquarium. Its main panel is the largest in the world. Its width is 36 meters and height is 8.3 m. Against this huge screen, people look really tiny; it allows them to enjoy the effect of the presence and feel a part of a huge ocean.

The Aquarium of Singapore is famous for rare specimens of marine life. It is home to more than 20 bottlenose dolphins and bronze fish-hammer, which can’t be seen in every major aquarium of the world. Opening of the oceanarium was held in 2012. By now, it is the largest on the … Read all

Jurong Bird Park

From the series “Top 16 Most Unusual and Original Parks and Gardens”
In Singapore, travelers can visit the amazing Jurong Bird Park. Its main feature is a rich collection of feathered inhabitants. Here, you can see birds typical not only for South-East Asia, but also for European and African countries and the United States. Jurong Park is unique because of a feeling that all the birds live free. Indeed, the park doesn’t have open-air cages, but natural areas for each type of bird. Zones are masterfully recreated there.

Flamingoes are living at a large artificial pond. Penguins have a special isolated part of the park equipped with a special air conditioning system. One of the most interesting and popular places for visitors is an aviary with parrots that features more than a hundred species of birds. No less impressive is the large pavilion with an … Read all

Singapore Flyer

From the series “The Most Exotic Restaurants in the World”
Located in Singapore, the Singapore Flyer, which is the largest ferris wheel on earth, also serves as the location of one of the highest restaurants. The tables of the restaurant of the same name are located in the enclosed glass cubicles of the Riesenrad. A better restaurant for romantic dinner in Singapore can hardly be found. The maximum height reached by the ferris wheel cabins is 165 meters. From the highest point, the magnificent panorama opens onto the island, and in the clear weather one can see from the Ferris wheel the Malaysian and Indonesian islands.

The ferris wheel has 28 cabins, each of which can accommodate up to 28 people. The large cabins have long been popular among the newlyweds, who perform the wedding ceremonies, and are also used as a venue for banquets. The … Read all
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