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When searching for a city to visit in Iran many tourists from all over the world make their choice in favor of Isfahan. This city is situated approximately four hundred kilometers to the south of Tehran. Having visited this marvelous place at least once, it is easy to understand why Isfahan is often informally called “Persia’s gem”. The city is truly beautiful. No other Islamic region has such unique gardens that turn the city into a green and blooming oasis. Mosques with azure cupolas look so fabulous and mesmerizing that they stay in the memory for many days and weeks after your visit to this Iranian city. The earliest evidence of settlements in Isfahan dates back to the Palaeolithic period. Ancient artifacts discovered during the archaeological excavations prove this. During the ancient period, the city was a part of the Elamite civilization and was famous as Aspadana. At that time, it was one of the main Median cities. Later, Isfahan became an important military region and was well-known for its durable protective facilities that granted safety to the settlement. The Arabs took over the city after a long period of fighting for power. Unfortunately, the new owners couldn’t develop the city, causing a decline. Isfahan started recovering and bringing back its former importance only in the 10th century. Mongols invaded the region when the city started developing again. Soon after that, Tamerlane’s army completely plundered the settlement. However, … Read further

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Tourists from many countries will find it easier to travel to Tehran first even though there is an airport in Isfahan. A flight from Europe will be not long. The next part of the journey is a train ride that takes roughly seven and a half hours and ends near the city. After that, use public transport to get to the center of Isfahan. It is also possible to get to Isfahan from Tehran by bus. The journey time is … Open

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The Khar Turan National Park is a giant protected area in Shahrud. The main aim of this national reserve is to protect and restore Iran’s nature. Visitors can see rare flora and fauna in this national park. Khar Turan has a unique ecosystem, so the government protects the area and uses it for research purposes. Numerous tourists visit this part of the country to admire local nature. … Open

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