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Bagan is famous for its ancient temples and pagodas. Each historical monument is unique here. One of the most spectacular and amazing is Ananda Temple, the first mention of which dates back to the late 11th century. According to one of the legends, King Kyanzittha ordered the execution of the architect who developed a project of the temple. After the construction was completed, the temple turned out to be much more beautiful than the royal palace, which greatly angered the ruler. He decided to get rid of the talented architect so that he could no longer erect similar amazing buildings. Within the temple walls, you can see hundreds of Buddha statues, some of which reach 10 meters in height. Many Buddhist artifacts are kept inside, so this temple is one of the most revered among both locals and pilgrims.
In Bagan, shopping enthusiasts should take a stroll through the colorful local markets where they can buy all kinds of interesting handicrafts. In the new town, you will find many … Open
Dahmmayan Gyi Phaya Temple is of great interest too. Its was built in the second half of the 12th century by the order of King Narathu. The legends have it that the king has committed many deadly sins throughout his life. To atone for them, he decided to build a truly huge temple. Since then, Dahmmayan Gyi Phaya has remained one of the largest architectural complexes in the region. The king did not live to see the end of its construction. Because of that, some of its elements have never been finished. Currently, only some of its balconies, as well as some external galleries, are available for tours. The inner halls of the temple have been walled up for several hundred years, and it is not known exactly why.
Be sure to pay attention to the beautiful pagodas. Somingyi is considered one of the most unusual of them. Its name literally translates as "shining diamond." The pagoda's outer walls are decorated with small mirrors, so it shines like a huge diamond in the sun. The best time to admire the pagoda is sunrise or sunset when the sunlight reflection looks especially impressive. It's impossible to admire Somingyi on a bright sunny day, as its radiance is literally dazzling. Many birds live inside the pagoda. If you want to see it from the inside, you will be asked to take off your shoes. Copyright
Long time ago, people founded a settlement and called it Bagan. This ancient city in Myanmar is also famous as “the city of a thousand temples”. It is a miracle that this historical site … Open
Htilominlo Temple is very a beautiful and original cave temple built in 1218. Ancient ornaments and other decoration elements have been perfectly preserved in it. Inside, you can see very unusual statues and design elements made of plaster. It’s hardly possible to see similar ones in other temples of Bagan. There is a spacious terrace on the upper level of the temple, which is considered one of the best viewing platforms in town.
In addition to beautiful temples, Bagan invites its guests to interesting museums. The Bagan Archaeological Museum receives hundreds of visitors every day. This museum opened in 1904 is located in the heart of the historic district and occupies an amazing historic building. Today, the museum displays a collection of archaeological artifacts that were discovered within the city and around it. A large part of the exhibits is related to Buddhist culture. In the museum, you can see ancient Buddha statues and religious artifacts that were found on the territory of ancient temples. Many of the sculptures are over a thousand years old, while ancient artifacts made of gold are of particular interest.
How to entertain yourself in a major pilgrimage center that is primarily famous for its religious sights? Even though most tourists come to Bagan to explore its historical sites, this is far … Open
Several old watchtowers that have survived in Bagan are popular tourist attractions too. Bagan Nan Myint Tower erected at the end of the 19th century looks very attractive after renovation. The tower is the only surviving part of the ancient royal palace, which has completely collapsed over the years. it was used as a watchtower from the moment of its construction and for many years. Now it is decorated with beautiful deep blue tiles and gilding, which gives it a very impressive look on a sunny day. The castle collapsed as a result of numerous earthquakes, and the 90-meter-high tower has miraculously survived.
Several ancient monasteries have been preserved in Bagan and its environs. A tour of Ananda Oakkyaung Monastery promises to be exciting. It is one of the few architectural objects in the region built of bricks. The construction of the monastery took place in the 12th century. Unlike many other architectural landmarks of Bagan, which have been completely rebuilt in recent years, this monastery hasn't undergone a major renovation. Today, many of its elements look exactly as they did more than 800 years ago.
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The period of British colonization was not only the time of plundering but also the period of building complex engineering structures. The Goteik viaduct is definitely one of them. This is a railway trestle that is a bridge above a 102-meter-deep canyon. The first train ran on the viaduct yet in 1900. In order to see this old road, tourists need to take a ride between the towns of Pyin Oo Lwin and Lashio. Inle Lake is one more wondrous landmark that attracts numerous guests. The region near this lake is the location of the Jumping Cat Monastery. There are only six monks in this small monastery, and their main occupation is to teach cats to do different circus-type tricks. It is really interesting to watch these performances. … Open

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