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2014-10-14_Canon_020694 The main entertainment for the guests of Manavgat is hiking, where you can admire the main attractions of the city. Manavgat is famous for its unique landscape design, there are attractive parks and squares in different parts of the city. There is a small private zoo in the heart of the city, which will be interesting for tourists with children and all naturalists. There are typical representatives of the local fauna in the zoo: peacocks, iguanas, turkeys and other wildlife species. Visitors are allowed to pat and touch many inhabitants of the zoo, there is a special enclosure with pigs and lambs, which all visitors can enter. The zoo is quite small, but it has an interesting design. There are several playgrounds for children on its territory, as well as recreation areas with benches.
Manavgat is a city located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the delta of the Manavgat River. This place is known for a large number of amazing waterfalls. The city lies at the foot … Open
There is a large amusement park Discovery in the vicinity of Manavgat, it became famous thanks to the huge figures of prehistoric animals installed on its territory. In total, there are more than 40 models of dinosaurs, almost all of them are interactive. The park occupies a huge territory, where hundreds of trees and ornamental plants are planted. Exciting excursions are organized here for tourists, where you will get a lot of new information about prehistoric animals. In addition to the figures of dinosaurs, there are many attractions, playgrounds and recreation areas with pavilions and benches in the park. There is also a mini-zoo, the main inhabitants of which are typical local pets.
The surrounding area of Manavgat is rich in natural attractions, there are many exciting routes for hiking. Naturalists will be interested to visit Green Canyon, the so-called beautiful reservoir, which is located at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level. It is located in an incredibly beautiful mountainous area, all sides of the reservoir are surrounded by dense forests. Travellers need to climb a complex mountain serpentine to see an artificial pond with emerald-coloured water. There are rare species of animals and birds in this area which can be seen during the walk. At the reservoir, tourists are also offered interesting entertainment, they can ride on a yacht and admire the surrounding natural scenery from the water. Some areas of the reservoir are great for swimming in summer. Copyright
Manavgat is a great place for a family holiday. There are many historical and cultural attractions in the city and in the surrounding area leftover from ancient times - these are the Greek … Open
The city Manavgat was named after the river flowing through its territory, the channel is in the immediate vicinity of the city forms an incredibly beautiful waterfall. It is considered to be one of the most picturesque in Turkey, the height of this waterfall is only 4 meters. On a sunny day, the water flow falling from the threshold shimmers with all the colours of the rainbow, in contrast to the height, the width of the waterfall is quite impressive and is about 40 meters. There are equipped comfortable viewing platforms near the waterfall, and even several popular hiking trails are located here.
Nature There is another interesting natural attraction six kilometres from the city - lake Titreyengol. In recent years, the beautiful fresh lake has become a popular holiday destination, there are several organized beaches, restaurants and cafes on its shores. There is a park with groomed walking paths on the shores of the lake, there are sports grounds and a lot of free space for active pastime.
Manavgat will be a great place to explore the traditions of Turkish cuisine, attractive eateries and restaurants in the city can be found at every turn. Most of them have affordable prices … Open
Those who love water activities will be interested to visit Nashira Water Park located in the vicinity of the city. It is located on the territory of one of the major hotels, all visitors can use the services of the Water Park for an additional fee. It offers visitors a large selection of swimming pools, among which there are special for young children. There are colourful slides of different difficulty levels In the water park, as well as spacious terraces for sunbathing. Since the water park is open, you can visit it during the summer season.
Those who are keen on extreme sports will have the opportunity to visit Oymapinar dam, which is located on the territory of the main local reservoir. This dam has long been chosen by fans of bungee jumping, and also hikers love to spend time here. The dam has an excellent viewing platform, which offers a gorgeous view of the emerald reservoir and the surrounding mountain scenery. A great place where you can spend time is the embankment of Manavgat, where the most popular restaurants, nightclubs and bars are located. Here you can relax and enjoy the panorama of the river until late at night.
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♥   Water park 'Troy Aqua Park' Belek, Antalya, 31 km from the center. On the map   Photo

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