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The most interesting attractions of Bago are ancient temples and pagodas. Each of the religious sites is distinguished by its unique charm and history. Be sure to visit the Shwemawdaw Paya, one of the city’s most spectacular pagodas. Its height is 114 meters and it has been one of the highest in the region since its construction. The history of this pagoda is very interesting. The very first Buddhist stupa was built by two local merchants hundreds of years ago.
Traveling to Bago, don't expect to see a variety of entertainment centers and nightclubs. Nevertheless, exploring Buddhist attractions is far from the only leisure option available here. … Open
According to legend, Gautama Buddha gave two hairs to two local merchants and they decided to build a small stupa to preserve the unique relic. Later, a splendid pagoda appeared on the site of the stupa. It was rebuilt many times throughout its existence. The latest major restructuring took place after the end of the Second World War In 1930, the pagoda was completely destroyed by an earthquake. It is now striking with its gorgeous design. Gilding and other precious materials were used to decorate the pagoda. Take a walk in the surrounding area to see many beautiful statues and Buddhist-style decorations.
Bago has many amazing sights that are rarely mentioned in standard guidebooks. One of these sites is the Koe Thein Koe Thaung Pagoda, the area of which is not touristy at all. This pagoda is a large architectural complex of many stupas and other buildings, all of which feature a pretty unusual design. Here you can see miniature pagodas that were installed on the backs of stone statues. These are the statues of a variety of animals, including the golden geese - the symbol of the city. Trees and ornamental plants cover the entire area of the large complex, so the tour will surely appeal to fans of picturesque places. Copyright
In Bago, you will find quite a few shopping centers walking around which can also turn into a kind of entertainment. Affordable clothes and shoes of local production are especially in demand … Open
The world-famous landmark is the reclining Buddha statue Shwe Thar Lyaung. It is one of the largest statues of its kind in the world. This grandiose 55-meter-tall statue of the master was built at the end of the 10th century, but it never ceases to amaze people with its grandeur and beauty. It is interesting to admire the sculpture both from afar and up close, when every detail is clearly visible. The statue is located in a large temple complex, the decoration of which can be admired for hours. On the temple walls, you can see very beautiful old murals depicting important moments from the history of the city and the life of Buddha.
If you’re looking for less crowded places, go to the Mahargyi Pagoda. It stands on the top of a small hill so offers a stunning view of the surroundings. The architectural complex with snow-white walls is decorated with splendid gilded peaks and umbrellas, which are a common element of local architecture. Visitors can walk around the entire complex freely, admire its snow-white galleries, and relax in the shade of spreading trees. Organized guided tours to this pagoda are quite rare.
The city of Bago in Myanmar is located not far from Yangon. This is a middle-sized settlement. In the past, the city had another name, Pegu. The administrative center is now very popular … Open
Among the most picturesque pagodas in Bago is Shwegukalay. This one is notable not only for its spectacular architectural decoration but also for beautiful surrounding grounds. A wonderful garden with ponds was formed around the pagoda. For the convenience of visitors, there are many paths and wooden bridges here. The pagoda itself was built in the 15th century and is remarkable for having a record number of seated Buddha statues on its territory. There are 64 of them in total, and each one has its unique features. The statues can be seen not only within the pagoda walls but also outside, and some of them look pretty bizarre.
Do not miss the opportunity to visit museums located in the immediate vicinity of Bago. Of great interest is the Tharaykhittaya Archaeological Museum. This cultural center keeps a diverse collection of exhibits, most of which are artifacts related to Buddhist culture. Among other things, you will see ancient statues and relics that were found on the site of destroyed temples. The museum is also famous for its rich numismatic collection. Ancient decorations made by local people from various stones deserve special attention. Some ancient exhibits are displayed in a garden near the museum. Here you can see stone statues and stone-carved water tanks, all of which were made by hand. After the tour, take a stroll through the exotic garden surrounding the museum, where you can see huge trees and many ornamental plants.
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Nowadays, Mandalay is one of the largest centers in Myanmar. This is a modern megalopolis with hotels and restaurants, but it doesn’t have many historic landmarks. The majority of attractions are located on the perimeter of the historic center. These are traditional artisan workshops that work with stone, bone, wood, and precious metals; cult landmarks – pagodas and monasteries – there are more than 700 of them. Foreign tourists do not have Mandalay as their top priority, but there are people who love this city and want to visit it again and again. Myanmar is rich in ancient cities with unique landmarks, and these cities, naturally, attract more visitors. … Open

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