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Ras al-Khaimah is popular with tourists. There are several major shopping malls here. You can buy anything you want here. If you don't like malls, you can visit the Umm al Quwain market. It is located in the Old part of the city. Officially, the market is called "Ras al-Khaimah National Market". However, the name Umm al Quwain has long been used by locals. You have to get to this market because this shopping area has existed since the founding of the city. It is natural that the market is rebuilt to meet the requirements of modernity in the present day. A new two-story store with a dozen separate small shops and pavilions opened in the center of the shopping arcades.
Today you can find establishments that serve dishes of all world cuisines in Ras al-Khaimah. There are English pubs, pizzerias, burger joints, and even pancake houses here. You can find … Open
Note that if you need privacy, you should pay attention to local features. Always go forward after the common door. The door on the right side is only for the faithful visitors. This is true both for the toilets in the Central building of Umm al Quwain and for all similar rooms in shopping centers. It is customary to bargain in the market. It is better to do it in Arabic or at least in English. If you do not want to buy anything, you can just plunge into the atmosphere of the Eastern fairy tale and taste the local coffee. Umm al Quwain is the best place to purchase coffee for fans of this drink.
You can get to the city's major shopping centers or malls, either alone or as part of an organized group by bus. This option is suitable for those who are not too fond of long detailed shopping trips. The time to stay in the shopping center will not be more than two or three hours in this case. However, there are all the prerequisites to spend the whole day shopping in places like Safeer Mall. These are a hundred stores with everything from food to appliances. There are also restaurants, slot machines and a playground here. Copyright
National day is the largest secular holiday celebrated in Ras al-Khaimah. Its date is approved at the state level. All celebrations are held on the second of December. It is worth noting … Open
You can visit the famous Carrefour in the Manar shopping center. This Mall is the oldest in the city. Products, shoes, clothes, stationery, and a lot of little things for everyday life at attractive prices make this store ideal for fans to buy everything that needed in one place. You can visit several restaurants with beautiful panoramic views and go to the cinema in the Manara shopping center. There are both branded stores of well-known and quite expensive brands, and points of local manufacturers with cheaper, but also of good quality clothes in the shopping center.
RAK Mall is more popular with locals than tourists. There are places with authentic Italian, Indian and Arabic cuisine among the local restaurants. The local range of perfumes is considered the best of all in the city. There are many shops with goods from local firms. Not all sellers speak English. So you need at least a minimum knowledge of Arabic for the most comfortable shopping. In addition to souvenirs, you can buy adult and children's clothing and toys at low prices in Centrepoint. There are stores of chains Splash, Shoe Mart, Lifestyle, Babyshop and Max here. Many locals go shopping bags in RAK Mall.
Tour enthusiasts who choose Ras al-Khaimah for their recreation have an opportunity to visit a lot of interesting natural and historical attractions. On the territory of the emirate, there … Open
It is worth considering the customs restrictions before finally deciding what and how much you will buy in Ras al-Khaimah. Products and goods can be exported without any restrictions from the city and from the country. Of course, if it will not be a set of ten gold chains or a box of strong alcohol. However, it will be more difficult to import many products to the homeland. For example, dates, which are the most traditional gift from the UAE. They can be found in any Ras al-Khaimah store. If you like expensive and high-quality local varieties then pay attention to the restrictions on the import of products of this type at homeland. It is forbidden to import more than five kilograms of dates in many countries. The best varieties of dates are Majdool, Fard, Sheesh, and Barhi.
Transportation of large volumes of camel milk is also difficult. This product is very popular with the locals. Pay attention to the shelf life when buying it. Fresh milk is stored no more than five days. Milk can be bought in small shops and supermarkets. Al Nassma chocolates, hard cheeses, cottage cheese, butter, and yogurts made on the basis of such milk are very popular. Camelicious is one of the most famous local brands of dairy products. You can also buy camel meat. However, it is better to buy dried meat in a vacuum package.
Ras Al Khaimah has a perfect entertainment infrastructure. Here, you can find everything for proper and diverse pastime: amazing water parks, shopping and entertainment centers, vast … Open
Be sure to pay attention to the Bahur incense from the agate tree. They are sold by weight, in round tablets form or briquettes, similar to chocolate. It is better to look for a package with the appropriate inscription. Otherwise, such a product may be mistaken for something prohibited by customs. It is also worth paying attention to the local perfume of oil Ud. Ajmal Perfumes is the most famous brand. You can buy quality coffee, which is sold in many variations in the city. You can also buy a coffee pot Dallah as a gift for fans of this drink. Local sweets are also interesting.
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