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Monkey Bridges

From the series “The Most Dangerous Bridges in the World”
Quite unusual facilities for waftage can be found in the southern part of Vietnam in different areas of the Mekong Delta. They only vaguely resemble classic bridges; that’s why they received an unusual name, Monkey Bridges. Contrary to the popular belief that they are suitable only for monkeys, Monkey Bridges have helped locals to cross the water for many years. Traditionally thick bamboo stalks (they are pretty slippery making it difficult to pass) were used for such constructions; former were fastened with ropes. Railings of these bridges are evanescent, so to overcome one of the monkey bridges safely, people have to move hunching over a distance like monkeys.
These constructions are built by local residents. As bridges are rather fragile, they are constantly being destroyed and have to be rebuilt. There are short and long ones, quite high and low among monkey bridges; the only peculiar form of these fragile structures remains unchanged. The rickety bridge may collapse at any time; it is necessary to wear the most comfortable shoes with rubber soles, otherwise thin bamboo stalks can easily slip. Despite the fact that bridges are used to cross the shallow river, the prospect of swimming in the murky waters doesn’t appeal to travelers, but it certainly adds excitement. ... Complete sights collection

Nha Trang

From the series “The Longest Ski-Lifts and Cable Trams in the World”
Nha Trang cable way situated in Vietnamese town of the same name connects latter with the coastal territory of picturesque Hon Tre Island. Opening of the cable car took place in 2007. Its length is 3,300 meters; it’s situated at 70 meters above sea level. Immediately after the opening, Nha Trang cableway has become a world record for its length among cable cars passing over the sea. The cable cary is supported by 9 tall columns illuminated by spectacular lights in the nighttime.
Construction of the cable car was largely contributed to Vinpearl Land entertainment park that is very popular among tourists. Many modern travelers are attracted by the cable car itself, as it’s a unique and incredibly attractive attraction. A trip by cable car takes about 20 minutes, during which passengers can enjoy magnificent sea views. The spacious cabin of the cableway is designed for 8 passengers. It’s also worth noting that Nha Trang cable car is one of the safest in the world. It was developed by the best engineers of Europe, so the construction can withstand tsunami, as well as strong earthquakes and storm winds. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “Wildest Tribes Avoiding Civilization”
Vietnam is also famous for its severeal isolated tribes. The language of communication unites the tribes, whereas their traditions and practicies are unique. The most unusual one is the story of meeting of nothern Vietnam inhabitants with the Ruc people. The Ruc tribe was first encountered by Vietnamese soldiers during the Vietnam War against America.
Vietnamese soldiers saw “forest people” whose homes turned to have been damaged and destroyed after another bombing. Their native tropical forest had been almost completely burned. The representatives of the tribe decided to establish contacts with other residents of the State. Most of them moved to nearby towns but were unable to make contacts with local authorities since the latter tried to force the Ruc into the modern world with efforts that the Ruc people have strongly opposed.
Nowadays the tribe conduct the way of life as they used to years ago. Fishing and gathering are their traditional activity, they cultivate rice fields, raise fruit-gardens like they have done it for centuries. The Ruc adopted the settled way of life not long ago, some of them still inhabit cave systems in the jungle, others build huts. The tribesmen are still paying respect to their ancestors and worship their leader. ... Complete sights collection

Son Doong

From the series “Largest and Most Branched Caves on Earth”
In Vietnam, located on the territory of the national Phong-Nha-kevo Park is one of the largest caves in the world - Son Doong. The cave was accidentally discovered in 1991 by the locals Ho-Hang. When he looked into the underground vault, he heard the strong whistle and hastily left this uncertain place. The wind whistling out of the cave has deterred the locals and the researchers for a long time. In 2009 the British speleologists decided to research the cave. It has been found that the whistling sounds come from the stormy Rao Tuong river.
The length of the largest hall of the cave, which is currently explored, forms 5 km. The height of this hall is also quite impressive and reaches 200 meters in some places. The average width is 150 meters. This room has enough room for a modern 40-storey skyscraper. One can literally translate the name of the Rao Tuong river as the «cave of the mountain river». The river flowing through the underground vault is the main point of the cave.
The tourists can participate in an exciting boat excursion through the secret places of the cave. In some of their rooms you can see the unique exotic plants. It is that in some districts of the cave the laughers have formed, through which the light penetrates, which has led to plant growth. The underground river continues to rock the rock. The modern scientists believe that Son Doong is the largest cave in the world, which can soon be confirmed with the official research data. ... Complete sights collection

Crazy House

From the series “Top 16 Most Amazing Buildings of the Planet”
The guests of the Vietnamese city of Dalat have a chance to spend a few days in the 'crazy house'. This is one of the most original hotels in the world. The building, the location of the hotel, can be compared with no other modern building. It looks like the dark castle from the gruesome film. The colorful next-door giraffe figure was designed to alleviate the dark exterior of the building. The author of the original project is the young architect, who has returned home after a few years of training in Russia and has achieved the courageous and peculiar idea.
The hotel is incredibly popular among tourists. The night in one of his rooms costs about 35 USD. The travelers who want to stay at the unusual hotel need to consider an important feature. The hotel regularly organizes the excursions, so the doors in all rooms are open from 7-00 to 17-00. The unified and quiet atmosphere can hardly be enjoyed in the 'crazy house'.
The architect began the realization of her project in 1990, the construction work continues in the hotel today. Its area is constantly being expanded and supplemented with additional buildings. Next to it the original landscape elements are laid out. The room design of all hotel rooms is unique. The tourists can look into all the rooms during the exciting excursion and then walk in the picturesque garden with tiny ponds and exotic plants. Originally, 'Crazy Hous' was the new hotel, but later became the real sight of the city. ... Complete sights collection

Detian-Banyue Falls

From the series “Most Fanciful Waterfalls of the Planet”
On the border between China and Vietnam is the picturesque Detian-Banyue Falls, which is long considered a landmark of world importance. The height of the waterfall is 30 meters. It consists of three cascades which are divided into many separate streams by trees and stones. The waterfall looks simply incredible, and the thunder produced by it can be heard at a considerable distance. All the power of the Detian-Banyue waterfall can be estimated during the flood period. And when it is completed, the waterfalls located in different states are divided into two.
The unusual waterfall has its own secret. A small road, which leads to a stone, passes over it. On this stone the border between Vietnam and China was designated. According to one of the assumptions, the stone in this place was established in 1979. Many tourists are mainly interested in the lower part of the waterfall, where viewing platforms and beautiful recreation areas were equipped. Here are several small hotels, cozy restaurants and cafes, as well as souvenir shops.
Those, who like unusual entertainments, will be offered to ride along the pools of the waterfall on a bamboo raft. The best time to visit the natural sight is a period from November to April. Not far from the waterfall is an important natural sight - Tongling gorge, in which you can see a lot of rare plant species. Fans of hiking will have an opportunity to visit the amazing Forest of Water Stones and look into ancient karst caves. ... Complete sights collection

Dog Meat in Hanoi Restaurants

From the series “The Most Disgusting Dishes in the World”
Vietnam can be called a leader in the number of incredible and frightening dishes. One of the most popular national treats is a delicacy of dog meat. Particularly fastidious tourists should bear in mind that dogs for Vietnamese restaurants aren’t caught in the streets. They are grown at special farms and in the process of feeding the health of the animals is carefully monitored. The meat of properly fattened dogs is very gentle, nourishing, and beneficial. It tastes like a pork.
Dog meat is cooked in many different ways: stewed, steamed, fried, and added to soups. Smoked meat is very popular too. According to statistics, people of Vietnam annually consume about 3 million dogs. Restaurants that specialize in this branch of cuisine, can be found in any major city of the country. Many tourists are plunged into a shock by only seeing large cells with live dogs that are brought to popular restaurants every day.
Dog meat dishes are quite popular in Korea, but their homeland is still Vietnam. Surprisingly, the dog meat is considered one of the most useful products in the world. It has a regulating effect on the functioning of the digestive system and is prescribed as a treatment for kidney disease. Dog’s fat is rich in elements that help in treating lung diseases. It is believed that only through this national delicacy thousands of people managed to survive during the peak of the plague in Vietnam. ... Complete sights collection

Ha Long Bay

From the series “Top 15 Most Fantastic Creations of Nature”
One of the most unusual places in the world can be found in Vietnam, the Gulf of Tonkin. There is the incredibly picturesque Halong Bay that embraces more than 3 000 islands, a huge amount of rocks and caves. Several years ago, this amazing bay was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site List. Its unique appearance is bound to erosion, which is one of the most common and simple natural phenomenon.
Over million years, erosion processes took place in limestone rocks that are typical for this area. That resulted into bizarre rock shapes, mysterious caves, and a fairly large island with its own internal lakes. The bay area is more than 1 500 square km. The most favorite pastime of travelers is boating. A large part of the islands in the bay are uninhabited. The smallest of them aren’t suitable for life at all.
Tuan Chau Island is the most amazing place to visit. Travelers can see the old residence of Ho Chi Minh there. In the coming years, it’s planned to build a large resort on the coast. Fans of natural attractions have to visit Cat Ba Island, which also has a rather impressive scale. More than half of its territory is occupied by the National Park, where you can see many picturesque lakes, waterfalls, and caves. Halong Bay is popular among divers. They have an opportunity to admire the marvelous coral reefs and see rare inhabitants of the deep sea. ... Complete sights collection

Ha Long Bay

From the series “Nooks and Villages That Are More Colorful Than Top Touristic Destinations”
In Vietnam, travelers should visit Ha Long Bay. That’s an incredibly beautiful and mysterious place. Many amazing legends are associated with it. Literally, the name of the bay can be translated as the place where the dragon plunged into the sea. The picturesque bay embraces more than 3 000 rocky islets. One of the legends tells that a great dragon who lived in the mountains made them.
Tourists come to this wonderful place because of its unique atmosphere of national color. You can rest in the serene environment on the shore of the bay and observe plying fishing vessels for hours. You can rent a boat for yourself to explore scenic islands. A water trip along the coast is going to be incredibly exciting, as you can see a lot of picturesque rocks and find mysterious caves.
There are quite large islands in the bay that are suitable for hiking. One of the largest and most comfortable is the island of Tuan Chau. It features numerous old buildings, including the former residence of Ho Chi Minh. Currently, it’s planned to build a modern resort there. Fans of natural attractions show interest to Cat Ba. That’s a largest island of the bay, more than half of which is occupied by a national reserve. Here, you can see waterfalls and glimpse into the hidden caves, find a lake among thick vegetation and admire the rare plants, as well as experience what the real Vietnam is. ... Complete sights collection
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