Colors of Kaliningrad - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

Kaliningrad Kaliningrad is a beautiful Russian city with an abundance of interesting traditions and its unique way of life. About some traditions and customs, travelers are best to know in advance, because they require special moral preparation. Everyone who comes to Kaliningrad in the summer, just have to swim in the Baltic Sea. At first glance, the tradition does not seem unusual, because Kaliningrad is a seaside city, and it is natural to swim in the sea. The thing is that the Baltic Sea is cold, and Russians, accustomed to the warmth of the Black Sea, do not always want to plunge into the cold waters of the Baltic.
1. Arriving in Kaliningrad, it is worth bearing in mind that the time zone here is Eastern, that is, the city is one hour behind Moscow. 2. Local airport "Khrabrovo" is located outside … Open
Also, everyone is simply obliged to try locally prepared eel, because here it is considered the most popular national delicacy. It should be noted that the formation of the culinary traditions of Kaliningrad was seriously influenced by neighboring countries. Local cuisine is also a rather interesting feature of the city, as it differs markedly from the classical cuisine prevailing in other cities of the country.
There is a tradition to bring from Kaliningrad products made of amber, of which many are sold here. It is not necessary to go for amber in shops and souvenir shops, many visitors prefer to search for amber right on the coast. It is believed that at present the objects that never adorned the Amber Room are located in Kaliningrad. A significant part of modern scholars consider the legend of the Amber Room as a mere fiction, but its search in the city's territory continues all the same. Copyright
Kaliningrad is located at the confluence of the Pregoli River to the Kaliningrad Gulf, just where the Teutonic knights once laid a powerful stone fortress in the 12th century. Prior to this, … Open
Beautiful traditions are associated with the wedding ceremony. The newlyweds must necessarily walk around the arms locked, on one of two bridges - the Jubilee or the Honey. Here, the newlyweds must hang the padlock, and the keys to it should be thrown into the river. Kaliningrad is a large seaport, and therefore the sea plays a very important role in the life of the indigenous population. The third toast during the feast is always pronounced for those who are at sea, clinking is not accepted. This is only a small part of those amazing traditions and features that Kaliningrad is rich in.
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