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Visit the Observation Platform of the Temple Wat Tham Suea (the Tiger Cave Temple)

There is a cave in the forest 3 kilometers north of Krabi. The Wat Tham Suea Buddhist temple is located in it. You can enter it for free. But it is better to leave 20 baht in the donation box. There is a viewing platform on the second floor. You will go up to it by a staircase consisting of 1237 steps. Some of them are located almost vertically. Therefore, the ascent will be quite difficult.
In the province of Krabi, interesting shops can be found literally at every step. The city of Ao Nang has many shops aimed at fans of chic outfits. For example, the famous fashion shop Andy … Open
It's hot here. Therefore, do not forget to bring a bottle of water, which you will drink while relaxing on the equipped platforms. You will see the statue of Buddha and admire the panorama of rubber thickets, mountain ranges, and beaches with snow-white sand all the way. It is better to start climbing to the observation platform early in the morning. There is no extreme heat and monkeys that will interfere with you after 10 o'clock in the morning, getting into your bag or pockets.

Observation Deck Tab Kak Hang Nak

There is a mountain range Tab Kak Hang Nak on the coast in the western part of Krabi. The observation platform with the same name is located at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level here. You can climb it on a 5-kilometer trail. The road up the mountain takes 3 hours. You will descend from it in just 1.5 hours. You will admire the amazing landscape when you get to the site. It is especially beautiful at dawn and sunset. There is also a small glade and a fire pit near it. You will be able to put up a tent and spend the night there. You must make the ascent before 4 pm in this case. Don't forget to bring water and food. Copyright
Krabi is one of the most beautiful provinces of the Southern Thailand, which is located near the border with Malasia on the coast of Indian Ocean. This is the youngest tourist destination of … Open

Trip on a Horse to the Beautiful Places of Krabi

You should rent a horse to enjoy the beauty of Krabi. You should contact the local equestrian club for this. It is located between the Circle Inn Ao Nam Mao Beach and Shelly Beach. You will take a fascinating walk along the coast or around the town while sitting on a horse. If you choose the first option of the trip you will pay 800 baht for renting a horse. If you prefer the second option the price will depend on the route of the trip and its duration. But the most beautiful views are waiting for you at sunset.
Krabi You will hire a guide if necessary. He will show you the most interesting places in Krabi. The guide will also tell you about local attractions, traditions, and historical events. The staff of the equestrian club will also offer you to go on a tour. It will last for half a day. The tour costs 2 thousand baht. You will visit a beach, a suburb, and a farm where fish are bred.
Family holidays on the Krabi Island should not be limited to beach activities alone. You should definitely visit the entertainment center, Poppy’s Minigolf & Kebab Café with children. … Open

Kayak or Canoe Trips

You should explore the most picturesque places of Krabi by taking a trip on the water. You can rent a kayak or canoe on any of the town's beaches or from travel agencies. They are opened in hotels located on the coast. You will pay 100-300 baht for 1 hour of rent. You can make a trip on the canals in the Than Bok Khorani National Park.
Buddha hill-top shrine in Krabi You will see mangroves and several caves once you are here. Ancient paintings have been preserved on caves’ walls. You will also reach Ao Phang Nga National Park. Panak Island especially deserves your attention among its islands. There are 9 beautiful lagoons on it. You will also visit the picturesque lagoon. It is located in the central part of Hong Island. Rocks surround it. You will not be able to reach it on foot because of this.
Local cuisine has an abundance of original dishes. Those who prefer hot and spicy food would enjoy a vacation in restaurants of Krabi. The abundance of spices and herbs is one of the main … Open

Krabi Kart Center Racing Track

You should visit the Krabi Kart center. There is a race track here. It is open from 9:30 to 19:00 every day. You will rent a single or double kart and choose the route based on your experience of karting. There are straight sections of the road. They will suit you if you are a novice racer. There are also winding trails. They will suit you if you are a professional. You will pay from 800 to 1200 baht. You will get behind the wheel of the kart and make a race on the track, developing a speed of 70-90 kilometers per hour. But you will put on a helmet and gloves before that. You will not be allowed on the track without such equipment. You can also practice paintball in Krabi Kart. You will pay 800 baht for 50 balls of paint.
Phuket, Thailand

Rock Climbing

There are many high cliffs in Krabi. Professional instructors work here. If you hire one of them you will be trained for 3-5 days. He will show you how to use safety equipment and tie knots. The instructor will prepare you for an independent route on the rock. You will choose it if you purchase a travel guide. Pay attention to the rocks of Tonsai Beach. You will get here by boat or a fast boat. You will pay from 100 to 150 baht. You will apply your climbing skills here.
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