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Kas is one of the most non-standard and most popular resorts of Turkey. It is attractive primarily with its natural beauty and diversity of landscapes. The town is surrounded by high mountains and forests. Despite its huge popularity, the resort is not distinguished by a developed tourist infrastructure, as there are no big hotels or resort establishments. Remoteness of Kas from airports lets the town keep a peaceful atmosphere and pristine harmony. This is an unbelievably beautiful provincial town with a special way of living and multiple attractions.
Archaeologists have been working on the territory of the town and its nearby surroundings for many years. They have managed to find new constructions in places when ancient towns were … Open
The enchanting coastal town surrounded by mountains is an important agricultural region of the country. You can see large fruit plantations on mountain slopes. For locals, the seafood industry has long been the most important field. Every day, anglers sell their catch on local markets. You also can taste delicious seafood dishes in small restaurants.
Despite the fact that there are no big hotels in the town, its guests have a wide choice of accommodation places. The decent alternative to big hotels is private recreation centers and villas where vacation in a homelike atmosphere is combined with the first-class service. Kas is very popular with tourists who admire hiking and beach vacation and prefer spending their holiday far from the bustle of big megacities. The small bay, at the coast of which Kas is located, has long been drawing the driver’s attention. The sea bottom here is incredibly marvelous and strikes with the diversity of inhabitants. Copyright
The main entertainments offered by Kas to its guests are walks along picturesque places and shops. For instance, gourmets have an opportunity to visit excellent restaurants. In the … Open
According to the historical data, more than 2.5 thousand years ago on site of the modern town was located Antiphellos, a large port town and an important trade center of Lycia. The main value of the ancient town was wood. In surrounding forests, there were tall cedars that were the main products for local merchants. The history of the ancient town is full of destroying wars and wonderful revivals. In the middle of the 19th century, at the picturesque coast, a large Greek settlement Andifli was established. It had been destined to live only 70 years. Already in 1923, Greeks left the settlement and, after a few years, Kas started developing at the coast of the magnificent bay.
Almost 6 000 people live in the town and most of them are engaged in the tourism sector. Despite its small size, Kas is famous for the diversity of ancient attractions that remind of greatness of towns existed at one time. The liveliest places of the town are markets. Tourists can buy not only fresh seafood here and fruit from local orchards but also other interesting things. So, many local residents make very beautiful handicrafts and souvenirs. Local markets are also distinguished by a wide choice of antique products.
In Kas, there are more than a hundred small hotels, and each of them has its own national charm and interesting peculiarities. One of the most prestigious and largest hotels is the Ekici … Open
Admirers of beach recreation should note that there are no beaches accessible in the resort territory, but there are many beaches in nearby villages. Kas will be perfect for diving fans who can reach the most interesting bottom plots followed by experienced guides. The favorite entertainment of the resort guests are walking along picturesque places, sightseeing and beach recreation. Unique shops and attractive restaurants make the vacation even more comfortable.
Not far from Kas, there is the settlement of Patara. Numerous travelers visit it during their excursions in the region. This area has become internationally famous because of a giant sand beach, the length of which is more than 20 kilometers. The width of the beach is no less impressive – it reaches 1500 meters in some parts of the beach. Numerous vacationers visit this place not only to enjoy beach recreation in a secluded place but also to walk among endless sand dunes. Not many years ago, the wonderful beach got the status of a national resort because rare sea turtles like to nest there. At a certain time of the year, it is possible to see how tiny turtles are born and hurry to the water.
Archaeologists have been working on the territory of the town and its nearby surroundings for many years. They have managed to find new constructions in places when ancient towns were … Open
There is one more picturesque beach nearby, Kaputas. It is surrounded by high rocks on both sides, so the beach is safely protected from wind. As there are almost no strong waves at Kaputas, water is incredibly clean there. Naturally, the beach is suitable for fans of snorkeling. Coastal waters near Kas also offer unique conditions for diving. Here, just 5-6 meters deep, it is possible to see sunken antique towns that became covered with water because of earthquakes.
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