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Chengdu Tea House Many cultural events take place every year in Chengdu. These are all kinds of concerts, industrial exhibitions and bright traditional holidays in the national Chinese style. Numerous very beautiful events take place in the suburbs. However, they are worth the time spent on the road. For example, a very colorful festival takes place in the Longquan district in early March. It is dedicated to peach blossom. "Flower" festivals generally occupy a large place in Asian culture. China is no exception in this regard. Peach Blossom Festival is an occasion to make a dozen beautiful photos of picturesque trees. In addition, you have the opportunity to visit a costume show and taste traditional food.
Sichuan cuisine is one of the most popular in all of China. There are eight most famous culinary traditions in the country. You can meet the dishes of every direction in Chengdu today. In … Open
The China Food and Drinks Fair takes place in the city at the beginning of the third decade of April. It is sure to appeal to gourmets. The history of this event is quite long. The first exhibition was held back in 1919. The organizers pursue two goals at once. One of them is to introduce visitors to the many different traditional province dishes. Also, the city authorities are trying to help entrepreneurs in the field of public catering to develop their business. So, all the round tables and presentations are unlikely to be of interest to the ordinary visitor. But you should just walk around and taste the delicacies.
Exhibitions of both beginners and famous Chinese painters are regularly held at the Chengdu Art Academy. Entrance to them is overwhelmingly free. So if you appreciate painting in general and Chinese painting in particular, you should allocate a couple of hours to get acquainted with the proposed exhibition. The Spring Festival of Flowering takes place in the city Botanical garden in mid-March. You can admire hundreds of plants, and also attend lectures on the characteristics of local plants and birds at this time. Copyright
The major historical symbol of Chengdu is Wuhou Memorial Temple. This unique temple complex is distinguished by its impressive size and covers an area of almost 37 000 m2. It is located in … Open
Concerts of the Chengdu National orchestra and Chengdu Symphony orchestra are held regularly in the city throughout the year. All music fans should visit them. Be sure to visit the Jinsha Sun Festival. It takes place in February. The festival is dedicated to the traditional rituals of sun worship of Tian culture. You can learn a lot about the attitude to the sun of the ancient Maya in the framework of the festival. A colorful fire show also takes place at this time. It takes place in compliance with the ancient canons of such representations, adopted in the Kingdom of Shu. You can enjoy traditional Chinese delicacies as part of the festival.
You can listen to traditional Chinese poems and try to create a poetic masterpiece on your own during the Du Fu Culture Festival. Performances of singers and dancers and a New Year concert of the Symphony orchestra take place at the same time. You can see the beautiful plum blossom at this time. You also have the opportunity to receive a blessing from FuWa, "happy children", for good luck in business in the New Year. The festival takes place at the beginning of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar. The celebration in honor of the poet is preceded by the New Year Eve. All Chengdu residents dress up in red clothes at this time. The words of blessings are heard everywhere on the feast day.
Travelers who prefer spending much time in the open air and hiking will definitely like Chengdu. The Vantszyanlou Park located on the bank of Jingjiang river will suit perfectly for admiring … Open
If you want to learn more about the Three Kingdoms and Chinese zodiac animals, then it is worth to visit a Chengdu Temple Fair. It takes place annually at the beginning of the first lunar month. This is the time of bright performances of acrobats, dancers, musicians, and artists of traditional Opera, not similar to European Opera. Scenes of children's groups are played here. Also, the events that gave rise to many traditional myths and legends are demonstrated by adult actors. There is also traditional food and fireworks, of course.
Do you want to participate in the traditional festival of rice porridge? Then come to Wenshu Monastery on the eighth day of the last lunar month. Free Laba congee of rice, beans, dried fruits, lotus seeds, and other traditional ingredients is distributed here. Dishes are given to tourists on the spot. One portion of porridge is given in one hand. The Mid-Autumn Festival also does not pass without fine food. Mooncake is a traditional local delicacy. The annual exhibition of traditional food producers in Chengdu is dedicated to it. You can learn all about how the moon cake appeared, what ingredients are used to cook the dish and how it is customary to eat it as part of the event. Of course, you will have the opportunity to taste hundreds of treats options.
In Chengdu, there are wonderful hotels for all tastes. Tourists who want to feel an atmosphere of national culture will definitely love the hotel Old Chengdu Club. It is just a couple of … Open
It is worth visiting the festival of arts in the old Tianfu town. It is traditionally held in the Western District of Chengdu in the ancient Tianfu town. Both local and visiting actors, singers, musicians, artists, and acrobats will introduce guests to the cultural heritage of Ancient China within the framework of the festival. An exhibition dedicated to traditional Chinese crafts is held here. Brocade, lacquered and bamboo boxes, painted porcelain - all this you can buy ready-made, and also try to make on your own in the framework of the workshops.
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