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This review is a great opportunity to look at architectural landmarks of Bangkok from a new perspective – namely, from the sky. Click the video to enjoy a 3D flight over the architectural ensemble of Bangkok and to look at the most interesting landmarks in detail - at Grand Palace, Temple of Dawn, Ananta Samakhom, Phra Sumen Fort, Bangkok City Hall and many others. Below you will find the most amusing historic facts and professional photographs of every famous sightseeing in Bangkok.

Grand Palace, Bangkok

Location on the map:   Facts:
» The Grand Palace is the Bangkok's most famous landmark.
» The palace consists of several buildings, occupying an area of 218 thousand m2 and is surrounded by four walls of 2 km long.
» The Grand Palace served as the residence of the Kings of Thailand. Its construction began during the reign of King Rama I in 1782.
» There are various government offices, temples and the Royal Library in the palace. In addition, many galleries of the palace are decorated with frescoes depicting the life of Rama I.
» The palace is almost always open to visitors. However, you can enter the territory of the palace complex only in long clothes.
» There is the lying Buddha at the palace. Statue of the lying Buddha is 15 meters in height and 46 meters in width. The statue is covered with golden sand.

Temple of Dawn, Bangkok

Location on the map:   Facts:
» The Temple of Dawn is one of the most beautiful temples in Bangkok despite of its relative modesty and simplicity. Unlike most others, this temple is missing a large number of gold statues, emerald decoration and other luxuries.
» The height of the temple tower is variously estimated from 66.8 to 88 meters, and it’s still the highest in Thailand.
» The tower of the temple remained the highest in Bangkok until the beginning of construction of skyscrapers.
» Currently, anyone can climb to the top of the temple tower and admire Bangkok from aerial view.
» The temple got its name in honor of the Indian god of dawn, Arun.

Ananta Samakhom, Bangkok

Location on the map:   Facts:
» Ananta Samakhom or Throne Hall is the former villa of the Dusit Palace.
»  The Palace is made of white Carrara marble and Milanese granite; the complex covers an area of 5.5 km2.
» The Royal Throne Hall is located under the central dome of the palace; its walls are richly decorated with frescoes depicting scenes from the life of the reigning Chakri Dynasty.
»  Ananta Samakhom is now a museum that can be visited every day from 9.00am to 4.30pm.
» The Throne Hall features a variety of ornaments and jewelry masterpieces. All jewelry and artifacts are made of real gold and precious stones.

Phra Sumen Fort, Bangkok

Location on the map:   Facts:
» The Phra Sumen Fort is one of the few old defensive structures in Bangkok, which have survived to these days.
» It was built during the reign of Rama I in 1783 to defend against the invading Burmese.
» The fort is built of brick and is surrounded by 14 small patrol towers.
» The small cozy park is situated next to the fort.

Bangkok City Hall, Bangkok

Location on the map:   Facts:
» The Bangkok City Hall was built in 1880.
» At that time, it was the only building in Bangkok built not for religious purposes.
» Recently it has become the new Public Library and Museum.
» Today you can go to the meeting room of the municipality and the central hall, where various exhibitions and ceremonies take place.

Holy Rosary Church, Bangkok

Location on the map:
Facts: » The Holy Rosary Church is one of the first Christian churches in Bangkok.
» It was created by Portuguese sailors in 1787.
» At present, main visitors of the temple are local Catholics, the Chinese and immigrants from Vietnam and Cambodia.
» This temple is one of the Christian monuments in the predominantly Buddhist country, indicating the religious harmony in Thailand.
» Among the local residents the church is known as Kalawar that comes from the distorted word ‘Calvary’.
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The majority of the attractions of the city have a religious significance. Beautiful temples and ancient monasteries keep a lot of secrets and beautiful legends, and their beautiful inner decoration does not cease to amaze visitors with luxury and elegance. Making a visit to National Museum is a great way to learn the culture and lifestyle of local residents. A part of its exhibition is located under the open sky. Among the artifacts, which are stored in the museum, you will see ancient musical instruments, costumes and jewelry, art objects, and even a collection of medieval carriages. Among the architectural highlights of the city we should definitely mention Vimanmek Palace, which is the largest facility built of cane wood. In addition to the beautiful buildings on the territory of the palace complex you will also find a beautiful garden here. This is a great place for hiking. Nature lovers should definitely visit Dusit Zoo. If you enjoy unusual tours and can’t wait to participate in one, you will surely find much interesting in the home of Jim Thompson. A famous American businessman lived in this house in the middle of last century. Today his house has been converted into a museum, where visitors can see a large collection of furniture and art objects. Many of the items were made more than one hundred years ago. Lak Muang Monastery is one of the main religious attraction of this place. It was named in honor of the scared spirit, which, according to the Thai people, … Read further

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