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Tourists will discover ancient fortresses and museums, modern sky-scrapers and exhibition centers among numerous sites and landmarks of Riyadh. The Diraya district is a recommended starting point of the city exploration for tourists providing the best chance to learn its history, traditions and customs. The first capital of the country was found on the territory of the modern Saudi Arabia capital in the middle of the 15th century. The prosperous city with numerous majestic palaces and mosques was destroyed in a war on Turkey. Today archeologists are still working the area and restoring the ancient buildings. Archeological ground is open for public being one of the most popular leisure activities among foreign guests. The Al Masmak fort is a remarkable site of the city, it was built in 1865. It has been well preserved till present days. The grand building of the fort still impresses its visitors, the height of the fort tower is 18 meters. Tourists have an opportunity to walk along the fort halls and get up to its observation tower providing a breath taking panoramic view of the city. The heritage center is hosted in the halls of the fort, inviting tourists to explore priceless historical artifacts. The Er-Riyad Museum is a remarkable cultural object. One of its halls keeps a wide collection of archeological artifacts, some of them date back to the Bronze Age. The ethnographic hall performs a collection of cultic attributes, weapons and custom things. The hall of Islamic … Read further

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Attractions and active leisure

Among the most remarkable shopping centers the Kingdom Centre is in the focus of local residents and city guests. The center is hosted in the same name sky-scrapper. Tourists can spend the whole day wandering through endless halls of the center and enjoying bright shop windows. Apart from shops and boutiques the center also features several upscale restaurants and cafes and a big observation platform. The Granada … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

The city of Riyadh boasts restaurants, cafes and bars of different trends. Eating houses of the ethnic cuisine are the most in demand among travelers. Apart from upscale restaurants city guests can opt for cozy bars and budgetary cafes. The best place for a family visit is the Bateel café being noted for a great assortment of treats and its cozy friendly atmosphere. Original oriental coffee addicts and sweets … Open

Traditions and mentality of Riyadh

Commonly guests are received in a male part of the house. Each house is equipped with a special room for guests. Being about to pay a visit to new friends, tourists should be backed up with small presents for house master and his children. The act will be highly estimated. Another peculiar feature of the ceremony of guests taking for tourists to keep in mind is coffee drinking as any visit, any celebration and any … Open

Travel guide to Riyadh

Modern buildings are also of great interest to tourists. In Riyadh is located one of the highest skyscrapers of Saudi Arabia - Al-Faisal. It's of unusual pyramidal shape. The skyscraper was completed in 2000, its height is 267 meters. The ground part of the tower has 30 floors, another 14 floors are underground. Nowadays, popular hotels occupy a high-rise building. At the very top in a spherical construction, is … Open

Advices for travellers

3. An optimum way to pay for goods and services is national currency. Every bank, private exchange office and ATM renders a currency exchange service. Special automated machines are set all over the city. Tourists will find ATMs close to financial institutions as well as in big shopping centers. 4. Shopaholics should keep in mind that at the weekend the shops are heavily overcrowded. Weekdays are the … Open

Cultural excursion through Riyadh - things to see

The hall of Islamic architecture represents one of the most unusual collections, visitors will not be enough a whole day to explore all the showpieces of this scale museum. Among other sites of Riyadh tourists will find lots of monuments of modern architecture. One of the highest buildings in the country is a 47-story sky-scrapper named Kingdom Centre, overlooking the city and being visible from almost every city … Open

Nature and parks of Saudi Arabia

Wadi Turabah Nature is located 150 kilometers south of Ta’if in the Mecca region. Granite rocks up to 1000 meters above sea level and wadis make up most of the territory. The rocks are overgrown with juniper. Ficus and Ziziphus jujuba grow near the wadi. Hamadryas baboon and large predators such as wolves, foxes, and caracals are found on the territory. Endemic fish are found in rivers. Many species of birds live in the reserve. These are the Philby's partridge, Arabian partridge, the Arabian woodpecker, Tristram's starling, Verreaux's eagle, and others. Black storks winter in the reserve. This is the only place where hamerkops nest. … Open

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