Colors of Chennai - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

Five Raths Local residents feature a very welcoming and friendly nature; the unique friendly atmosphere reigns here. It attracts many travelers from other countries to Chennai. Foreign visitors have to pay special attention to local culture and traditions, the ignorance of which often causes misunderstandings with the indigenous population.
The city, first of all is the largest industrial center, which attracts hundreds of business people from all over the world. In India Chennai is called the automobile capital of the country. … Open
Going on a trip to the temple, pay particular attention to the outfit. Clothing should be high-necked; people in bright and extravagant costumes aren’t accepted in the territory of religious places. Ladies can enter the territory of religious sanctuaries only with their head covered; special capes and shawls are given to visitors at the entrances of some temples. According to local tradition, every visitor of the temple has to make a moderate donation. Before the tour be sure to stock up some coins.
Those used to have cameras with them have to be cautious and take photos of locals only with their prior consent. These rules are not only due to ethical principles, as it is forbidden to take pictures of some locals for religious reasons. You have to take off your shoes at the entrance to temples, some public institutions and houses. Copyright
There are more than five hundred restaurants in Chennai and each of them is ready to surprise visitors with interesting culinary masterpieces. Among the best Indian restaurants Beyond Indus, … Open
In general, it isn’t difficult to understand the culture of the indigenous population, just carefully observe their behavior. In no case express your feelings to the view, as such behavior is considered a sign of bad manners. Also keep in mind that religious places and other buildings can be taken exclusively from the left side. This feature of the local way of life may seem illogical to foreign tourists, but the local culture is distinguished by an abundance of confusing rules and traditions.
Chennai: Beach temple The best way to know the local culture is to visit one of the national holidays. Each December, the city hosts the Chennai Dance and Music Festival, which brings together best teams from South India. Every year, a large-scale celebration is attended by at least two thousand musicians, dancers and artists, some of whom are celebrities and some are newcomers.
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National traditions of India

Some Indians are so superstitious that they, for instance, will never cut their hair and nails on certain days of the week. Before going to a doctor, a typical Indian will try all possible natural remedies. Indians are often ready to blame anyone or anything for their failures and problems except themselves: government, weather, teachers, policemen, drivers, and so on. Indian parents have an unpleasant habit of comparing their children with those of others, not in favor of the former. This is one of the reasons for Indians’ dependence on the opinions of others. This dependency can seriously affect a person’s life; for example, forcing him to choose a more prestigious profession instead of the one that he really likes, to get married not based on love, but so that their neighbors and relatives approve their choice. … Open

Traditions and festivals in cities around Chennai

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