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Astana panorama Almaty is a true paradise for fans of outdoor activities. The suburban district of the capital is the location or very popular ski resorts. Probably, Medeo sports complex is the most famous among them. Here visitors will find excellent ski slopes with various difficulty levels and a large outdoor skating rink. Fans of alpine ski should not forget to visit Chimbulak ski resort, which has welcomed athletes since 1954. The local ski slopes will be definitely appreciated by professional athletes. If you are a beginner, you may find all what you need in resorts named Tabagan and Ak-Bulak.
We should start our story about the peculiarities of the national cuisine of Almaty from the description of its beverages because every meal starts and ends with drinks. Fans of dairy … Open
Almaty is a wonderful choice for fans of eco-tourism as there are located hundreds of tourist trails close to the city. Fans of walks should definitely visit Ile-Alatau State National Park. Its total square exceeds 200 thousand hectares. The territory of the reserve is home to about a thousand of different plants. The number of different species of fauna exceeds a thousand and a half. Many mammals and birds that live on the reserve are listed as endangered. Almaty Nature Reserve is a no less attractive place. A large part of its territory is occupied by lush coniferous and deciduous forests.
Kolsay Lakes park is a perfect place for walks. As you might guess from the name, the park is the location of fabulous alpine lakes. Tourists are offered to make ascend to the mountains and see a lot of unique attractions along the way. Tourists also traditionally like horseback riding in foothill areas. Copyright
The local people follow many interesting traditions and customs. For example, during a year they celebrate various entertaining and colorful national holidays, each of which has its own … Open
Besides its unique natural attractions, Almaty is widely famous for its magnificent markets. Green Bazaar is surely the best place to purchase gifts, jewelry and home decorations. The market is also home to numerous kebab cafes, in which traditional music keeps playing until late at night and guests enjoy delicious aromatic meat.
The southern capital of Almaty was and remains the main tourist center of the country. Here you will find numerous attractions, places for active entertainment. If you are in Almaty with kids, take them to the amusement park - Fantasy World Almaty. Here you will find 42 attractions for kids, family, and extreme carousels, like Top Skan, Top Spin and Shake. If you are looking for real thrilling emotions here, do your best to try excursions on the airplane. Flight on a plane is an opportunity to experience a genuine sense of unity with the sky, enjoy an adrenaline rush and drive, and explore the city. To book an excursion you can at the Balloon Center "Halley".
A beautiful park named after 28-Panfilov heroes is one of the main attractions of the city. The total square of the park estimates 18 hectares. On its territory you will find Holy Ascension … Open
What do you think about parachuting? For some, parachute jumping is the cherished dream of childhood, someone perceives them as a challenge, and someone flees from the gray routine. Regardless of the reasons, a parachute jump is the best way to add adventurism and overcome your fears. In Almaty, you will have such a chance at the Bayserke airfield. Experienced instructors, with a huge experience of jumping, will take care of you from every beginning. Security is provided by masters of their craft and reliable parachutes, so the possibility of error is out of the question.
The Beatles on Green Hill in Almaty In Ush-Konyr, you can try another extreme activity - paragliding, which is the best way to explore stunning views and soar above the ground. No turbulence or roar of the propeller, only the sound of the wind and the vast expanse of the fifth ocean around. To do paragliding here, you do not need any training, as far as a qualified instructor will manage the paraglider, so you just have to enjoy. The real extreme entertainment is waiting for you at the buggidrome, in the Kaskelen Gorge. Buggi is a perfect vehicle for off-road and overcoming natural obstacles. Buggy riding will certainly appeal to lovers of outdoor activities. But note that to enjoy this activity there are two mandatory requirements - the presence of a driver's license and a driving experience of at least 6 months.
1. The locals are very reluctant to drinking alcoholic beverages. Some people do not consume alcohol at all due to religious beliefs. Visitors also should not drink too much alcohol – … Open
Ballooning is one of the favorite pastimes among locals here. It's absolutely not scary but the delight, which you will surely get from flying. Note that this experience you will remember forever. Imagine how the flow of warm air unhurriedly tears the basket from the ground and it floats smoothly across the sky. No one is in a hurry, enjoying beautiful views, a pleasant flight, and a good company. The flight is carried out in the vicinity of the city of Almaty. In winter, flights are carried out in the daytime, and during summer -in the morning from 10 am and 2 hours before sunset.
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Travelers, who are still not convinced about visiting the zoo, need to hear about just some species that live there and understand the size and scale of this venue. So, it is possible to see elephants, giraffes, zebras, several species of antelopes, deer, goats, apes, and bears. Wild cats are also represented by a family of gracious animals, including the lion, several species of the leopard, black panther, jaguar, puma, serval, and lynx. It may take too long to name all birds that live in the zoo, so better visit it and see yourself. The loud birds’ singing is comparable to wild jungles. In the adjacent areas, visitors can see turtles, lizards, water dragons, chameleons, and various snakes. … Open
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Amusement parks near Almaty
♥   Amusement park 'Gorky Park' Almaty, 2.1 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Amusement park 'Fantasy World' Almaty, 2.8 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Amusement park 'Family Park' Almaty, 8.2 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Amusement park 'Kok Tube' , 13.9 km from the center. On the map   Photo

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