Sightseeing in Krabi - what to see. Complete travel guide

Krabi 1. Be sure to take a sunscreen with you. Going to a beach or just walking without a hat is not recommended. Even in cloudy weather it is likely to get the severe sunburn.
2. While walking through the parks and nature reserves it's necessary to listen to the guide. Don't touch unknown plants in any case. Personal belongings should be closely monitored, as nature reserves are inhabited by quite a lot of monkeys. They can deftly snatch the bag or camera, and it will be very difficult to return your stuff.
3. Markets and shops accept only local currency, any other is simply forbidden. It's better to change money in banks that serve visitors from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 - 9:00 am to 4:00 - 5:00 pm.
4. Tourists have to go shopping with plenty of notes with small face value. In no way you have to pay with large denominations on markets and in small private shops, as it is likely to receive the change with counterfeit notes. If you try to repay them later in a large store or restaurant, then such action would be considered a serious offense.
5. Shops and shopping centers open early, no later than 9:00 am. Major shopping centers are open every day until late at night; a working day in small shops usually ends at 6:00 pm. Local jewelry remains the popular souvenir among tourists; it's better to buy it in specialty stores. Copyright
6. Tap water shouldn't be used for drinking and cooking. It is better to purchase bottled water in stores; in restaurants and cafes it isn’t recommended to order drinks with ice.
7. Main voltage is 220 V; in almost all hotels necessary electrical adapters and connectors are available on request.
Family holidays on the Krabi Island should not be limited to beach activities alone. You should definitely visit the entertainment center, Poppy’s Minigolf & Kebab Café with children. … Open
8. The best time to go on vacation is the period from late October to early April. In the rest of the year heavy rainfall is possible, which can disrupt the recreation program.
9. In public places you need to be quiet, and not to raise your voice when speaking in any case, as such behavior is considered a sign of bad manners. Upon entering the restaurant, the shop or the bank you need to greet and to smile - these are rules of the local etiquette.
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What to visit being in Krabi - unique sights

Phra Nang Beach

From the series “Top 15 Most Romantic Beaches on Earth”
Walking along the coast, you can find several interesting caves in the cliffs, the study of which will be a pleasant addition to a romantic holiday. Fans of extreme entertainment will have an opportunity to dive into the sea from a cliff. Phra Nang is one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches of the island of Krabi, its main decoration are precisely monumental rocks. The charming beach has a lot of interesting secrets. In its eastern part there is a natural viewing platform from where you can make a lot of great pictures. Nearby is a small hidden lagoon, the existence of which is not known to all because of the succession of rocks. … Read further

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