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Ekaterinburg Observation of unusual monuments and acquaintance with street art that is gaining popularity, a search of the oldest drain cover in the city and strolls in charming and secluded yards of residential areas – these are just some of the entertaining activities that are available to guests of Yekaterinburg.
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In 2012, Yekaterinburg hosted Stenograffia art festival that gathered best graffiti artists of Russia in one place. The city changed drastically during this amazing event, and walls of many old houses were decorated with stylish abstract drawings. One of the most unusual graffitis can be found on the street of <>. Just find the building 140 and you will see it. This street is located not far from Komsomolskaya metro station, so even inexperienced tourists will have no difficulty finding it.
Do you like exploring little-known landmarks? Then do not hurry to leave picturesque Malysheva Street and take a stroll until the bank of the Iset River. This is the location of one of the least discovered landmarks of the city, namely, <>. This is a gorgeous mansion made of red brick that was built near the riverside at the beginning of the 20th century. Initially, it was a property of merchant Chuvildin. After the Soviet revolution, several communal flats were opened in the building. Decades after, the unique architecture landmark became abandoned. Nowadays, there is a dormitory open in the formerly gorgeous house. Despite such a complicated history, the “slanting house”, as locals often call Chuvildina House, doesn’t lose its former charm and keeps attracting curious adventurers who are always excited to find new discoveries. Copyright
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Keyboard monument has become one of the most iconic modern landmarks in Yekaterinburg. It is located in a picturesque park area near the bank of the Iset River. However, not everyone knows that there is also a monument dedicated to the system unit. Everyone who cannot imagine their everyday life without computer will find it very interesting to see this landmark. The unusual monument is located at a crossing of two streets, Radishcheva Street and March 8th Street. At a glance, it looks somewhat like a telephone box. However, when looking closer it becomes clear that is not a telephone box but a big copy of a system unit. As one of the sides is transparent, it is possible to see how it looks like inside.
Ekaterinburg Night There is one more unusual historical landmark in Yekaterinburg – an old manhole drain cover that was installed on one of the city’s streets yet in 1902. Tourists shouldn’t expect to see this “historical landmark” during an organized excursion, so it is better to go and find it independently. It will not be hard to find the drain cover. It is located not far from building 37 on Malysheva Street. The drain cover is located at a crossing and of traffic ways, so don’t forget about safety measures when admiring the unusual landmark.
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Do you like exploring silent and picturesque yards? Continue walking on Malysheva Street and find the building number 21. Near this house, there is an entrance to one of the most picturesque yards in Yekaterinburg, the so-called Zerkal'nyy Dvorik. The design of the area was developed by talented modern graffiti artists. Walls of old houses were decorated with unusual 3D paintings. Hanging bird feeder, a fluttering carpet, and raging sea waves – the yard is very interesting to explore and it will definitely appeal to everyone who likes modern art.

Visit Go-Kart Circuit

If you love to drive fast, then visit the go-kart track in Yekaterinburg. It's called M-Auto. It is located on the territory of the Palace of Culture "Elmash". You will rent kart and all the necessary equipment here. You don't need special skills to drive a vehicle. However, you will be instructed. After that, you will put on a protective helmet and will conquer the track. It is located under the open sky. You will be able to drive here not only in summer but also in winter. Tires on wheels will be winter racing or asphalt depending on the road surface.
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Exciting Ride on a Snowmobile

You will get an adrenaline rush during the winter months. You will ride at high speed through the snowy off-road on a snowmobile. There is a firm "Extreme" in Yekaterinburg. Its office is located at 100 Amundsen Street. You can rent a snowmobile here. After that, you will go on an exciting journey. However, you will have to choose wide paths or alleys for the trip, which do not have gullies and pits. Otherwise, the snowmobile will not be able to reach high speed. You will not get a thrill in this case. Employees of the company that organizes this type of leisure will tell you where it is better to ride a snowmobile in the vicinity of Yekaterinburg. For example, a frozen lake or river is suitable for this.

Experience Thrills while Parachuting

You should come to the flying club to do parachuting in Yekaterinburg. It is located on 33/a Malyshev Street. You will recognize this building by the plane, which is located on its roof. You will book a jump here. You will arrive at Loginovo airfield on the appointed day. It is located 50 kilometers from the city on the Kamensk-Ural highway. You will be trained and instructed before the entertainment begins. After that, you will board the plane, rise to the sky and make a jump. If you want to keep the experience of your air adventure for many years, you can order video and photography.
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Enjoy a Free Flight without Climbing into the Sky

Do you want to feel what it means to fly? Your dream will come true in Yekaterinburg if you come to the aerodynamic complex "FreeFly". It is located at 27 Zimnaya (Winter) Street. It is open from noon to 21:00 on weekdays. You can visit it from 9:00 to 21:00 on weekends. There is a free fall simulator here. You will be inside a wind tunnel and get into the airflow, developing a speed of 250 kilometers per hour. You will feel everything that a person feels during a parachute jump. You will pay 3 thousand rubles for 5 minutes of such entertainment. A 10-minute flight costs 5 thousand rubles.

Tour in a Hot Air Balloon

The company "Tri Korolya" (Three Kings) offers you to go on an unforgettable tour to the clouds in a balloon. Its employees will insure you. The law requires it. After registration of the insurance policy, you will be told when the flight will take place. You will arrive at the starting point on the specified day before sunrise or sunset. You will be given a detailed briefing here. After that, you will enter the basket of the balloon. You will be at a high altitude. You will be able to view the beauty of the landscape surrounding Yekaterinburg for 30 minutes. After the balloon lands, you will be presented with a certificate. It will be a testimony to your dedication to balloonists.
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Have Fun during Zorbing

Do you want to know how a hamster feels when running in a wheel? Then do zorbing. Zorb is a large transparent ball filled with air. You will ride on the grassy slope of the Pilnaya Mountain while in it. The mountain is located 45 kilometers from Yekaterinburg. You will be fixed inside the ball with a reliable suspension system. So you won't fall out of it. You will not get bruises and other injuries thanks to the air cushion. You will be charged with adrenaline during the entertainment. The speed of your movement will be up to 50 kilometers per hour.
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