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Nha Trang is a true beach capital of Vietnam. This is a vibrant resort city with a bustling and energetic life that doesn’t slow down at night. Naturally, these factors make Nha Trang very attractive for tourists. Every tourist finds something that she or he likes in this city. Some are in love with the clean, turquoise-colored water, some people like white sand, and many tourists adore Nha Trang’s nature with its enchanting green hills and islands in the bay. Fans of nightlife will be pleased with the choice of entertainment options. Finally, the historic heritage of the country has always been one of the main reasons to visit this Vietnamese city. In Nha Trang, tourists can visit ancient towers that still decorate the city’s skyline. Initially, Nha Trang had another name – Kauthara. The Cham people were the founders of the settlement. For a long time, Nha Trang was a small village, which population was mostly fishing to survive. Nha Trang started developing in the 17th century. The economy kept growing until the 19th century. As a resort, this region became famous during the French colonization period. At that time, the territory of modern Vietnam was a part of Indochina. The first villas appeared in Nha Trang, and European tourists started arriving in the city to …
Unique places of interest in Vietnam

Detian-Banyue Falls

From the series “Most Fanciful Waterfalls of the Planet”
On the border between China and Vietnam is the picturesque Detian-Banyue Falls, which is long considered a landmark of world importance. The height of the waterfall is 30 meters. It consists of three cascades which are divided into many separate streams by trees and stones. The waterfall looks simply incredible, and the thunder produced by it can be heard at a considerable distance. All the power of the Detian-Banyue waterfall can be estimated during the flood period. And when it is completed, the waterfalls located in different states are divided into two.

The unusual waterfall has its own secret. A small road, which leads to a stone, passes over it. On this stone the border between Vietnam and China was designated. According to one of the assumptions, the stone in this place was … Read all

Crazy House

From the series “Top 16 Most Amazing Buildings of the Planet”
The guests of the Vietnamese city of Dalat have a chance to spend a few days in the 'crazy house'. This is one of the most original hotels in the world. The building, the location of the hotel, can be compared with no other modern building. It looks like the dark castle from the gruesome film. The colorful next-door giraffe figure was designed to alleviate the dark exterior of the building. The author of the original project is the young architect, who has returned home after a few years of training in Russia and has achieved the courageous and peculiar idea.

The hotel is incredibly popular among tourists. The night in one of his rooms costs about 35 USD. The travelers who want to stay at the unusual hotel need to consider an important feature. The hotel regularly organizes the … Read all
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