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Sheikh Isa Bridge in the background Bahrain is an Islamic Kingdom. Most of the local holidays are religious here. Several festivals are also held here. The New Year is not celebrated on January 1 in Muslim countries. The New Year for Muslims comes on a different day. There is even a direct ban on the celebration of the New Year on January 1 in some countries. Bahrain is not one of these countries. The country's economy began to develop rapidly after gaining independence in the 70s. Numerous foreigners began to come to Bahrain. They make up almost half of the country's population today. Therefore, many large hotels and clubs celebrate New Year with shows, parties, and fireworks.
Bahrain is a very expensive country. However, many tourists try to bring souvenirs from this beautiful place. The first thing that you should visit is …
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Independence Day is celebrated on December 16-17. This is a public holiday. Bahrain has been ruled by several States throughout its history. These were the Sassanid Empire, the Arab Caliphate, the Emirate of Hormuz, Portugal, and Iran. The country has been under the protectorate of Great Britain since the 1870s. Bahrain finally gained independence during the reign of Emir Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa. This happened in 1971. Large-scale festive events include fireworks, cultural shows, and exhibitions.
The Ministry of Culture of Bahrain holds an annual TA'a Al Shabab festival. Various competitions and exhibitions are held during it. These are architectural exhibitions, as well as exhibitions related to modern technologies, the cultural heritage of the Arab world, media and various arts (poetry, theater, music, and science). Volunteers conduct all events. The Cultural Heritage Festival was first held in 1992. However, it has already earned a great reputation. It is held under the protectorate of King Hamad bin Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa. Traditional folk crafts are widely represented at the festival. These are basket weaving, pottery, jewelry, and Arabic calligraphy. Exhibitions dedicated to traditional arts and cultures are also held. National music sounds everywhere. You can learn a lot about pearl fishing and falconry during the festival. You can also see the traditional homes of pearl fishermen and listen to their songs. Special educational shows are held for children. They represent the vital aspects of the life of pearl fishers. Copyright
Bahrain is a new experience for the world. "Land of contrasts" may be an overused term. But travelers consider the country a unique pearl in the …
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Arabia Show is a jewelry holiday. It is held every year in November. The event attracts exhibitors from all over the Arab world to the Bahrain International exhibition center. Foreign tourists can find everything at the exhibition. There are vintage jewelry, watches, diamonds and precious stones, gold jewelry, and handmade silver cutlery. Products of Valentino, Chanel, Versace, Gucci, Swatch, Omega, Patek Philippe, and many other famous names are always present at the exhibition. Arab generosity also gives a special privilege to ladies to view and select jewelry in a protected atmosphere.
The Reviera, Reef Island, Kingdom of Bahrain The Islamic New Year is a date that is determined using the lunar calendar, as well as other dates of Islamic holidays. This day is associated with the beginning of the historical Hijra – a pilgrimage to Mecca from Medina. The Muslim calendar has 354 days. Islamic New Year is a public holiday.
The Kingdom of Bahrain is rapidly gaining popularity as a resort destination. This ancient country was founded approximately 5000 years ago. The name …
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The start date of the Holy month of Ramadan is determined in the same way, according to the lunar calendar. Devout Muslims pray and fast throughout the day in this month. They do not eat or drink before dark. Many Muslims wake up before dark especially to have breakfast before the working day. A holiday dedicated to the end of the month of Ramadan is called Eid al-Fitr. It is celebrated on a large scale. This is a family holiday. Relatives gather together. They eat a lot and distribute food and money to poor people. The holiday was celebrated for the first time by the Prophet in 624 after the victory in the battle of Badr.
Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Library And Conference Centre Eid al-Adha is a feast of sacrifice. This is one more extremely important day in the Muslim calendar. It is the final stage of the pilgrimage to Mecca. The appearance of a holiday is associated with a certain event. Ibrahim was going to sacrifice his son to God. But he was stopped by a voice from the sky at the last moment. His son was replaced by a lamb. Muslims repeat this ritual by sacrificing a cow or sheep. The donators and their family eat a third part of the meat. They give another third part to relatives and friends. The last third part is given to poor people.
Tourists who travel to Bahrain during the holidays should remember a few things. Locals like to celebrate holidays with their family, welcome …
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Ashura Day (translated as "the tenth") is celebrated on the tenth day of the first month of the Islamic year. The memory of Husayn Ibn Ali, the grandson of the Prophet, who died in the battle of Karbala in 680, is commemorated on this date. Sunnis and Shiites celebrate this day in different ways. But it is a day of prayer and mourning for both faiths.
Manama- Arial view The birthday of the Prophet Muhammad is celebrated in the third month of the Muslim calendar. Sunnis and Shiites celebrate it on different days. Some branches of Sunnis do not celebrate this holiday at all. Religious music concerts are held on this day. You will also be able to listen to lectures on the topic of religion. The holiday began to be celebrated in the VIII century for the first time. The former house of the Prophet in Mecca was turned into a house of prayer at this time. The Milad un Nabi festival with processions and celebrations is held in honor of this date.
Islam is the state religion of the Kingdom. It is practiced by more than 70% of residents. Christians, Buddhists, and Hindus make up the rest. A small …
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The Day of Arafah is not a public holiday. It marks the end of the Hajj to Mecca. Pilgrims visit Mount Arafat and say prayers on this day. It is believed that the significance of any actions, both good and bad, increases many times on this day.
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