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Ko Pha Ngan - Thailand DSCN2044 Many tourists, deciding to visit a local cafe or restaurant are waiting for exotic dishes such as fried beetles or cockroaches, as well as spicy dishes. Of course, the island's cuisine is extremely diverse, but you can find dishes for every taste - from the incredible exotic for gourmets to quite familiar Europeans first courses, second courses and desserts. It is important to say that the local dishes are really very hot in Thailand. It is explained by the need to protect the body from infections. Fresh cucumber, which is often served as an appetizer, will help to escape from burning.
Ko Pha Ngan, Phangan or Pangan is an island near Samui. It is known for its untouched nature, monasteries and parties. However, it is quite comfortable to relax here with your child, … Open
Please note that local restaurants do not serve the table with a knife, which is generally used only for cooking. Despite the common stereotype, locals eat with a fork and spoon, and sticks are used sometimes only for noodles. The basis of most dishes is rice. It is often served with a sauce based on herbs, lime and garlic which is very spicy. Rice can be served up to twenty small plates with a variety of snacks from vegetables, fish, seafood and meat at large feasts. The simplest soup is made from meat with vegetables and noodles, which can be both flat and round. Very thin noodles are made from mung beans.
The most common and perhaps one of the most famous local soups is Tom Yum. It always includes lemongrass, Kaffir lime leaves, galangal, fresh coconut and fish sauce. The rest of the ingredients vary within a very wide range because there is no particular recipe of this dish. There is Tom Yam with fish and rice, favourite touristic shrimp Tom Yum, Tom Yum Guy with chicken, Tom Yum Mu with pork, Tom Yum with fish and seafood and several varieties of this interesting dish. Khao kan chin - tofu from pig's blood. It can please true gourmets. Copyright
Going to Ko Pha Ngan, you shouldn’t forget that locals are not Europeans and they have many special traditions and customs. Some of them are quite different from the usual traditions … Open
Do not pass by pad Thai - rice noodles with eggs, different fillings (chicken, seafood or pork) and several spicy sauces. All of these ingredients are fried in a wok (special dish). Those who love hot dishes should definitely try Green Curry. This is not a soup, as it may seem at first, it is chicken with a lot of sauce. Massaman curry is less hot and has spicy notes due to cardamon, tamarind, fish sauce, peanuts and coconut milk. Salad with green papaya, crushed peanuts, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, dried shrimp, fish sauce and chilli is incredibly delicious. Note that there is usually too much chilli in the dish.
Do not pass by grilled chicken, pork and seafood kebabs, which are often used for a quick snack. Roti pancakes are also very delicious. They are cooked of mashed but not liquid pastry. Roti can be with sweet, meat or fish fillings. Thai tortilla with banana is ideal for a quick snack, as well as local Thai rolls. Once on the island, be sure to try as many local fruits as possible during your holidays on the island. Durian, rambutan, tamarind, jackfruit, mangosteen, pink Apple, longan – almost all of these delicacies do not grow in other parts of the world.
Ko Pha Ngan or Pangan is one of the most visited Thai Islands. It is the second island in size after Koh Samui, it is well known among tourists and bears the title "Asian Ibiza". Despite all … Open
However, locals eat not only fruit for dessert. Sweet teeth can order Cococay jelly, made of a special kind of mint. Khan mo Kaeng is a pudding of coconut milk, fried sweet onion and palm sugar. Khanom chan is a delicacy of rice flour and coconut milk. Sarim – noodles in milk with ice. Tacos is rice pudding. Locals usually drink cold Thai tea or Thai coffee called Oliang, which is also served cold. Oliang is a mixture of coffee beans with maize, sesame seeds and soybeans. The best Thai hard drinks are local rum, beer, whisky, wine and brandy.
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Unique sights around Ko Pha Ngan Island

Six Senses Yao Noi

From the series “Stunning Beauty Places of the Earth, Unknown to Tourists”
The area of ​​the luxurious hotel, surrounded by the lush tropical forests, is 24 acres. Guests who choose a cottage for their stay can relax on the individual panoramic terrace. Each cottage has its own swimming pool. In the picturesque health resort is a lot of interesting entertainments available to the tourists. You can visit the sumptuous spa salon and enjoy the exclusive treatments, watch the favorite films in the cinema in the open air and taste the specialties in three restaurants. At the health resort the interesting entertainment programs in the national style are performed regularly. … Read further

Red Pool

From the series “Most Scary Swiiming Pools”
The water in this pool really looks like blood. Red sun loungers and umbrellas were placed next to the pool to highlight its unusual theme. The original design pool is not the only feature of the Library Hotel. A chic library with a huge selection of books and a beautifully designed reading room is equipped for guests in it. … Read further

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