How to spend top weekend in Pattaya - ideas on extraordinary attractions and sites

Aisawan resort, Pattaya

Fly by Paraglider and Flyboard

Paragliding is one of the most memorable activities in Pattaya. Its duration is a quarter of an hour. You should contact any of the many agencies on any day of the week. They work on Pattaya Beach. The briefing will be conducted for you. You will also be given a life jacket. You will be able to climb to a height of 100 meters above the bay with the help of a parachute attached to the boat. The city will be perfectly visible from there. You can also make a 20-minute ascent over the sea waves using a flyboard. It has the appearance of the board. The flyboard works due to the reactive force of powerful water flow.
1. The city of Pattaya welcomes its guests all the year round. The hottest period of the year is considered to be from April till May. The rainiest months of the year in Pattaya are … Open

Riding a Quad Bike or a Cart

If you consider yourself a desperate daredevil, you can spend time conquering the off-road on a quad bike during your vacation in Pattaya. A qualified instructor will provide training before starting an extreme trip. You will be able to see the sights during your trip. For example, you will see the temple of Wat Yan or visit the jungle or a large fruit plantation, as well as swim in the lake.
You may also be interested in the opportunity to visit a go-kart track. It is located on Thep Prasit. It is open from 10 am to 1 pm. There are 2 trails on its territory. They differ in the level of complexity. The 50-meter track is suitable for you if you are a novice rider. You can overcome the 800-meter race track on the cart. It reaches a speed of 70 kilometers per hour. Copyright
The resort is very popular among young people and it is not surprising because you will not find so many discos and night clubs in any other city in Thailand. The beaches of Pattaya are … Open

Bungee Jumping in Pattaya

Do you want to feel absolute freedom, like a bird soaring in the sky? You should do bungee jumping. This entertainment is a jump from a special tower. Its height is 60 meters. You will be taken to the place of the jump, instructed, and tied to your feet with a special rubber rope. Then you can take a step into the abyss. You will develop a speed of 120 kilometers per hour and will be able to enjoy the thrill. "Landing" will take place in a small artificial lake.
Pattaya Beach

Explore the Underwater World of the Gulf of Thailand

You can explore the underwater world of the Gulf of Thailand during your vacation in Pattaya. You should go on a tour to the coral reefs and ships sunk in the waters of the city for this. Employees of the dive center will organize extreme entertainment. They will provide all the necessary equipment and provide a shuttle service to the dive site on a pleasure boat. You can also order photos and videos of the underwater adventure for an additional fee.
The city of Pattaya offers numerous restaurants of different trends fitting every taste and budget. Pattaya guests will discover a vast choice of eating houses of Thai cuisine. The menu of … Open
Detailed safety instructions will be given to you first. You will also have the opportunity to practice scuba diving in shallow water under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Then you can board the ship and go to one of the reefs. You will enjoy the sea trip. You can admire seaweed, corals, whimsical fish, and sea turtles during a tour of the bottom of the gulf.
Pattaya, Thailand

Do Paintball and Airsoft

There is a landfill with trenches, buildings, rusty barrels, and tunnels on Teprazit Street. You can do paintball and airsoft there. If you come here, you can get equipment and play on one of the 2 platforms. You will choose the battle program, weapons, and the number of shells. You will be able to test your accuracy and feel like a professional soldier during the "battle".
Rich cultural traditions are of real pride for local folks. Ancient crafts, bright and symbolic holidays and festivals, inimitable folk costumes and dressing, charming music and friendly and … Open

Climb to the Buddha Statue

You will most likely be intrigued by the possibility of finding out if your karma is fine. You can go up to the gilded Buddha Statue by stairs for this purpose. It has 120 steps. It is installed on the top of the hill of the same name. It is one of the most interesting religious attractions in the city. Residents believe that if you make a mistake in counting the steps during the ascent, your karma must be cleaned.
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