Colors of Granada - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

landscape with Alhambra and Granada For more than thirty years Granada has been chosen as a constant venue for Festival de Jazz de Granada Jazz Festival. This large-scale musical event is popular among both locals and travelers. Many people come to the festival from different cities and even countries to watch the performances of their favorite artists. The first festival took place here for the first time in 1980. It traditionally starts in early November and lasts at least 27 days. During its long history the festival was attended by numerous world stars. Granada was visited by such famous performers as Miles Davis, Chick Corea, Oscar Peterson, Diana Krall, Herbie Hancock and other legendary performers. It should be noted that the jazz festival in Granada had become the debut venue for many artists, who later gained worldwide recognition.
As a rule, during the festival are held not less than 70 concerts. The famous theater of Isabel la Católica is considered the main festival venue. The festival attracts music fans of different generations. Here you can hear ethnic music and songs of more contemporary musical styles such as jazz fusion. During the daytime the performances are held in popular theaters and concert halls of the city. When darkness falls to the city, numerous nightclubs prepare great entertainment programs for their guests. During the festival club organize no less than 50 performances. As a rule, each club prepares a unique entertainment for its guests.
A contest of performers is one of the main events of Festival de Jazz de Granada. The event is attended by musicians from 35 countries. The victory in this competition is very prestigious, so only the most talented musicians can get it. Copyright
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Besides amazing concerts and jazz evenings, guests of the festival are welcome to visit numerous interesting events, exhibitions, master classes and lectures. Everyone is welcome to participate in these training courses that are headed by masters of jazz. They will share their secrets of success with beginners and will teach them advanced performing techniques. The cultural program of events includes film screenings, which will help visitors to get acquainted with artistic history and biography of their favorite performers. Festival de Jazz de Granada can be safely called the most significant event in the life of the city. During the days of the festival Granada always welcomes a record number of visitors, and the reason for this is not only enchanting concerts but also unique and friendly atmosphere.
towers and wall of the Alhambra, Granada Granada is a unique city with a very rich history that left its mark on the mentality of local people. They are always friendly and good-natured - and nature itself has left its imprint on these traits since the climate prevailing here does not let anyone be gloomy. Therefore, one can always ask them for help, and it is perfectly normal if a chance meeting drags on for hours. The main thing in life is to get everything it can offer. At the same time, friendship and family are not empty words but the most important values for them. For these values, local people are ready to stand to the end.
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The language in Granada is Spanish with a predominance of some words that exist only in this city (for example, the word "bulla" means "to hurry", and "encantar" translates as "to be comfortable"). The most common products are fish, seafood, eggs. Of course, it's worth trying tortilla, which is one of the symbols of Granada. Here it has its own characteristics - mutton brains or eggs are often added. Another national dish is called "Remojon" - a salad of salt cod, olives, oranges, garlic, and pepper. You should also pay attention to “Jamon de Trevélez” made from white pork, as well as pumpkin pies. The most popular alcoholic beverages are sherry and rum.
impressive water installations Granada is one of the cities whose festivals are remembered for a long time because locals know how to have fun like nobody else. One of the most interesting events in the city's festival life is the International Tango Festival. Tango is loved not only in Argentina - the festival is one of the best local events of this kind outside the country of its origin. It falls on late March or late April, and colorful actions can be seen at Teatro Isabel La Católica.
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Granada International Festival Of Music And Dance is another significant festival in the city. It is held at the end of June, sometimes at the beginning of July. At this time, Granada is visited by eminent and talented performers, orchestras, conductors, ballet troupes as participants. Here you can hear both classical and modern works. The venues of the event are multiple locations throughout the city - churches, monasteries, historical monuments, as well as cafes and central streets of the city and its environs.
Granada, Spain The famous Festival Internacional de Jóvenes Realizadores de Granada held in early October is another great festival, which is definitely worth a visit. This is nothing but a competition of young film directors who compete for the title of the best in such genres as short, artistic, animated and documentary movies. Besides the fact that the winning director receives a cash prize, the victory speaks of his/her recognition as a talent and opens the door to the world of show business. Films offered to the audience are of completely different kinds and genres, so everyone can choose a work to their liking. The festival takes place in local cinemas.
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Not far from Granada is the municipality of Almunecar where in mid-July you can hear the swinging sounds of jazz. Jazz en la Costa - this is the name of the festival. It takes place on a picturesque beach, which makes the festival even more attractive. Just like the friendly atmosphere of the event. However, it could hardly be anything else because the sun, air, water, and jazz are all that you need for fun. Here you will find improvisation, an interesting program, and a fusion of genres. By the way, you can listen to other jazz-related genres like funk, soul, blues. It's just impossible not to meet familiar names among headliners.
Fountains at Rose Garden Granada, Spain The Fiesta de Cascamorras taking place in the nearby town of Baza is another great event for diversifying your holiday in Granada. It traditionally falls on the beginning of September. This is one of the most famous events in all of Spain, and not least due its long history and distinctiveness. This is the battle through which the storing location of a statue of the Virgen de la Piedad was once chosen. Fights of this kind are repeated from year to year. The battle takes place as follows: Opponents smear themselves with oil, pouring colored water on the opposite side and throwing eggs. Thus, the fight turns into real fun, and not only participants but also spectators join it.
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