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The main landmark of the town is the Mevlana Museum, which is sometimes called the Mausoleum of Rumi. The museum is named after the great mystic, who has founded the order of dervishes many centuries ago. In addition to the grave of legendary Mevlana, museum has collections of various exhibits. Here you can see old musical instruments, hand-written copies of the Koran and art masterpieces of different ages. The museum is located at the heart of Konya’s historic district, on a high hill. After inspection of priceless artifacts in the museum visitors can go to one of the viewing points and enjoy panoramic views of the city.
Above all, Konya is famous for its historical and religious monuments. However, interesting places for active rest can found here as well. Thus, a beautiful modern building spectacularly … Open
Next to the museum originate picturesque streets, where there are numerous old buildings and places of worship. During the walk, vacationers could see several mosques constructed in the 12th century. They have preserved well to this day. The most interesting mosque is considered İplikçi Camii. This religious venue has being operating for more than eight centuries. The mosque is one of the most important buildings of the town.
It will be interesting to visit the Ince Minare museum. It is located in the 13th century building and also represents a great cultural value. Originally this building housed a religious school; the last few centuries it has laid in ruins, and recently it was decided to open a historical museum there. There is another important excursion site, Alaedina Mosque (Alaaddin Tepesi), situated in the downtown. It was built on a high artificial mound raised by an order of Allaedina Keykubat. In addition to the beautiful mosque, there are the ruins of an ancient palace and tomb of the Turkish sultans on the hill. Copyright
1. It’s convenient to travel by foot around the historic district of Konya, as all the attractions are very close to each other. The most appropriate mode of transport in the city is a … Open
At the foot of the hill is Allaedina district, near which some notable excursion sites are concentrated. The building of Inge Minare Medresesi, which was completed in 1258, is an architectural masterpiece. At present, it is also converted into a museum and represents the collection of handicrafts to its visitors. The Archaeological Museum housing the most interesting findings of scientists is certainly worth a look. Recently, the museum has opened a separate body, the Pottery Museum. Its collection represents an impressive period of time.
city on a hill It is worth noting that the Museum of Ceramics (Karatay Medresesi) attracts both tourists and locals with its architecture, especially with its dome. Inside, besides the collection of ceramics, is the tomb of the founders of the "madrasa" (that is, the school). History buffs would probably be interested in visiting Atatürk Evi Müzesi, a house museum in which the first president of Turkey lived during his stay in Konya. Nothing has changed since those times when he was visiting the city - and this is definitely worth checking out.
To get better acquainted with the local culture, be sure to explore Nasreddin Hoca Arkeoloji Ve Etnoğrafya Müzesi where you can find collections of Turkish clothing, weapons, household items dating from the 13th century, as well as Rumi's poetry. The museum colorfully describes Nasreddin Hodja, a real person known for his wit who became a popular folklore character. The museum has an atmosphere of medieval Turkey, thanks to which not only tourists but also locals love to visit it.
The same purpose - introducing to the local culture - is pursued by another interesting museum called Konya Etnografya Müzesi where one can learn a lot about the various ethnic groups that have ever inhabited modern Turkey and Konya Province in particular. Jewelry, clothing, household items, and weapons - the "classic" set of museum exhibits. Konya Bilim Merkezi holds fascinating tours, during which visitors can learn the surrounding world through experiments conducted for them (which will be especially interesting for small tourists). All of the museum’s exhibits are interactive. The museum has its own planetarium, which is frequented by both foreign and local families with kids.
In Konya, shopping fans can visit first-class malls and markets, the historic city is famous for the variety of its unique products. One of the largest and most modern centers is Kent Plaza. … Open
A walk in Japon Kyoto Parkı promises to be memorable for all guests of the city thanks to its picturesque green landscapes and special atmosphere reigning only here. A well-groomed territory, a convenient route, gazebos and benches, flowering trees and flowers, a picturesque pond - how could one resist strolling through such a wonderful park? It is recommended to go for a walk in the evening so that the turned on lights give even more charm to this natural attraction.
Ancient Church By the way, in Konya, you can dine inside a real attraction - we are talking about Turk Yildizlari Parki, an airplane restaurant. It is worth mentioning the fantastic views from the airplane window. A must-have in Konya is an open-air museum displaying all the sights of the city in a miniature size. This is about the Konyanüma Panorama. It is worth noting that the artworks are made with attention to the smallest detail so one can notice every element of one or another building.
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♥   Art museum 'Ince Minaret Medrese' Konya, 0.5 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Art museum 'Karatay Medrese' Konya, 0.8 km from the center. On the map   Photo

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