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Bahrain Grant Mosque (Night view) 1. As there are always many foreign workers in the town, and the majority of them work in the services division, they try to earn as much as they can. Some might even try to overcharge clients. That is why tourists should check the total and the change carefully everywhere in the town – in banks, restaurants, cafes, and hotels. In case of conflicts any mention of the police, attempts to call the police or visit a police office work as a cold shower. The staff immediately remembers that they forgot to give the change or overcharged clients.
2. When using taxi services, don’t forget to check that the taxi driver has the meter on. Local taxi drivers often “forget” to turn the meter on. Your actions should be the same – simply mention the police.
3. The staff cannot ask for more money than the price written on a price tag. That price already includes all taxes. That said, do not believe if someone says that you need to add some extra money.
4. Public transport is not well-developed in Isa Town, so it is most comfortable to navigate in the town on foot, in a taxi or a rented car. Because of that local people may not know how to reach a certain place by the public transport – they don’t use it much.
5. Isa Town is a very hot place, so it is better to prepare for this vacation in advance and take all necessary items, such as sunglasses, sunscreen, and hats. However, if you visit Isa Town in winter, some warm clothes (jacket, knit hat, and sweater) will be also much needed. Copyright
6. Bahrain is a Muslim country, so local people have a negative attitude towards alcohol. Don’t get drunk, especially in the public, as such behavior is strongly disapproved by locals.
7. Greet others and pass items only with the right hand. According to the Islamic religion, the left hand is considered impure.
Bahrain is a multinational country, so there are many people from different countries here. However, immigrants from India, Pakistan, and the Philippines are the most widespread. Many … Open
8. It is not recommended to gaze at females openly. Even simply out of curiosity – your stare can be misunderstood by Isa Town locals.
9. It is better to refrain from wearing too open clothes, such as t-shirts without sleeves, short dresses, and shorts. Beach outfits are suitable for the beach only. Never wear it outside the beach territory.
10. As the weather is usually hot, it is better to stock up on drinking water before any excursion or activity outside. Water can cost ridiculously high in the center of the town.
11. It is prohibited to take photographs of local people without their permission. This rule is particularly important when it comes to women.
12. Buildings of local authorities, military objects, oil companies, palaces, castles, fortresses, and archaeological excavations – all these objects also have a ban on photographing.
13. The best souvenirs to bring from Isa Town are the following: pearls, jewelry, spices, local ceramics, clothes (abaya), and items with the national symbols of Bahrain.
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Bahrain : travelling advices

12. The city of Manama is the capital of Bahrain. It differs significantly from all other cities in its British atmosphere and slightly different culture. But only a knowledgeable person can notice all this.
13. The main religion in Bahrain is Islam. More than 80% of local residents adhere to this religion. The rest of the country's residents are adherents of various faiths, including Christianity.
14. Tourists should adhere to the dress code despite the fact that Bahrain is a very liberal country. Of course, the locals do not expect a foreign woman to wear a niqab or burqa. But bare legs and shoulders will not be perceived adequately. You don’t have to cover your head. But the headscarf will be received more favorably than the uncovered head. A headscarf is required for visiting the mosque. Men should not wear shorts and bare hands. Loose, spacious clothing made of light fabrics will be appropriate.
15. It is necessary to take off your shoes when entering a mosque or housing. You can’t use your left hand to eat or shake hands. It is considered impure because it is used for ritual ablutions before going to the mosque. You can’t point your feet at the person you're talking to, touch him or make excessive gestures. … Open

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United Tower

From the series “Twisted Spiral Buildings and Towers That Are Real”
Besides the luxury hotel, which occupies 14 floors of the skyscraper, within the walls of the building there are offices of various companies. For travellers, one of the best ways to assess the features of a skyscraper from the inside will be accommodation in one of the elegant rooms of the Wyndham Hotel Group. All its rooms are equipped with panoramic windows, with a chic city view. On the last floors of the hotel there are attractive restaurants and bars, which will also be a great place to relax and admire the surrounding landscapes. … Read further

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