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Belek is one of the newest resorts in Turkey, therefore it cannot be proud of its rich cultural heritage and centuries old history. The majority of its sights have natural origin. Therefore, Belek attracts not only fans of beach holidays, but also fans of eco-tourism. Beautiful Kursunlu Waterfall is considered the main symbol of Belek. As a rule, a trip to the waterfall is usually accompanied with a walk through the nearby forests, where you can see rare birds and enjoy the look of exotic plants. Fans of outdoor recreation can participate in longer camping trips – tourists are provided with an opportunity to stay in this tropical paradise and enjoy its beauty for a few days.
Belek is definitely the best resort town in Turkey. It has become that popular because of numerous large sand beaches located on its territory. The main sight of the town is the national … Open
Continue your acquaintance with the unique nature of Belek in the reserve called Köprülü Canyon, which square estimates 500 hectares. The territory of the reserve is the location of a beautiful eucalyptus grove, pistachio trees, and majestic cypress trees. Giant turtles are the main inhabitants of these places. Of course, you will see many other animals, for example, tourists are usually amazed by dozens of species of rare birds. Belek suburbs are the location of several notable historic places of interest, which are also included in the compulsory excursion program. Holiday-makers should not forget to visit the place called Perge. In the territory of this settlement you will find the ruins of ancient buildings that appeared here yet in 4th century BC. Here travelers can see the ruins of an ancient theater and a forum.
rich historical and architectural attractions of the town of Aspendos, which is a few hours' drive from Belek. A small town of Aspendos is also a popular destination of excursions. Here are located the ruins of Zeno palace, the construction of which took place in the 2nd century BC. An ancient town of Myra in Lycia is a true treasure full of beautiful historical attractions. According to a legend, this is the place where once worked Saint Nicolas as a prior of a cathedral. Today the territory of the town is the place of important archaeological excavations. You can see the precious findings in one of the local museums. Copyright
In Belek the restaurants that serve the national cuisine are usually called "lokanta". As a rule, such gastronomic facilities offer their guests to taste the traditional Turkish cuisine in … Open
If you want to see an authentic ancient Byzantine city, move your feet to Kekova Bay. A small town called Side will become the favorite place of rest of the tourists who are interested in exciting stories about pirates. The Dalaman River is also a notable historical and natural reserve and the location of the ruins of several prehistoric buildings. The river is widely famous for its healing mud. Every year thousands of tourists come here in order to improve their health. Pamukkale Gerapolis town is internationally famous because of the ruins of ancient Roman baths, which have survived in its territory. This is just a part of remarkable places nearby Belek. Visiting them will be surely interesting to any traveller and will leave lots of positive memories.
Belek City Center Not far from the city of Belek, there is another ancient city called Perge. It is noteworthy for the fact that the name “parchment” originates from the name of the city – it was here that the production of the material was developed (in II century BC). It is also believed that the city was founded by Trojans after the Trojan War. In any case, the city has a very rich history – it was conquered by Alexander the Great, was part of the Pergamon kingdom, and was later conquered by the Romans. Interesting buildings on its territory testify to all this.
Friendliness, helpfulness, and hospitality are the three qualities of local people primarily noticed by travelers when visiting Belek. Making a friend from this city, you can be sure that … Open
Among them, there is the Perge tiyatrosu, designed for 15,000 spectators. At some point, there could be seen hundreds of statues of gods and supreme rulers here. Also on the stage of the theater were scenes praising the patron of the theater; the god of wine “Dionysus”. Perge Nymphaeum anıtsal çeşme was once a major street with an acropolis, a fountain and graceful columns. The fountain was located at the very acropolis, from which, by the way, beautiful views open up on the city. It is also worth noting that interesting concerts and performances are often held in Perge El Sanatları Mer, hence it is necessary to be up to date with the billboard while in Belek so as not to miss anything.
There are several mosques in the city, worthy of at least a cursory glance of tourists. The first one worth highlighting is Mecek Camii – a small but very spacious mosque. The interior of the temple contributes to the peace and tranquility that can be felt here. Kadriye Cami, another interesting religious monument, is distinguished by its simplicity – both interior and exterior. Those who do not like pretentiousness will like it here, considering it to be a synonym for “paphos”. However, the interior definitely deserves attention – in spite of its seeming simplicity, inside the building still amazes with its beauty. There is a very interesting place in the city called Stone Aqua Park, where you can enjoy the serenity, contemplating iridescent water on the stones.
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