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The rich cultural and historic heritage, absence of crowds of ever-busy tourists, an actively developing tourist infrastructure, and a rich choice of entertainments – this is what modern Myanmar can offer to its guests. In this country, there are many modern and urban cities with various landmarks and entertainment centers, as well as authentic villages that still follow the traditional lifestyle of the past centuries. Myanmar has managed to retain its harmonious nature that will certainly amaze and please guests of this country.
When planning a vacation in Myanmar, tourists should be ready for the fact that shopping and spending money in general will be different from Europe …
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Mon people, the followers of the Indo-Buddhist civilization, were the first settlers in the territory of modern Myanmar. Later, Burmese people also started settling here, and so the large territory of the country divided into Burmese and Mon kingdoms. They remained independent formations with their own unique lifestyle and culture until the 13th century. Later, Myanmar suffered from the Mongol invasions. The colonization epoch started 500 years later, and soon the whole territory of the country was under the British reign. During the World War II period, Myanmar suffered a difficult period of the Japanese occupation. In 1948, the country finally became independent from the United Kingdom.
Among the most crowded tourist cities of the country, it is important to mention Yangon. This city definitely deserves a visit at least in order to admire the Shwedagon Pagoda, a unique historic landmark. It was built approximately 2,500 years ago. The spire of this pagoda is almost 100 meters tall. As the pagoda is decorated with countless precious stones, it is particularly interesting to visit it on a sunny day. This fabulous temple keeps a precious artifact – one of the biggest statues of lying Buddha in the world, the length of which is 55 meters. It is still a mystery how local masters managed to build such a giant temple and decorate it so skillfully 2,500 years ago. Many call Yangon a park city because there are many not only historic landmarks but also picturesque areas for strolling. Copyright
A vacation in Myanmar (ex-Burma) at any time of the year will surely coincide with some celebration or festival. The country has its own calendar that …
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Do you want to visit a long forgotten and abandoned city? Then simply head to Old Bagan that is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting archaeological sites in Asia. Here, tourists can see thousands of fragments of ancient monasteries and pagodas. The territory of the abandoned city is roughly 42 square kilometers. It is possible to explore Bagan together with a guide who will show the most interesting parts of the ancient city and its most important antique landmarks.
Some landmarks of Myanmar can amaze even experienced tourists. Inle Lake is a great example. This is a beautiful lake with crystal clear water that has a very interesting landmark on its western side. This is the Nga Hpe Kyaung Monastery also known as the Jumping Cat Monastery. Everyone is welcome to visit the shrine. Nowadays, there are six monks who live in the monastery, and the number of cats is several times more. Local monks started training cats several centuries ago, and these cute animals are trained to perform various jumps. If you visit this wondrous ancient monastery, you will be able not only to see specially trained cats but also to buy interesting souvenirs.
Myanmar (ex-Burma) is a country that has a lifestyle which is very different from not only European one but also from the lifestyle of other Asian …
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Ngapali is recognized as the most luxurious beach resort in Myanmar. In this town, there is an incredibly beautiful beach with white sand and a row of upscale hotels built along it. This town has a well-developed tourist infrastructure including numerous interesting bars and restaurants, different entertainment venues, shops, and souvenir workshops.
Mandalay is famous as the cultural center of the country. If you like exploring historic landmarks, you should definitely include a visit to this city in your plan. In this city, there are more than 700 beautiful pagodas built in different periods of time. The ancient royal city of Amarapura in the township of Mandalay has been transformed into a monastery. The Mahamuni Buddha Temple is located nearby. This is an important pilgrimage site for Buddhists from all over the world. In this temple, there is a unique statue of Buddha. According to one legend, Shakyamuni Buddha himself was present in the temple when the statue was built.
These spots really worth the attention of a real traveler-researcher. …
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The most comfortable way to reach Myanmar is by airplane. Vietnamese city Hanoi has regular flights to the country. Large cities of Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore also have air connection with Myanmar. Every day, there are 6-7 flights to Yangon from Bangkok. Daily flights connect the city with Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Tourists usually recommend Vietnam Airlines as the fastest and most comfortable way to reach Myanmar from Vietnam. Many tourists use Bangkok for transfer purposes because this city has the biggest number of daily flights to Myanmar.
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Famous and uniques places in Myanmar-Burma from our review series

Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue

From the series “The most luxury and famous synagogues”
Musmeah Yeshua synagogue is located in the center of Yangon. It was built after the end of the Anglo-Burmese war in 1854. Iraqi Jews are the founders of this synagogue. A new stone building was built for the synagogue at the end of the 19th century. More than 2,000 Jews migrated to the city from the Middle East before the war began. The synagogue continues to operate even though the size of the community has decreased hundreds of times over the past hundred years. Guests of Yangon can visit it any day.

Several interesting religious artifacts are kept in the house of worship. Ancient handwritten parchments and Torah scrolls are among them. The interior of the synagogue is of great interest. The interior is made of wood. Almost all its elements are made by hand. This synagogue is … Read all


From the series “Permanently Sinking Cities and Regions”
Bangladesh has been trying to take the upcoming water under control for a long period of time. If the water rises to 1,5 meters, the territory of 22 000 m2 will forever go under the water. Such natural disaster can break lives of more than 18 million people. The water element threats not only to people but also to the unique natural objects. Bangladesh coast has the largest mangrove forest on the Earth. Its name is Sundarbans. If the water level increases, the forest will be fully flooded.

These unique forests are the home to many rare animals and birds. The most known are the Bengal tigers. They can lose their home in case of the flooding. The most destroying flooding in Bangladesh had happened in 1988 and took more than five thousand human lives. The ¾ territory of the state has gone … Read all

Bagan Ancient City

From the series “The Surviving Artifacts of Buddhist Civilization”
Archaeological Area of Bagan is located in Myanmar. It can also be listed among outstanding Buddhist attractions. Once upon a time there was a flourishing city of Bagan. It was the capital of the eponymous state. The ruins were discovered by archaeologists quite recently. The main jewels of these places are ancient stupas and pagodas, which were restored during the excavation. Some stupas are fairly large. All interested can enter into them.

In recent years, the Bagan area has gained immense tourist popularity. Thousands of travelers come here to see the ancient Buddhist statues and unique relics. Curious tourists are attracted by local caves too, where the fragments of rock art can be found. Bagan Ancient City occupies more than 40 square km. There are thousands of pagodas and stupas, … Read all
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