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The first town on the area of modern Marmaris was established far back in ancient times. The name of the ancient town was Physkos. Nowadays the territory of Marmaris features a small part of the ancient settlement preserved on the top of the hill. It is considered the oldest district of the modern city and bears the name of Ashartepe. For many years the area has been explored by archeologists. Today all the city visitors may get to the top of the hill and explore the inestimable antique monuments as well as enjoy a breath taking panoramic view over the city.
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The most significant landmark of the Marmaris city is considered to be an ancient fortress which was erected in the period of the Ottoman Empire. The massive fortifying construction with stone towers is perfectly preserved till nowadays. At present the fortress hosts two museums: one of Archeology and another one of History.
The same significant sight of the city is the Bedesten (the Bedestan) being a covered market aged more than five hundred years. Long ago the market turned from a place of trading into a historical landmark. Many travelers visit the market as a real museum. Another remarkable architectural landmark of the Ottoman Empire period is caravanserai which was built in the middle of the 16th century and was initially meant for ottoman warriors. Copyright
The impressive building is surrounded with graceful arches. Today all 7 halls of the ancient building are occupied with souvenir shops. The Ibrahim Mosque is a landmark of a later period. Its construction was finished in 1789. The mosque is placed not far from the market and the city visitors should undoubtedly pay a visit to this majestic building and explore the interior decoration of this unique landmark. Among other sightseeing spots the Aqueduct and the Tashan inn are worthy of noticing and visit. Both constructions were erected in the second half of the 16th century.
Marmaris One of the most mystique spots of the Marmaris is the Sariana prophet sepulcher. She lived in the 17 century and was known for her prophesies. This landmark is the main issue of many stories and legends. Many women visit the Sariana sepulcher to ask an advice. The sightseeing tour should definitely be laid through the Cleopatra Island. The area is known for its unique natural attractions and will be of great interest for eco tourists.
Marmaris attracts shoppers with its lively markets and shopping centres. Popular Carsi market is located not far from the old fortress. Walking through its shopping malls, you can find the … Open
So, one of the attractions of this kind is the reserve Günnücek “Marmaris Milli Parkı”, the picturesque expanses of which are amazing. The resort town is located in a hilly area, so you should definitely wander through the Park as part of a tour, enjoying magnificent green landscapes. A walk through the park Atatürk Parkı, which is famous for its beautiful views, waterfowl pond with water lilies, as well as tropical plants which have an incredibly fragrant smell. It is an amazing place that you should definitely visit with young tourists, they will definitely appreciate this pastime.
Marmaris It is worth noting that much is dedicated to Kemal Ataturk in Marmaris — this monument is a real work of art, and the Park already mentioned, and the streets and avenues are named in his honour. There is a magnificent fountain, not far from the monument to the first President of Turkey, which is beautifully illuminated in the evening and it is moving, creating stunning turns. All this is accompanied by music, which creates the feeling that the fountain is also singing. Such a colourful spectacle will certainly appeal to all guests of the city. There is another attraction of the city on the other side of the fountain that attracts many tourists-the shopping district.
Marmaris is a city located in the world's largest harbor. This is a place on the south-western side of Turkey where meet the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. Marmaris is a famous Turkish … Open
There is another monument of ancient culture in the vicinity of the resort town — the ancient city Amos (or rather, its ruins). The road to the town, though extremely picturesque, is still quite difficult, which deters many tourists. Nevertheless, the place is perfect for those who want to spend time alone and enjoy the contemplation of historically important monuments. Built by natives of Rhodes around the 7th century BC, Amos was abandoned during the period of Roman rule. Nowadays, there are left town walls, towers and gates. Inside the town fortifications, you can see the remains of the theatre, the altar of Dionysus, the temple of Apollo, and if you walk on the Northern slope, you can see the ruins of the necropolis.
No less interesting is the ancient town Kavn, which can also be found in the vicinity of Marmaris. The town was founded in X or XII century BC by the son of Miletus Kavnus, who, according to ancient Greek myths, fled here, rejecting the love of his sister Lydia. Kavn was conquered in the 540s ad by the Persians. From this moment begins another history of the town. Just like the ancient town Amos, Kavn is not a crowded tourist destination, but you should definitely spend some time here. The main attractions remaining from the ancient city are the Acropolis of Impbros, the fortress of Heraclion, the shipyards, the well-preserved amphitheatre (which, incidentally, sometimes hosts colourful events and holidays), the Agora, temples, Roman baths, as well as the ruins of a Byzantine Basilica with large mosaic fragments.
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Interesting museums are also found in Marmaris. One of them is the Museum of beekeeping “Marmaris Bal Evi”, here you can learn about the local traditional craft. Among the exhibits are presented tools used in beekeeping. At the exit of the cultural institution, you can find a shop where you can buy honey, honeycomb and cosmetics based on it. Kapurcuk Kultur ve Gastronomi Evi Museum is the best place to get acquainted with the traditional way of life of local residents. Its collection includes costumes, household items, textiles, furniture, and jewellery. There is a place in Marmaris dedicated to art, and its connoisseurs will appreciate the art gallery Mona Titti with a beautiful collection of collected paintings and hand-made items.
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