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In this article, dedicated to the architecture of Bucharest, we will 'fly' over such iconic historical monuments as Palace of the Parliament, CEC Palace, Arcul de Triumf, and Romanian Athenaeum. In addition to the virtual flight video, we offer the most important and interesting facts about every landmark, including high-quality photographs. You can also use this article to make your own excursion tour in Bucharest. Simply use the icon to locate the object of interest on the map of Bucharest.

Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest

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» The Palace of the Parliament was built at the time of the Socialist Republic of Romania. It is one of the most famous architectural monument in Bucharest.
»  The Palace is considered as the biggest civil and administrative building in the world and the largest parliament building.
»  The total area of the Palace is 270x240 m. The building is 86 m high. The underground part of the Palace is at a depth of 92 m.
»  In the building, there are 1 100 rooms on 12 floors.
»  It consists of 8 underground levels, 4 of which have been already finished and used. 4 floors are being finalized.
»  During the construction of the Palace, there was a need for Romanian marble, due to which one-fifth of the historic center of the city was dismantled. At one time, this triggered protests because a lot of churches were demolished.

CEC Palace, Bucharest

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» The CEC Palace is one of the most beautiful buildings in Bucharest. It was built in 1885 as the headquarter of the oldest bank in Romania.
»  106 years later, it was decided to sell the palace to the City Municipality because it was no longer suitable for providing modern banking services. The City Municipality was going to use the building as a museum.
»  Despite the fact that the bank does not provide its services, it is still renting the building and using it as a headquarter and offices, as there is no appropriate replacement.
»  In 2009, the sixtieth birthday of Princess Margarita of Romania was celebrated in the Palace.
»  The building is designed in an eclectic style. The Palace is crowned by a beautiful glass and metal dome. The building entrance is decorated with an arch supported by two pairs of columns.

Arcul de Triumf, Bucharest

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» The Arcul de Triumf was officially opened on October 16, 1922. However, the arch had been constructed until the fall of 1936.
»  The Arcul de Triumf became the symbol of national unity of the Romanian people.
»  The arch from a ledge to a pediment is 27 m high. The foundation of the arch is over 300 m2. The span is 10 m wide and 17 m high.
»  On the arch, you can see engraved texts of great Romanian historian Nicolae Iorga.
»  Every year on December 1, a parade in honor of the Unity Day is held at the foot of the arch.

Romanian Athenaeum, Bucharest

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» The Romanian Athenaeum is one of the most beautiful buildings in Bucharest. It is the home of the Romanian Philharmonic with a famous hall and incomparable acoustics.
»  The building was built by famous French architect Albert Galleron. He also designed the building of the National Bank of Romania.
»  The Athenaeum resembles a Greek temple. The high dome and columns are Doric. There is an incredibly beautiful lobby where the ceiling is decorated with inimitable frescoes and leaves covered with pure gold.
»  If you go up the spiral stairs, you will reach elegant balconies decorated with curved trellis.
»  The dome of the building is supported by beautiful columns of pink marble. They are linked with sophisticated arches. On the walls, there are copper lanterns that resemble gems with their shape.
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The historical part of the city will be surely the most interesting for travelers as all most important architectural and historical sites are located here. Palace of Parliament is the most striking architectural monument of the city. This is a beautiful building that amazes guests by its size. Inside the palace are located as many as approximately six thousand rooms. The total square of this huge building is second only after the Pentagon. Many old buildings have been destroyed during the construction of the palace, so nowadays it occupies a considerable part of the historic district of Bucharest. The Arc of Triumph is located just nearby. This wonderful monument was erected in 1920 in the memory of Romanian soldiers killed during the First World War. Granite of a rare sort was used in the building of the arch. The monument is decorated with exquisite sculptures created by the best artists of the country. All visitors are welcome to climb up to the observation deck, which is built on top of the arch. From here you will be able to enjoy the magnificent panorama of the city. Revolution Square is a perfect place for walking. The square has witnessed many important historical events. You will also find many interesting excursion sites around the square. Royal Palace traditionally amazes visitors by its luxury. For a long time the palace remained the main residence of the Romanian monarchs. Today a part of the halls of the palace is dedicated to the exhibition of Romanian … Read further

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