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Manavgat will be a great place to explore the traditions of Turkish cuisine, attractive eateries and restaurants in the city can be found at every turn. Most of them have affordable prices that will please budget travellers. In Manavgat, restaurants are widely spread, they serve wonderful grilled meat, and many eateries specialize in coking traditional pastries. Trout is considered to be the main gastronomic symbol of the resort. Local fishermen catch it in the river. There are also many attractive restaurants on the banks of the river, it is best to try fresh trout in them. Fish cooks often cook on the grill, and in more refined restaurants they sometimes bake fish in the oven.
The main entertainment for the guests of Manavgat is hiking, where you can admire the main attractions of the city. Manavgat is famous for its unique landscape design, there are attractive … Open
The traditional cuisine of Manavgat is very diverse, both those who prefer sea delicacies and those who can not imagine a meal without hearty meat dishes will be able to choose excellent dishes here. An important part of the traditional menu is the first dishes, here they cook wonderful meat and vegetable soups. Be sure to try the traditional lentil soup, which according to the classic recipe is always seasoned with pepper. Milk and meat soups in Manavgat are prepared in dozens of different ways, each chef has his own unique recipes of the first dishes.
Everyday food for the locals is kebabs, which can be tasted not only in local restaurants and cafes but also in small street tents. Kebab is usually wrapped in pita bread with fresh vegetables and various sauces. There are several hundreds of methods of cooking this dish. Those who like meat delicacies will have the opportunity to try the original and dried sausages, locals continue to prepare them for hundreds of years. Copyright
1. Shoppers in Manavgat can easily pay in dollars and euros, it is not necessary to exchange them to the national currency. It is important to note that local markets accept cash only. … Open
You can try the traditional sausage "sujuk", which is cooked from selected lamb in restaurants and gastronomic markets. The method of cooking sausages is very interesting and remains unchanged for many centuries. This type of sausage is not boiled, smoked or fried, it is simply dried in the open air. The sausages are stuffed with a lot of fragrant spices, so the taste of this delicacy is very rich. Sweet teeth should definitely try jam in Manavgat, it can be served as an independent dessert, and as a supplement to popular sweets. Small jars of homemade jam can be bought at local grocery stores or at the market.
Manavgat One of the most popular cafes in the city is Selale, it is remarkable for its unusual location. The cafe is located directly above the waterfall, in the immediate vicinity of the bustling water. Its visitors can be accommodated in a cosy hall or on the outdoor terrace, the cafe specializes in the cooking of Turkish and international cuisine. Here you can taste the region's popular trout dishes, enjoy fresh vegetable salads and try seafood specialities. The cafe is popular with those who want to spend a wonderful evening in a romantic setting.
Ocakbasi restaurant is very popular among gourmets, here you can taste the best dishes of Turkish, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. People who love meat dishes will appreciate the variety of delicacies cooked on the barbecue, and vegetarians will be offered to try dishes from fresh vegetables and beans. The restaurant serves wonderful dishes from the sea in a Mediterranean style, a rich selection of wines is a pleasant addition to the meal.
If you want to relax in a refined atmosphere, be sure to visit the restaurant ELIA, it is located near the ruins of the temple of Apollo. The restaurant is especially popular with people who like seafood, its chefs skillfully cook shrimp, and also offer visitors specialities from sea bass. Among the meat dishes, it is especially worth highlighting the grilled steaks. In addition to delicious dishes, visitors are offered beer of their own production.
Manavgat is not a classic city for shopping, it is not characterized by a variety of large shopping centres and exclusive shops. However, fans of shopping will not be bored here, they should … Open
Serenade restaurant invites guests to spend time in a relaxed atmosphere. Palatable dishes will please all family members, children are offered wonderful dishes of chicken and turkey, which are served with a minimum of spices. The restaurant also serves a variety of kebabs and grilled steaks, Mediterranean-style seafood dishes and a variety of vegetable salads. If you are keen on exotic dishes, you will have the opportunity to try original culinary masterpieces in the Mexican style.
Chantiers navals de Manavgat (Turquie) It is important to mention Star restaurant, which menu includes common dishes of Turkish, Indian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. In addition to traditional steaks with vegetable side dishes, sea bream and oysters are expertly cooked here.
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