Sightseeing in Damascus - what to see. Complete travel guide

Melkite Greek Catholic Church, Damascus 1. Nearly all the national holidays are celebrated in accordance with the lunar calendar, so the date of celebrations varies every year. Some government offices, shops and restaurants may be closed during religious celebrations.
2. Tourists cannot take part in any protests and rallies. Various activities that promote protection of environment and other demonstrations not related to politics and social conflicts are the only exception.
3. Sale of alcoholic beverages is seriously limited during the holy month of Ramadan. Many restaurants and cafes are closed during this period, and in hotels guests may be denied to deliver liquors to their rooms.
4. While going for a walk, tourists should not forget to take a copy of their identity document. Original documents and other valuable items are better to be kept in a hotel room, or they should be deposited at the reception.
5. Clothes should be as neutral as possible. The appearance in the street wearing too bright or revealing clothes can be interpreted as a sign of bad taste. Tourists who plan to attend religious attractions should be particularly careful to the way they look. Copyright
6. Photography and videography are prohibited in the territory of many religious buildings, so don’t forget to clarify these rules before the tour. Tourists are also not recommended to take pictures of local residents in the streets of Damascus. Many of the locals cannot be photographed because of religious reasons.
7. The majority of shops are open every day except Friday. As a rule, trading pavilions open at 9:30 and take visitors to 16:30. Large supermarkets and shopping centers may work until 22:00. Fans of shopping should pay attention to duty-free shops, and street markets are the best place to shop for souvenirs.
Damascus has an amazing selection of luxury hotels, each of which strives to attract customers with special services. The Four Seasons Hotel Damascus is located in a very beautiful modern … Open
8. Travellers should leave tips in the restaurants of the city. A reward of 5 - 10% of the total order will be enough. Paying for service is customary in large restaurants only, and it’s not necessary in small cafes and bars.
9. Power supply voltage is 220V, therefore, tourists need to check all of their electrical appliances for compatibility before a trip to Damascus. Probably, they will need to get special adapters.
10. Summer is considered the hottest period. The temperature rarely drops below 35 degrees at this time of year. Off-season remains the most comfortable time for travelling.
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What to visit being in Damascus - unique sights


From the series “The Oldest Inhabited Cities on the Planet”
These walls hide numerous ancient monuments of world importance, as well as the picturesque Via Pecta, the first mention of which belongs to prehistoric times. In memory of the medieval period, excellent madrasah and markets have remained in the city. Damascus can boast Bzura spice market and the world famous Souq al-Hamidiye. The atmosphere of historic quarters and colorful markets of the city has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. New amazing traditions also appear in the frame of the city; recently its picturesque Tishreen Park has become the permanent venue for the charming Festival of flowers. … Read further

Saidnaya and Maaloula

From the series “ Survived Artifacts of Early Christian Civilization”
Another important Christian site, the Monastery of Saints Sergius and Bacchus, is situated at the top of the mountain above the village. Unfortunately, in recent years, armed clashes have led to the destruction of many religious monuments, and priceless relics went looted. Saidnaya is also known for the ancient monastery named Convent of Our Lady of Saidnaya. This convent is the largest in the country. It is always available to visit. The monastery features an incredibly spectacular complex of architectural structures with landscaped courtyards, many beautiful stairways and covered walkways. … Read further

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