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Sunset Silhouettes: Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand Ko Pha Ngan is a very small island. However, the island has everything you need to relax and have a great time. Of course, if you want to wander around the shops of any major shopping centre, it is better to go to Bangkok, but in general, you can find clothes, shoes and all sorts of true Thai souvenirs here. But you should know that Thai people are good-natured but quite intelligent, and they «make money» on tourists. So if you have come to a small shop and see a sale "three for the price of two" and decide to take advantage of the best offer, then do not be lazy to find out the original cost of the goods and look at the check in order to avoid fraud.
Ko Pha Ngan, Phangan or Pangan is an island near Samui. It is known for its untouched nature, monasteries and parties. However, it is quite comfortable to relax here with your child, … Open
If you’ve decided to go shopping, remember that it is customed here to bargain. Shops on Ko Pha Ngan are no exception. Initially, the prices here twice as high than the nominal value, and the trader will surely yield to you, especially if you behave friendly and don’t show your interest in buying. Of course, it works only on markets or small shops without a cash register. Note that it is best to go shopping already tanned and try not to show the amount of money in your wallet. It's simple – if the merchant decides that you have already spent most of the money on the previous days of vacation, you are more willing to make concessions.
It is better to shop in the so-called "night markets", which works from sunset to midnight. They are largely designed for tourists, so you can find anything in these markets - from works of art to clothing and fried caterpillars. Pay your attention to local fruit. Dragon eye, champoo, guava, lychee, longan, durian, jackfruit – all these and many other very exotic and quite tasty tropical fruit can be found on the island. Fruit can be easily carried home, even if you live far from the island. The only thing that you can’t take home is durian. It is not allowed to take the fruit to the local airport. Copyright
Many tourists, deciding to visit a local cafe or restaurant are waiting for exotic dishes such as fried beetles or cockroaches, as well as spicy dishes. Of course, the island's cuisine is … Open
However, you can buy a bottle of durian jam. Also, there are quite delicious chips made of durian. If you don’t like the fruit, but you like chips, look for this snack made of bananas, oranges, mangoes or bread tree. A package of local coffee is a nice gift. Tea is also very popular on the island. Local inhabitants love this drink and tea is sold in a large assortment on Ko Pha Ngan. The most popular are blue tea and matum tea.
Koh Phangan . Thailand   .. dec 98 If you want to bring something with an original taste, pay your attention to fish sauce, kits for Tom Yum cooking, cartons of coconut milk, rice noodles, chewing gum and candy with peppers and bottles of unusual spicy sweet and sour sauce. You can buy soy sauce here, which is often used in local cuisine. Do not pass by the amazing local rum. Thai silk items are expensive high-quality items. They cost about 400-500 baht. Fake clothes have a perfectly flat surface. Original products are very high quality and durable.
Going to Ko Pha Ngan, you shouldn’t forget that locals are not Europeans and they have many special traditions and customs. Some of them are quite different from the usual traditions … Open
You can buy a beautiful leather handbag on the island. If you want to buy a product made of crocodile, you should not by it on the streets. Street vendors usually offer cheap items, but they are made of usual calfskin. Local gold jewellery is very popular among tourists and these accessories are not too expensive. You shouldn’t buy jewellery privately, visit jewellery shops. In addition, you should remember that the most common hallmark here is 750. Crafts from coconut or teak are beautiful souvenirs for your friends. You can also buy interesting souvenirs made of scrap metal and the seeds of orchids in the bottle.
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