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Ankara Turkey has always been a popular destination for travelers with children. However, internationally famous Turkish “all-inclusive” hotels with various shows of animators and other entertainments for visitors of all ages, children included, are not everything that the country can offer. Besides this, Turkey has numerous aqua parks, oceanariums, zoos, dino parks, and special museums for kids. Of course, vacationers can always try such activities as diving, rafting or jeep safari. These exciting activities will please both children and their parents.
It is hard to impress vacationers in Turkey with unusual or unique hotels. The country has a well-developed hospitality industry, from many budget and …
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The underwater world has always lured humans. Children find it particularly interesting, so they will be happy to visit the oceanarium in Antalya and learn many interesting facts. The building of the oceanarium in the shape of a sea wave is impossible not to notice. The venue has many landmarks, including a 131-meter-long tunnel that is considered one of the longest in the world. All aquariums have an original design. At the bottom, visitors will see sunken ships, different statues, treasures, and even an airplane. Information plates attached to the aquariums provide interesting information about creatures that live there. Every day, specially trained divers offer a true show – shark feeding. In order to remember a visit to this wonderful place, don’t forget to visit the oceanarium’s shop that offers memorable souvenirs, magnets, figurines, and more.
A visit to the zoo in Bursa, the fourth largest city in the country, simply can leave neither children nor adults indifferent. In the zoo, which occupies an area of 200 square kilometers, there are many spacious caged areas. Visitors are welcome to get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the African continent. The area close to water reservoirs has become home to flamingos, swans, pelicans, and other birds. Even monkeys have their own lake in this zoo. There are also lions, ostriches, leopards, and zebras. In the area that precisely recreates a national farm, visitors can see camels, llamas, wolves, cows, sheep, goats, and other domestic animals. Having seen all animals, children can play in a playground that has an interesting labyrinth, a slide shaped like a giraffe, and numerous swings. Copyright
Bays with clear blue water, fabulous 5-star hotels, the coastline of amazing beauty, and thousands of ancient relics – Turkey has all of these. …
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Dinopark in the resort city of Kemer has become a “must visit” destination for tourists with children. Kids are particularly excited to visit this museum because they are allowed to saddle up a dinosaur and take pictures with it. In the dino park, there are 28 precise statues of dinosaurs in their natural size. They can open their mouth, move paws, and roar. By far, the statue of a dinosaur with its baby on the back is the most popular exhibit. Kids can also play in a special sandy area where they participate in paleontological excavations. Finally, the dino park has various amusements, a planetarium, and a 7D cinema.
Antalya - Miracle Resort Turkey is a country with a hot climate, and that is true. Because of this, it is even more pleasant to visit Snowpark in Istanbul. Guests of the park have an opportunity to enter a true winter fairytale even when it is +40 - 50°C outside! The area of 4,500 square kilometers is covered with snow piles. Children and their parents can enjoy snowboarding, skiing or explore the skating rink. Kids are usually in love with tubing. The park has all inventory and gear, so visitors can rent all they need. There are not that many places in the world where people can enjoy winter sports in the middle of a hot summer!
Turkey is a country of contrasts, a place where ancient landmarks meet golden beaches. Old bazaars hide many luxurious boutiques. Luxury hotels in …
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An exciting excursion in the Maritime Museum of Istanbul will help kids to learn more about the history of the Turkish navy. The majority of exhibits are stored in the three-story building. There is a gallery with models of Turkish ships of different epochs. Don’t forget to check the collection of weaponry that includes cannons, knives, daggers, dirks, sabers, and pistols. The exhibition also features uniforms and flags of the Turkish navy. In a separate hall dedicated to Ataturk, visitors can see copies of his Savarona yacht’s cabins and a model of Hamidiye cruiser. There is a park near the museum, in which visitors can see large sea weaponry. Hayreddin Barbarossa, famous Ottoman admiral, is buried in a park nearby.
The Istanbul Toy Museum will let adults feel like children again, and children can learn more about toys of different epochs. A visit to this small world of never-ending childhood will surely be a nice bonus to vacation in Turkey. The museum was founded by the famous Turkish collector, Sunay Akın. The 500-square-meter-large gallery exhibits a collection of almost 4,000 different toys. The oldest toy is more than two centuries old. In the museum, there are such thematic halls as toy railroad hall, doll hall, and dollhouse hall. Some exhibitions are dedicated to certain types of toys: marine, space, and historical. Barbie doll has a separate hall as well. Every week, the Istanbul Toy Museum hosts puppet shows and interesting master classes for children.
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Map of all zoos
Zoos and gardens in Turkey
♥   Zoo 'Ankara Zoo' Ankara. On the map   Photos
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Water attractions in Turkey
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Amusement parks in Turkey
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Aquariums in Turkey
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Pictureque places in Turkey

Istanbul Cevahir

From the series “12 Largest Shopping Centers Worldwide”
The place that you must visit in Istanbul is the "Istanbul Cevahir", that was built in 2005. On the four out of six stores over 350 shops have located. Other stores are full of restaurants, entertainment stores, cafes. A lot of shops are oriented on the visitors with children. There is a children's theatre for kids and different rides and playgrounds.

Furthermore, the huge cinema and bowling center was opened in the mall. That’s why every visitor will find something by his preference. The most unusual place in the shopping mall is the skate park. Fans of rollers can ride on special grounds of different difficulty level. All the equipment for leisure can be rent in the entertainment center.

The "Istanbul Cevahir" is the best place for relaxing romantic events. On the six store there … Read all

Sultanahmet Camii

From the series “Top Surviving Artifacts of Muslim Civilization”
Blue Mosque or the Sultan Ahmed Mosque is one of the most important sights of Istanbul and the greatest religious landmark of the world. In this mosque there are six minarets, it is located in the heart of the historical district of Istanbul, next to the other landmarks. The construction of the mosque lasted from 1609 to 1616, the height of its dome is 43 meters, at a time 10 000 people can stay within the walls of the mosque.

The mosque was built by order of Sultan Ahmed I, who suffered several military defeats and wanted to propitiate Allah in that way. When the construction of the mosque began, the Sultan was only 19 years old, during the construction he never won a major military victory, the money for the construction of the mosque sultan had to sacrifice from his own treasury. The … Read all
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