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Taipei 101

From the series “The Highest Buildings in the World”
Taipei 101 opened on November 17, 2003 is being one of the main attractions of Taipei for over ten years. The height of this spectacular building is 509.2 meters; this 101-floor skyscraper is constructed in accordance with national traditions. The amazing glass building is among the five tallest buildings in the world. Travelers know the skyscraper as the location of popular shopping centers and restaurants of local cuisine.
It’s worth to mention high-speed elevators that can reach speeds of over 60 km/h among the main distinguishing features of the building. Visitors can reach 89th floor, where there is a popular observation deck, in just 39 seconds. From the first days of opening, Taipei 101 has become a regular venue for the grand fireworks show that has no equal in any other city in China.
Not everyone knows that the skyscraper was built in accordance with rules of Feng Shui. The main building materials in the construction were concrete and metal; to keep the harmony, it was decided to construct the fountain with rotating spherical composition next to the building. Taipei 101 is a harmonious blend of ethnic traditions and modern style, cutting-edge technology and ancient canons. ... Complete sights collection

San Zhi

From the series “The Most Impressive Abandoned Cities on the Planet”
Sanzhi is one of the most amazing and unusual ghost towns in the world. It is not exactly an abandoned one in every sense. The thing is that people never lived there. There is one peculiarity about Sanzhi: its main buildings are unusual roundish futuristic houses with huge panoramic windows.
A few years ago they were constructed for the sole purpose of selling them to wealthy people. There were plans to build an elite town of closed type where outsiders are forbidden to enter. But the plans never got very far due to a series of accidents causing loss of people’s lives. The project was abandoned and the organizers were quick to suspend the construction work and leave the unfavourable area. And now superstitious local residents fear to enter the territory of the deserted town.
They believe that Sanzhi is home to the souls of the dead. The territory of the ghost town is considered to be the anomalous zone. The houses of original shape and design look more like alien ships and have become home to unquiet souls. That’s why the locals are not going to destroy them so as not anger the ghosts. Sanzhi remains the tourist attraction for many years now. Visitors are sure to take a camera with them hoping to make photos of the ghosts. ... Complete sights collection

Hsuehshan tunnel

From the series “The Greatest Tunnels in the World”
The famous Hsuehshan tunnel or Snow Mountain is cut through the mountain range in Taiwan. The tunnel was opened to the public in 2006. It connects the city of Taipei and the popular tourist area - the Yilan valley. Yilan valley is the focus of the most interesting natural and historical sights that are visited by thousands of tourists every day.
Hsuehshan tunnel is 12900 metres long. It has been laid under the massive mountain range, thus, travel time to the picturesque valley was shortened to 40 minutes. Earlier it took travellers at least two hours to cover the dangerous mountain roads. With the opening of the tunnel a number of prominent region’s attractions has become more accessible. The construction of the Hsuehshan took more than 15 years to complete, considering the complex geology standing on the way of the tunnel’s development.
Outstanding engineers and builders have managed to create a unique underground complex, which amazes both with its size and the level of equipment. Road surface of a perfect quality, an elaborate lighting system and road signs make the journey inside the tunnel safe and pleasant. The speed limit inside is 70 km/h. Drivers pay great attention to the observance of the speed mode since the fine is about 6000 US dollars. Cameras are installed through the length of the tunnel and police officers are always on duty, so driving unnoticed is simply impossible. ... Complete sights collection

Modern Toilet Restaurant

From the series “The Most Exotic Restaurants in the World”
No sooner will the rational man ever come to the feast in the toilet. However, this idea does not seem so illogical and unfulfillable. And thanks to the modern bathroom in the city of Xin Gao. Its fashionable and colorful hall is more reminiscent of the WC. The traditional tables are replaced by baths with transparent glass plate, and the chairs - by the ordinary Klobecken.
The dishes and the dining room in this original restaurant corresponds to the general theme. The ordinary bowls for soup are replaced by bowls in the shape of the bowl. The drinks are served in the glasses, which look like an ordinary pissoir. There are currently 11 themed restaurants in Taiwan. The 'toilet restaurant' can also be found in popular Taipei. And recently, the first restaurant outside the country, opened in Hong Kong. All the thematic restaurants are characterized by their unique interior design. In their halls you can see a lot of original toys.
The restaurant Modern Toilet will definitely please the guests who have sense of humor. Since the opening, all original restaurants have been requested by the creative youth. From popular youth restaurants you can not always expect the 'Haute cuisine' and the faultless service. These small defects are offset by cheap prices. Many tourists visit the original restaurants instead of an excursion and order the ice as dessert, which is also characterized by very original thematic serving. ... Complete sights collection

DS Music Restaurant

From the series “The Most Exotic Restaurants in the World”
Those who love to relax in the unusual places that visit Taipei can visit the thematic restaurant DS Music. The restaurant is dedicated to medicine. At the entrance, visitors are greeted by the friendly hospital staff in white doctor coats and bonnets. The food is brought to the table on the medical carriages. The dishes are also very original - the low-alcohol spirits and the non-alcoholic drinks can be served in the drip-bottle, and the strong drinks - in the real syringes.
The real medical supplies were used in setting up the thematic restaurant. The restaurant DS Music is a must to those guests, who are not afraid and disgust of eating at the real surgical table. In the original restaurant there are no ordinary chairs, which are replaced by the sick beds and wheelchairs.
A very interesting surprise awaits the visitors, who order one of the specialties in this extravagant restaurant - the dishes are served here in the peculiar bowls that remind the real ducks. The nice waitresses in snow-white coats are probably the most attractive feature of this restaurant Taipei. They teach the visitors to use the surgical instruments instead of the ordinary eating utensils and show how to 'insert the drip bottle properly'. ... Complete sights collection

Confucius Temple Taichung

From the series “The Surviving Artifacts of the Confucian Civilization”
Unique Confucian attractions have survived on the island of Taiwan. There you can see the majestic Temple of Confucius. This religious monument has an informal name, The School Temple. Its story is very interesting. Since its opening, the temple served as a school for the local children. Amazing lectures and classes for students of different age were held there. It became the first educational institution for the children on the island. The temple was built in 1666. It took one year to construct it.
According to reports, the initiator of the construction of the temple was Cheng Ching, the son of the legendary Chinese pirate Koxinga, who became famous for his brutal conquest. The first large-scale renovation was held under the rule of the Qing dynasty in the early 18th century. Many new buildings were added and the territory was extended substantially. During the reign of the Japanese government, the temple was almost completely destroyed. Its surviving premises continued to be used as a school and, later, as military barracks.
In 1917, the building was completely renovated. Today, travelers can see it the way it was in the 17th century. Surprisingly, after hundreds of years, the ancient temple has not lost its religious significance. It continues to serve as a place for important Confucian ceremonies and rituals. The most magnificent events traditionally take place on the day of memory of Confucius, September, 28th. Many ceremonies are open, which makes them even more attractive to tourists. ... Complete sights collection

Jiufen Village

From the series “Small Flamboyant Towns Painted with Van Gogh Colors”
In Taiwan, there is the charming town of Jiufen that also conquers travelers with its incredible atmosphere. The history of this town is very interesting; it had been founded many years ago as a small settlement of gold miners. There have been several mines, in which the bulk of the population has been employed. When the gold rush was over, locals did not leave their homes. After a few years, their hometown became a thriving tourist center.
This fantastically beautiful town is located in the hills. One of its main features is a huge number of different escalators and lifts. They allow you to navigate easily throughout the town. Such lifts are one of the favorite attractions for tourists. Those who prefer active recreation would like to walk. During a stroll, you can fully enjoy the beauty of the architecture and visit many amazing places.
The first gold mines were founded in the city in 1971; today they are among the major attractions of Jiufen. A favorite pastime among tourists is walking through the narrow city streets, which are decorated with lovely lanterns. Here, at every step, you can find excellent local restaurants, traditional teahouses, great shops, and souvenir stalls. Those who decide to visit Jiufen have to consider that most tourists come to the city on weekends. Streets might be quite only in the morning on a weekday. ... Complete sights collection

Fulong Beach

From the series “Top Beaches for Surfing on Huge Waves”
Fulong is one of the largest and most attractive beaches for surfers in Taiwan. It is located near the capital. The beach is covered with soft golden sand. Several hotels and restaurants are located in the immediate vicinity. The presence of constant strong waves attracts surfers to this beach. But there are also many fans of the usual beach holiday here.
The relatively short beach period can be considered the main disadvantage of Fulong Beach. Constant rain can ruin your vacation in the summer. The water is too cold for beach activities in winter. September is considered the best time to relax on this beach. The beach was opened to tourists in 1975. Its main value was originally considered golden sand. It is very rare in Taiwan. The current of the Shuang River divides the beach into two parts – external and internal. The width of the beach has significantly decreased in recent years. This is due to the construction of a new power plant on the river.
The two parts of the beach are connected by a beautiful Rainbow Bridge. Walking on it is very popular with tourists. The Summer Festival has been held at Fulong Beach every year since 2000. It usually falls in mid-July. It lasts for at least three days. A variety of entertainment is available to the guests of the festival at this time. The entrance to the beach for adults and children is paid in time of the festival. Beach holidays are free for the rest of the year. ... Complete sights collection
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