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Krabi Besides beautiful beaches and clear sea, Krabi has to offer its guests a lot of interesting places to walk. You should definitely include in the excursion a visit to natural attractions, ancient caves and historical sites. The Tiger Cave Temple is considered an important symbol of Krabi. It has received its name because of the unusual shape of the stone located at the entrance. With its shape it resembles a tiger's claw; the cave is located at the foot of a high hill.
Locals feature a friendly and welcoming attitude to people of another culture; foreigners are treated with interest and respect. Residents of Krabi are very laid back and relaxed people; … Open
Not far from it the stairway is located, on which everyone can climb to the top of the hill and appreciate the panorama of the island. The stairway has 1237 steps, so climbing will be a good exercise for the curious traveler. On the island archaeological excavations were held for many years. During that time scientists have found a number of unique artifacts. You can see those archaeological findings in the Wat Klong Thom Museum; among exhibits presented here, there are collections of glassware, antique coins and jewelry.
On the grounds of a beautiful rainforest, beyond the mountains, there is Tham Chao Le cave. In addition to the incredible beauty of stalactites and stalagmites, tour participants will be able to see rock carvings dating back thousands of years. It is always worth a visit the ‘diamond’ Tham Phet cave. Interior walls of the cave are covered with special stones that shine in the sun like real diamonds. This cave can be called the most unusual and beautiful on the island. Copyright
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A famous tourist attraction is the Than Bok Khorani park. The territory of the national park also houses some beautiful caves and magnificent Emerald Pool. The pool has a natural origin, it is filled with water of beautiful green hue. It changes color depending on the time of day. To enjoy the emerald glow, you need to come to the pool at dawn. There is also the blue lake in the park. It is quite shallow, so you can see a geyser at the bottom. Among other natural attractions, the Ron Khlong Thom waterfall should be mentioned. Here the water temperature reaches about 50 degrees Celsius; the slope of the waterfall is specially equipped to take water treatments.
Krabi Despite the fact that the name of the city has nothing to do with crabs, walking on it, you can find a magnificent sculpture depicting three crustaceans worshiping another huge crab. It was built inspired by Aesop's fable "The Crab and His Mom." Today, the sculpture is considered a symbol of the city, its image can be seen on postcards and postage stamps. It is believed that rubbing a coin on a monument brings good luck in all things. And this is true - be sure to perform the above actions to check. The city has some other interesting sculptures. The most famous after the aforementioned one is a memorial in honor of the tsunami victims.
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Several beautiful religious monuments can be found in the city. First of all, it is worth noting the Buddhist temple Wat Kaew Ko Wararam striking with its snow-white splendor. A beautiful snow-white staircase with golden railings with sculptures depicting nagas leads to the shrine, and inside you can find a wonderful statue of Buddha seated in the lotus position. It is also worth taking a stroll through the picturesque courtyard where sculptures of elephants and tigers can be seen. From afar, the building looks very majestic, attracting every guest of the city. Even more impressive views can be enjoyed from the stairs. As for its construction, the building was erected in 1887 on the site of a former monastery with several monks cells.
Buddha hill-top shrine in Krabi Another Buddhist temple called Kwam Im is located in close proximity to the Tiger Cave Temple. A typical Buddhist shrine with a corresponding interior and exterior - this is what appears before the eyes of visitors. No less remarkable is Ao Nang Mosque, not least because it is the only Muslim shrine in Krabi. It is beautiful in terms of architecture, which attracts any tourist. The building is beautifully illuminated at night, therefore, in order to get an unforgettable aesthetic pleasure, it's recommended to visit the mosque after dusk. Not only Muslims can get inside (as is typical for Islamic temples), so tourists can admire not only the magnificent exterior of the shrine but also its elegant interior.
The city also has a Catholic church - St Agnes Catholic Church. The church is not large but decorated in quite an unusual style - both outside and inside. Such a unique church cannot be found anywhere else - and this is precisely what attracts many tourists. Another peculiarity is that one needs to remove shoes before entering - this is the tradition. Nearby is the wonderful park Shangri-la Crag striking with its picturesque spaces, which is a great place to walk. Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes can be visited in the same area. To enjoy the magnificent views of Krabi and its surroundings, be sure to climb Khao Ngon Nak. However, it should be borne in mind that the climb would be quite difficult and require appropriate equipment (comfortable shoes) - the path to the observation platform lies through the jungle.
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