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Kemer and its surroundings are home to a large number of various attractions. This is the place where tourists can visit internationally famous historical monuments and museums, walk through picturesque parks and see unique natural attractions. The town of Olympos is an important historical object. The ruins of the town are located in the immediate vicinity of Kemer. This is the place where tourists can see huge columns that once served as a decoration of the local church or make a walk on giant steps of the ancient forum.
Kemer is a beautiful place, where guests are welcome to visit wonderful beaches and entertainment venues. This is a true paradise for fans of active holidays and sports entertainment. The … Open
An excursion to fascinating Yoryuk Park will be no less interesting. This is a true open-air museum, during a walk through which you can find out a lot of interesting facts about the city. Yanartas Mountain is one of the most popular natural sights of the region. The famous mountain is sometimes called the “fiery mountain”. You can see small flames right on the mountain’s stones. This truly amazing natural phenomenon has become the subject of numerous local legends. However, modern scientists have been able to find a simple explanation of the phenomenon. The slopes of the mountain have small holes, through which the hypergolic gas comes to the surface.
A large part of popular excursion routes starts at the central square of Kemer. The square is the location of an old clock tower and a monument dedicated to Ataturk, the first president of the country. Recently, the square has been decorated with beautiful fountains. This is a great place for unhurried walks. The beautiful park of Olbia is located near the coastline. Its winding alleys, fountains and sculptures attract both locals and tourists. Marina is a no less attractive area of the city. The port of Kemer is also very popular with travelers. This is the place where you can see beautiful yachts or make a boat ride around the coastal area of Kemer. Copyright
1. Bicycle is one of the most popular means of transport in Kemer. Almost every hotel is equipped with bicycle rental offices. You can also rent a bike and one of private rental offices … Open
The famous cave of Beldibi is located not far away from the city. Its territory still remains the location of ongoing archaeological excavations. The walls of the cave are decorated with paintings made several thousand years ago. Inside the cave scientists found ancient tools and rare artifacts that are now stored in one of the city's museums. Describing the natural attractions of the city, we simply cannot fail to mention Ecopark, the main inhabitants of which are various reptiles. Lizards, snakes and spiders that live here were brought from different parts of the world. In addition to a rich collection of reptiles, the park features an impressive collection of rare plants.
An important natural attraction is Goynuk Canyon striking visitors with its grandeur and picturesqueness. It is interesting to admire the grazing deer wandering along the green landscapes. It is worth noting that as you climb the canyon open spaces become more and more fascinating. Impressive views are also available to those who've decided to visit another national park - namely, Sivri Dağ Milli Parkı. Beautiful wooded expanses, cedar trees, wonderful views of the mountain peaks (the most famous of which is Mount Bereket) are all undoubted advantages of visiting this natural landmark.
A great option for a walk is Kemer Cumhuriyet Meydanı Square, the very “heart of Kemer”, a wonderful street accommodating fountains, sculptures, cultural attractions. It is nice just to admire them, wander along small bridges, enjoy the fresh sea air, as well as take some pictures in memory of the wonderful time spent in the resort town. And here is a cafe where you can dine admiring a magnificent view of Kemer, which appears to visitors from a bird's-eye view. As for religious sites, an impressive one is Merkez Eyup Sultan Camii famous for keeping an unbelievably valuable artifact - the Prophet Muhammad's Hair. The shrine is also interesting from an architectural point of view, being a beautiful example of Moorish style.
In the vicinity of Kemer, there are two ancient cities, which are certainly worth a visit if you want to "touch" the antiquity. Phaselis, a city of ancient Lycia, was founded back in the 7th century BC. Once it was of great strategic importance: the city had three ports at his disposal. At different times, they were owned by different peoples: Persians, Greeks, Rhodians, Romans. In the 8th century, the harbor city was captured by the Arabs - and from that moment its new history begins. It is worth noting that the preserved Roman ruins, the hallmark of the ancient city, belong to this period. They include an aqueduct, an amphitheater, an agora, an acropolis, fortress walls, a temple.
Shopping in Kemer can turn into an unforgettable adventure, all thanks to a huge choice of shopping centers and markets. In the suburban area is the most popular mall Migros, which is in … Open
Another ancient city that deserves to be visited by every tourist vacationing in Kemer is Aspendos. According to legend, it was founded after the Trojan War as a defensive construction against sea raids. In ancient times, it was an important trading center. Like Phaselis, the city had many owners. The hallmark of Aspendos is its well-preserved amphitheater where, among other things, excellent theatrical performances are held. Besides the theater, an aqueduct and a 13th-century bridge built on the site of another one belonging to the Roman period are still in good condition.
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