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Taiwan offers a wide range of ​​opportunities for outdoor recreation to thousands of fans who come to the island annually. The Xinguluan and Lanyang rivers are well suited for rafting and kayaking. The beautifully arranged courses of Taiwan golf clubs await fans of golf. Cyclists can rent a bicycle and go on a captivating trip along the coastline of the island. Most of the territory of Taiwan is occupied by mountain ranges, and as a result, the island has been subsequently well developed for mountaineering. Among professional climbers, the highest peak of Eastern Asia, Yushan, and Hsuehshan Mountains, are the most popular. Amateur climbing fans should go to the mountainous area of ​​Alishan or to the peak of Tungpu. Having experienced the steep slopes yourself, you can then make a trek through windy gorges or hilly terrain not far from cities.
Taiwan is a Pacific island which is formally considered a territory of China. It opens in a whole new light to everyone who comes here. The …
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The coast of Taiwan is famous for its twenty-meter visibility through the coastal waters, which makes it one of the world famous diving centers. The most attractive places for divers are concentrated in the well-developed surroundings of the Green Island, near the underwater reef Chunglao, as well as near the eastern beaches, and in the south of Taiwan which is the territory of the Kendin National Park. The Penghu and Lanyu islands situated not far from Taiwan are also well suited for diving. The coasts of the islands have long been chosen by surfers. The surfing season lasts almost the entire year, with a break occurring only during the typhoon period. It is most convenient to conquer the waves at the rocky eastern shore. The favorite places of surfers are Wushi harbor, the beaches; Chenggong, Dock Bay, Rivermouth, Fongbin, Fulong, Queen’s Head etc. You can also not only go windsurfing here, but also fish comfortably in the surrounding of Taipei.
There are many hiking trails in Taiwan running through the most beautiful places on the island. Trekkers from around the world are attracted by the Taichung Lake, one of whose tracks can reach the Malone Mountains. The path runs past tea plantations with a stop at a research station that studies tea varieties, and ends at a meteorological station. Lovers of history should choose the favorite route of the Chinese marshal and Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek. The road goes from the Palace of Handy, along the shore of a picturesque lake surrounded by ancient forests. The shortest route is Songbolun whose length is only 600 meters. You can come in contact with the local flora and fauna on the road leading to the city of Puli. The path ends at a fishing farm. Copyright
1. The official currency of Taiwan is the Taiwanese dollar. Foreign currency is not accepted on the island. It is recommended that you convert your …
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The best form of relaxation after a busy day will be getting acquainted with the vibrant nightlife of Taiwan. Taipei is where the best night clubs are concentrated. One of the most prestigious places in the city is “Mint Lounge”, where incendiary parties are held. The nightclub “Luxy” invites those who wish to conduct intimate communication in cozy rooms. In the elegant institution “Rock Candy”, lovers are provided romantic balconies with a view of the night capital. In the club “Roxy 99”, there is on offer a rich selection of Taiwanese, Chinese and Japanese cuisine, and in the “Twins bar” you can try traditional brewed beer, rice wine or sorghum vodka. In the night club “Apocalypse Now”, you can dance all night in the Taiwanese modish atmosphere. There is also the disco-pub “TU” which entertains its guests with performances by famous DJs and popular performers. The institution “Kiss La Bocca” is an ideal place for business meetings, and tasting cocktails, while the club “Opium Den” is a favorite place for fashionable women and fashionistas.
On the other hand, those who are not used to club life can attend a night performance in one of the Capital’s theaters. There is a 24-hour bookshop on Dunhua Road where you can spend time among Taiwanese book enthusiasts or take part in literary discussions. The real nightlife of Taiwan can be experienced in local night markets, which open from four o’clock in the afternoon and operates until the last customer is attended to. The Capital night markets such as Shilin, Huaxi, Yansan and others, are all about souvenirs, national cuisine, music, and colorful colors. Another nightlife center on the island is Kaohsiung, where you can safely take night walks. In the city is situated one of the most colorful night markets of Taiwan, Liuhe, which comes alive with the onset of darkness. You will find in over a hundred stalls, traditional Taiwanese snacks and drinks. Here, you can also try papaya milk or steam shrimps.
Traveling to Taiwan is a great opportunity to spend a vacation together with children. The unique nature, original culture of the island, the …
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Taichung’s nightlife offers numerous 24-hour restaurants, bars, and discos. The top rated clubs of the city; “Spin”, “Show House”, and “Amanking”, offer visitors a variety of musical repertoire, a wide range of drinks, and other prospects for recreation. In Taichung, you will find the largest night market in Taiwan “Fengjia” (it resembles an anthill in the dark). The longest queues in the market lead right to the stalls with street food. You will find dishes such as omelet with oysters, sausages in rice dough, fried octopuses and tofu, a famous tea with bubbles, among others. Fengjia occupies a whole block, and it will take at least two nights to completely navigate through it.
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Unique attractions in Taiwan

Hsuehshan tunnel

From the series “The Greatest Tunnels in the World”
The famous Hsuehshan tunnel or Snow Mountain is cut through the mountain range in Taiwan. The tunnel was opened to the public in 2006. It connects the city of Taipei and the popular tourist area - the Yilan valley. Yilan valley is the focus of the most interesting natural and historical sights that are visited by thousands of tourists every day.

Hsuehshan tunnel is 12900 metres long. It has been laid under the massive mountain range, thus, travel time to the picturesque valley was shortened to 40 minutes. Earlier it took travellers at least two hours to cover the dangerous mountain roads. With the opening of the tunnel a number of prominent region’s attractions has become more accessible. The construction of the Hsuehshan took more than 15 years to complete, considering the complex … Read all

San Zhi

From the series “The Most Impressive Abandoned Cities on the Planet”
Sanzhi is one of the most amazing and unusual ghost towns in the world. It is not exactly an abandoned one in every sense. The thing is that people never lived there. There is one peculiarity about Sanzhi: its main buildings are unusual roundish futuristic houses with huge panoramic windows.

A few years ago they were constructed for the sole purpose of selling them to wealthy people. There were plans to build an elite town of closed type where outsiders are forbidden to enter. But the plans never got very far due to a series of accidents causing loss of people’s lives. The project was abandoned and the organizers were quick to suspend the construction work and leave the unfavourable area. And now superstitious local residents fear to enter the territory of the deserted town.

They … Read all
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