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You should go shopping in Zanzibar or Stone Town. It is recommended to visit the Zanzibar shopping gallery. You will find antiques and handicrafts from all over Africa here. You can buy traditional carpets, mats, national clothing, jewelry, and paintings here. Fans of contemporary photography necessarily have to go to the gallery. A large selection of photo albums and books dedicated to the culture, nature, and people of Tanzania is presented here. The gallery is located on Kenyatta Road.
Zanzibar is the picturesque archipelago, the main treasure of which is unique nature and fabulously beautiful beaches. The archipelago includes the island of the same name, which has long … Open
Memories of Zanzibar souvenir store is located on the same street. There are interesting publications about Zanzibar, silver jewelry made in traditional techniques, ethnic dishes, bright flip-flops, and discs with African music here. It's not hard to find the store. You should walk to the post office. You will see the Memories of Zanzibar sign in front. It is recommended to visit the Chang market. It is famous for a large assortment of various spices. It is located near Gizenga Street. You can find souvenir shops with carved animal figurines and buy paintings of local artists right there.
Another interesting place is located on Hurumzi Street. This is Hurumzi Art & Craft Gallery. You will find the work of craftspeople, inexpensive souvenirs, and antiques here. There is also a similar store in Gizenga Street. It is called Kibiti. Both establishments belong to the same owner. Copyright
Most families with kids are sceptical about flying to Zanzibar Island, but actually, it’s no longer than to Phuket. On the other hand, there are no direct flights, so get yourself … Open
Antique fans should take a walk along Gizenga Street. It is here that antique shops are concentrated, where you can find not only African wonders but also old things from the Ottoman Empire, the Arabian Peninsula, and India. You can also purchase a wall clock or pocket watch in excellent condition here. Coast Antique Shop specializes in this type of antique. Several antique shops are located near Soko Muhogo. Paintings and art are sold in the Old Fort and in the Paul's Gallery. It is located near the Anglican Cathedral. You can buy photos of the mid-twentieth century in the antique shop Capital Art Studio. It is located on Kenyatta Road.
You can also buy souvenirs at the Old Fort. Arts, crafts, and local spices are sold here. It is especially recommended to visit the Namaan Art Gallery. Be sure to go to the House of Wonders. You can see the paintings in the traditional Tingatinga painting style here. Artists work directly on the street and put their works on sale. This is a great souvenir for friends. Jewelry, figurines, and wicker baskets are offered to buy for tourists right there. You can even find ethnic clothing and hats here. Interesting patchwork products are offered in the store SASIC on Gizenga Street. Tapestries and pillows in patchwork technique are made in the workshop at the shop. You should buy unique embroidered t-shirts with national patterns and images of animals and palm trees on Kenyatta Road.
Zanzibar’s modern cuisine is spicy, with lots of spices, but not hot. Fruits, some kinds of vegetables, rice, and seafood are the base of the local diet, on the other hand, locals eat … Open
Many tourists also bring spices from Zanzibar. They are inexpensive here. Their variety allows you to find individual sets for colleagues and friends. Of course, you should also buy different spices for yourself. The most interesting place to buy spices is directly on the plantation. You should definitely go on a tour there. But you can also find spices in any store or market.
Be sure to buy local coffee. The largest coffee plantations are located in Tanzania. Therefore, both the grain and ground version of the drink is inexpensive here. You can find the most affordable prices on the market in Stone Town.
Stone town is the centre of life here on Zanzibar, the majority of the local population lives right here. Nationals from all over the globe belong here: Saudis, Indians, Europeans, Chinese, … Open
Wooden masks are the most popular African souvenirs. Often tourists buy them to hang on the wall. Many people buy carved figurines made of mango wood. You can also buy a stone figurine. However, this is a carved hippo or elephant most often.
Stone town coast, Zanzibar Jewelry looks very interesting. It is made from almost any material. This can be stone, beads, baobab seeds, plant grains or braided jewelry. They cost from 1 to 5 dollars. Of course, there are also expensive silver items.
Even though most people come here to Zanzibar because of the great beach holidays, there is also quite a decent number of cultural sights. So, you definitely should see Anglican Cathedral. … Open
You should buy a painting by a local artist in Zanzibar. They are sold almost everywhere here. But you can find a shop where the owner is an artist. Probably, you can make the best purchase here. It is worth warning that the picture will be packed in a tube. This is the most convenient option for transportation.
Clothing with national patterns will be an original gift. It is made of high-quality cotton. A large selection of models is available for sale.

Magnets are not popular here. If you find them, the price will be unreasonably high. Perhaps it will be much more profitable to buy a small statuette or several photos. You can bring alcohol from the island. However, you need to try very hard to find it on a Muslim island. Try to find local vodka Konyagi. This is a great gift from Africa. Besides, it's inexpensive. A bottle costs about $5.
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Shopping in Tanzania

Among souvenirs and goods from Tanzania, a special place is occupied by items made in the villages of Maasai. They belong to the most famous African and Tanzanian tribes. Maasai live mainly in the north of the country. However, you can find objects made in this style in different souvenir markets and stores. A variety of masks and wooden figurines with elongated shapes, as well as vessels with ornaments on wood are among them. Ebony makonde is used for them. Blankets that the representatives of the tribe use as clothing, are considered valuable for the Maasai culture. Also, tourists can buy a variety of bead jewelry in the traditional African style. Decorations are very inexpensive, but they look stylish and bright. … Open

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