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When The Night Comes Singapore's favorable climate left its mark on the mentality and character of the local people. The air temperature stays stable at 26 ºC throughout the year. The proximity of the ocean creates an optimum humidity. Plains predominate in the country's relief - the highest point rises above sea level to a height of just over 160 meters. Half of the area of Singapore is occupied by evergreen forests. About 5% have the status of national reserves where people's behavior is regulated by strict rules. Every year the country reclaims from the ocean additional meters of land, on which dams expanding the island for industrial facilities are built.
For the majority of tourists, the first impression of the small island is largely based on the local residents' friendly attitude to foreigners. It …
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The tropical jungle seems virgin; however, all the Singaporean territories in the green zone have long been cultivated. Walking along the paths among mangroves, it's hard to believe that it is not a wild forest stretching around - that's how the biosphere of the island is preserved. While walking, you can suddenly stumble into a special picnic area equipped for a comfortable stay in nature. One of the most popular hiking trails passes through the Kranji Marshes. This is a zone of unique beauty. The singing of birds sounds under ancient trees' arches.
In the center of the protected area on the tower is an observation deck. From floating platforms, you can easily observe the flora and fauna of the fascinating place. The green zone can only be visited by prior reservation. Berlayer Creek never leaves indifferent admirers of the sea and its fresh breeze. Coastal mangroves bump into rocks, park areas border on the "wild" forest. A walk to the bay takes about an hour and is good for families The Marine Park is located on the Sisters' Island, where there are frequent outflows exposing the coastal zone with rare species of marine creatures and plantations of bright corals. The island can be visited free of charge, but only by appointment and accompanied by a guide. Copyright
Lying on several islands, the largest of which gave the country its name, Singapore is in the top ten Asian countries in terms of the number of …
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In search of romance, you should go to charming Changi Beach Park with a free green area. The park has a lot of secluded corners, which made it a favorite spot for couples of all ages. There is also a special route, which opens the diversity and colorfulness of the island landscape. Walking at sunset gives priceless minutes of enjoying the beauty of nature in the last rays of the sun. Another hiking route passes through the National Reserve. The government opened a new tourist destination in 2016. Today, all mountain bike enthusiasts can get a portion of adrenaline from the ride, as well as enjoy one of the most beautiful views in the middle of the route.
Chinatown Singapore "Treetop Walk at MacRitchie" is another breathtaking route in a park zone. The path runs along a suspension bridge at an altitude of thirty meters. In the park, you will find numerous areas perfectly equipped for picnicking and fun entertainment. The route itself belongs to the category of medium complexity level. It is not recommended to go for a walk with small children. As one interesting legend says, the artificial lake Keppel-Hill appeared in 1905 at the desire of the spirit of the island. Today it is a popular spot to camp wild. Many paths breaking through thickets of bushes lead to the lake.
Singapore is among the safest states with the lowest crime rate. That is why nightlife is as rich as daytime in the country. Despite the fact that …
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Swimming in the lake is not forbidden, but locals avoid entering the water to not accidentally disturb the spirit. Despite the relative stability of the Singapore climate by Asian standards, the island has a rainy season that lasts from November to January. In these months it rains for twenty days. Locals love the rainy season because it eliminates the need to hide from the scorching sun and allows them to simply enjoy rare coolness. Daytime and nighttime in Singapore are almost equal. The light day lasts more than twelve hours. Going on a trip to wonderful Singapore, it is recommended to grab some warm clothes, which can be very handy.
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Swissotel The Stamford

From the series “The World's Tallest Hotels”
One of the highest and most famous hotels in the world is located in Singapore. Swissotel The Stamford has the height of 226 meters. In the hotel there are over 1 200 rooms, as well as 16 nice restaurants and bars. In addition, the Swissotel The Stamford is home to one of Asia's largest spa centers, were guests have a wide selection of original relaxation places.

On the 71st floor of the skyscraper there is a popular Equinox restaurant with circular panorama. Visitors will be able to test the most popular dishes of Asian and Western cuisine. Among the bars accessible to the hotel guests, one should especially mention the City Space. Delighted by the panorama of the city, visitors can taste the varieties of alcohol and elite cigars, brought from different parts of the world.

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Singapore Flyer

From the series “The Most Thrilling Roller Coasters in the World”
Among the scariest rides of the world there’re not only roller coasters and carousels, which can be compared to modern skyscrapers in terms of height, but also the largest Ferris wheel in the world, Singapore Flyer. Rise to great heights may cause dizziness even among the most courageous people. Fans of extreme activities will have a unique opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of Singapore. Despite the fact that the first launch of the Ferris wheel was held on 11 February 2008, the official opening took place a little later, on March 1. The diameter of the huge Ferris wheel is 150 meters and the total height is 165 meters.

Here 28 modern transparent cabins are arranged to accommodate passengers; each of them can pick up to 28 persons. All cabins are equipped with modern air … Read all
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