Sightseeing in Medina - what to see. Complete travel guide

1. If exploring religious shrines is not the only purpose of your trip, the best time to visit Medina is between November and February. During this period, there is the lowest concentration of pilgrims in the city.
2. Most tourists visit the city during major religious holidays. It is recommended to book hotels for such periods well in advance. There may not be any free rooms for the required period even a month before the holiday.
3. According to the traditions prevailing in the city, it is customary to wear covering clothing of neutral shades at any time of the year. Women should be especially careful when choosing a wardrobe for walking around the city.
4. Alcohol is forbidden for religious reasons in virtually all local restaurants. The only exception is some major restaurants based in hotels.
5. The city cannot offer a developed entertainment infrastructure familiar to many tourists. If you want to enjoy some interesting entertainments during your vacation, it is best to choose large hotels for accommodation. Copyright
6. According to the local rules, it is forbidden to kill even insects here. The police always keeps civil order, patrolling the streets during major Muslim holidays especially carefully.
7. The hottest weather is from June to September. Daytime air temperature may reach 45 °C. If you are planning any hiking and excursions on vacations, it is recommended to avoid this period.
The word Medina can be translated as "city". This is the second holy city for all Islam people. According to one theory Medina has been the first city that followed the precepts of the Great … Open
8. Since Medina is visited by many foreign guests, restaurants of various gastronomic formats are widespread in the city. In search of authentic national dishes, one should go to restaurants located in the old market area.
9. For the period of vacations, fans of shopping should stock up with cash. Payment by card is accepted only in large shopping centers, and in small shops and at the market, you need to pay in cash money.
10. Medina has its airport, which regularly receives international flights. You can get to the city from other areas of Saudi Arabia by train.
11. Those who decide to rent a car for the trip should keep in mind that local drivers often break the rules of the road. Drivers should also remember about left-hand traffic.
12. When visiting religious sites, a number of important rules must be observed. Take off your shoes at the entrance to the mosques. Be sure to choose as simple and covering clothes as possible for such tours.
13. The best place to find interesting souvenirs is the main city market. Souvenirs are also sold at local shopping centers, but the market still offers much more affordable and diverse products.
14. Bargaining is a must at local markets. It often allows customers to reduce the price of goods by 2-3 times. In shopping centers and shops, goods are sold at fixed prices only.
15. In accordance with local culture, it is not customary to talk loudly and show emotions on the streets. Violations of some rules are publishable by heavy fines.
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Saudi Arabia: travelling advices

10. The level of security is very high in the country. The traveler has almost nothing to fear, except disorderly drivers. Traffic rules are almost not observed here. Drivers drive at high speeds. They don't look in mirrors. You should be careful when driving and crossing the road.
11. You should always have your identity documents with you. You can go to jail if you can't show your documents to the police.
12. English is very poorly spoken. You should have a vocabulary or phone with Internet access. You should also learn the name of your destination when traveling by taxi.
13. Access to some cities is restricted to non-Muslims. You should get permission to visit some attractions. It is best to do this through a local travel agency. … Open

What to visit being in Medina - unique sights

Masjid an-Nabawi

From the series “Top Surviving Artifacts of Muslim Civilization”
There is no accurate date of the mosque building that we see now. The first references to it are unknown but the first mentions of it date from the 12th century. Apart from the Prophet Muhammad, two first Muslim Khalifa - Umar and Abu Baker, were buried here. At the beginning, the mosque has executed a wide range of functions: from important social and cultural meetings to the court and school. … Read further

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