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Antalya - Miracle Resort It took centuries to form the national cuisine of Turkey. For more than 500 years, the Ottoman Empire was involved in different wars that expanded its territory and assimilated peoples. This has led to the creation of a multifaceted mix of the most delicious dishes from Caucasian, Mediterranean, Arabian, and Balkan cuisines. Having adopted recipes of different nations and adjusted them in accordance with local tastes, most common ingredients, and cooking methods, Turkish cuisine has become one of the most popular, delicious, and widespread cuisines in the world. No one will stay hungry here – neither adherents of traditional eating nor vegetarians.
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The geographic position and hot climate have certainly shaped the recipes and serving methods of many Turkish dishes. It is not hard to notice the influence of Arabian cuisine in the rich choice of spices used and in the sweetness and a special flavor of local desserts. Many dishes are cooked on the open fire right before serving. Local chefs do not overuse spices – they only add them to enhance the original taste of ingredients. Local cuisine is very diverse thanks to the richness of the country’s lands and coastal waters. Religion has also imposed some restrictions on the choice of products – pork is not consumed here, but locals like and eat lamb, vegetables, and seafood.
All kinds of Kebabs, Pilaf, Dolma, Borek, Gozleme, multiple unique types of cheese, and, of course, various pastries (Baklava, Locum, Pismaniye) are very popular with both locals and tourists. Vegetable salads dressed with yogurt occupy a special place in the national cuisine. Bread is essential in Turkey. It is consumed only while it is fresh, and every region of the country bakes its own bread in accordance with special recipes. Finally, it would be a mistake to fail to mention gorgeous Turkish coffee, but local people also drink very sweet tea and doogh. If you want to try local alcohol, start with Raki. This is anise vodka that is distilled to roughly 70% abv, so it is traditionally diluted with water before drinking. Whether it is a festive meal or an ordinary breakfast, Turkish people like having many dishes on the table. A mere lunch can easily turn into a ritual with serving and talking playing a very important role. Here are some of the most popular dishes in Turkey. Copyright
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Gozleme is a traditional Turkish flatbread that can be often stuffed with potato, minced meat, or cheese with greens. People who like quick meal will particularly like Gozleme. By the way, Turkey is one of the countries that have delicious street food that is safe to eat. Simit is a crispy bagel with sesame. It is the most popular baked product that is widely available in the country. Local people usually eat it with sweet tea.
Pita is a round-shaped flatbread that is most frequently soaked in sauce and eaten while it is hot. Sauces for bread usually contain yogurt, greens, lemon, pepper, and other ingredients. Lentils cream soup is very easy to cook, and it is sold virtually everywhere – from modest cafes in bazaars to expensive restaurants. Chili pepper, lemon juice, and mint add a special flavor to Pita.
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Kebab is a popular meat dish that can be cooked in a number of ways. Quite often, this is meat that is roasted on a rack, sliced into thin pieces, and then served in flatbread together with vegetables and sauces. Shish-kebab is meat with vegetables grilled on skewers and then served with various sauces. Sujuk is a very well dried sausage with such spices as chili pepper, cardamom, garlic, and nutmeg. Dolma is another popular dish that contains ground meat cooked in grape leaves. Mutton is the most popular choice for Dolma. Baklava is a popular dessert pastry that is made from thin, almost transparent layers of filo dough, different types of nuts, and honey syrup.
The bulk of the massive New Mosque in Istanbul Besides the traditionally rich choice of national dishes, Turkish cuisine is famous for a rich choice of fruit and vegetables. Adding pesticides when growing fruits and vegetables is prohibited by the country’s law, so tourists can be sure that all local products are of high quality. And, of course, there are certain fruits and vegetables that are available only during certain seasons. Local shops offer a decent choice of products, but local bazaars are far more superior. They offer ripe, fresh, and finest fruits and vegetables. Moreover, visitors can bargain.
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Meat is, of course, the central dish on a festive table in Turkey. However, to try it, you will need to eat many dishes that are served before it. Drinks and meze (cold and hot appetizers), various salads, and, of course, bread are served first. Restaurants usually serve a whole basket with many different types of bread. This is only the beginning. Local creamy soups are very delicious, but they are usually not very nourishing, so locals consider them one more step towards the main dish. Only now it is time to serve pilaf, seafood dishes or kebab. Every region of the country, as well as many cooks, claims that only they know the right way to cook kebab. No matter what they say, kebab meat is grilled meat, and this is incredibly delicious meat. After that, it is time to serve Turkish sweets and coffee. Dining is not a fast process here, so people enjoy communicating meanwhile.
Tourists who choose Turkey as their vacation destination do not need to worry about limitations that exist in Turkish cuisine. These limitations do not concern restaurants and hotels for foreigners. Moreover, local hotels offer food that is adapted for European guests. When traveling in the country and staying in places outside tourist areas, vacationers can try authentic local cuisine. As a rule, hosts of small authentic cafes treat visitors to a free dessert or watermelon to thank for choosing their venues.
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