Colors of Beijing - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

The Forbidden City, Beijing Residents of Beijing are distinguished by kindness and hospitality. They treat tourists from European countries with great curiosity. While walking on suburban areas of the city, local people may approach you with quite an unusual, at first glance, request – they will ask you to take a picture. As a rule, such behavior is typical for travelers who want to memorize their trips, so this national trait looks quite curious and amusing for visitors. It is worth noting that the lenses of cameras of Beijing locals are usually directed at children and attractive girls.
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The inhabitants of the city are very sensitive to the problem of education. Scientists and teachers are highly respected here, and bookstores are among most visited commercial facilities in the country. Native people also show rather relaxed attitude to the look and items in their wardrobes. A tourist wearing an extravagant outfit on a street of Beijing can cause jokes and public outrage, so it’s better to leave bright and sexy dresses for another occasion. Men here greet each other with only a handshake. In you make a business trip and start communication, you should always exchange business cards with your new partners - this is the main attribute of a business person, just like a strict smart suit.
Tea ceremony remains one of the most exciting and fascinating national traditions. There are many places – special tea houses in Beijing - where you can watch the ceremony and try the delicious tea. Tea, special kitchen utensils, and even special furniture are used in the ceremony to create special atmosphere and unforgettable taste. Quite a notable fact - the locals drink tea from small porcelain piala instead of cups that are very popular among European fans of this drink. Tea has become a popular souvenir, which is often bought by vacationers as a memory of the trip. Experts argue that some types of tea can be brewed for more than ten times, making the drink even more flavorful and rich. Dried fruit and cinnamon are used in the local tea houses instead of sugar and are served with the drink which is prepared during the tea ceremony. The taste is really delicious and unforgettable. Copyright
Beijing is a city of top-class shopping malls and huge markets, thousands of stores and souvenir shops, which can be found in every district. Travellers come here not only to buy fashion … Open
Chinese culture and traditions are always in the centre of attention among tourists, and Beijing is proudly called its lullaby. Nowadays Beijing is a modern megapolis, which stored its unique signs of the ancient capital of a great civilisation. The number of amazing destinations and cultural landmarks in Beijing is enormous, as well as the number of various festivals.
The Forbidden City, Beijing Chinese New Year is the most outstanding celebration during the whole year; it is held in January and can also be called the Spring Festival or Chunjie. The city of Beijing brightens with fireworks, lights, flowers and red traditional decorations. Families attend the temples in folk red clothes. Red colour symbolises well-being, good fortune and prosperity in the coming year. After the festive dinner, all the people go out to fire the fireworks and rockets while dancing and singing. Christmas is Beijing is the best time for shopping. Shopaholics can go crazy, as far as Christmas is the peak season of shopping, with the best sales and offers. The best places to do shopping in Beijing during this holidays are Beijing Lai Tai Flower Trade Center (largest flower market), Tianyi Small Goods Wholesale Market and Tianyi Market.
Discovering the architecture of Beijing from bird's eye view! Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Centre for the Performing Arts, Railway Museum, Beijing West Railway Station, South Railway Station, Olympic Sports Center Stadium, all those monuments are defining the image of Beijing … Open
In Spring, the variety of events in Beijing will capture your attention and keep you fit! In April, you can enjoy and participate in the International Long-Distance Running Festival. This is the biggest sports event in China. It was first held in 1956 and sponsored by such blue chips as Amway and Nutrilite. Up to 12,000 entrants run through various historic areas of Beijing. In May, you will have an amazing opportunity to visit the Great Wall and enjoy the Huangyaguan Great Wall Marathon. Participants must overcome 3,700 steps, which is 42.2 kilometres distance. If marathons are not for you, simply enjoy the walk on the peasant countryside, try peasant food and feel the true culture and atmosphere of the Great Wall.
The Forbidden City, Beijing Another great event the Dragon Boat Festival also takes place in May. It is already considered to be the international event when people organise racing on the dragon boats. During the Dragon Boat Festival, you can try the traditional Chinese meal called zongzi. This meal is cooked differently in different areas of China. Due to historical records, people used to cook zongzi with wild rice leaves to wrap millet flour dumplings into the shape of ox horn. Nowadays, it is the mix of meat, sausages, eggs and rice.
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