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Alanya The first settlement on the site of the modern city was founded back in the 2nd century BC. The modern city cherishes the legacy of the past and never ceases to fascinate its visitors with widest choice of attractions. The famous Damlataş Cave is located right in the center of the city. The cave was discovered during construction works in the port area in 1948. The walls of the cave are framed by stalagmites of great beauty. Geologists call the cave a unique creation of nature. The cave is fully equipped for excursions. There are a beautiful beach near the cave and a small market where visitors can buy crafts and souvenirs.
The largest and crowded shopping center of Alanya is Alanum Centrum. It presents dozens of boutiques with fashionable modern clothes. You can always purchase quality shoes here and choose … Open
The medieval fortress of Alanya Kalesi is an important architectural landmark built in the 13th century. During the Middle Ages the castle was used as a powerful defensive fortification. Nowadays most of the ancillary buildings have been destroyed, but the main building has remained in quite a good state. There is a museum under the open sky in the territory of the castle. Next to the museum you will find one more important destination for excursions - an ancient Byzantine church.
Kızıl Kule Tower is considered the symbol of Alanya. The tower is located in the port area, and the height of the octagonal construction is 33 meters. Red brick has been used as the main building material during its construction. It should be noted that the name of the building can be literally translated as "Red Tower". The construction of the tower was completed in the middle of the 13th century. Today the tower is the location of Ethnographic Museum. Among the cultural institutions of the city we should definitely mention Archaeological Museum and Ataturk Museum, which exhibit numerous unique artifacts. Copyright
Alanya is a picturesque town located nearby Taurus Mountains and surrounded by lemon and orange gardens. Besides first class beaches the resort offers to its guests wide choice of excursion … Open
One of the most interesting and unique places in Turkey is perhaps the shipyard. It is located between the Kızıl Kule (Red Tower) and the Tophane Mescidi. Besides the fact that it will be very informative here, you must admit that the building is extraordinarily majestic. Remember the ships that conquered the oceans long ago were built here. This is the realest touch to the history, and moreover, climbing up the stairs (where you should be careful as the stairway is very steep), you can catch incredibly beautiful views of the sea coast.
Tip of the Alanya peninsula Nearby you can see another symbol of Alanya, which is the above-mentioned fortress called Alanya Kalesi. On the other side is located the Süleymaniye Cami. It is built in a style that is not quite traditional for a mosque. However, this does not change the fact that the place brings peace to the believers, as well as it being interesting from an architectural point of view. Among the churches, it is worth noting Alanya Kilisesi. The building cannot boast of a majestic size, but what it can be proud of is that it gives a feeling of peace to everyone.
Alanya is one of the most popular Turkish family resorts. A number of interesting entertainments, besides beaches, is available here for guests with children. One of the most unusual fun … Open
The ruins of Bedesten, nicely located in a picturesque place and immersed in greenery, will be an excellent starting point for those who are crazy about history. Beautiful views of the sea open up from the Alanya harbor. In addition, this is a great place for a stroll, as there are a large number of restaurants and cafes that everyone wants to visit, as well as Turkish residential buildings. Looking at them one cannot help but feel jealous of the locals because they live in such beauty and see this beauty every day.
Alanya Trip The ancient city of Syedra, located near Alanya, attracts both history and ruins lovers and, of course, lovers of aesthetics, because it is extremely beautiful here. Also, the views that are opened up on the city from here are simply fascinating. The silence reigning here is particularly striking because it is what brings peace and tranquility to the soul. There is everything you need for a cultural holiday here: you can sit down in silence and for this purpose there are specially built benches and footpaths. There is a spring with clean drinking water here too. The city has preserved buildings such as the acropolis, colonnade, caves, water-supply scheme and a majestic castle. Entrance is free of charge, however, the path is not easy – you have to climb the mountain.
Dining facilities in Alanya will surely suit every taste. Crazy Horse is known as one of the most popular restaurants specializing in cooking dishes of European and Latin American cuisine. … Open
Another ancient structure is called Alarahan. The fortress is located near Side. The construction of the fortress dates back to 1232, when it was built on the orders of Alaaddin Keykubat (the same one who built the Kalesi fortress) as a fortification to protect caravans from bandits. On the lower tier you can go through a long dark tunnel, but on the upper tier the rise is much more difficult. You have to climb steep slopes among the prickly thorns. One should say a couple of words about Dinek Seyir Terası. This is a great place not only for a picnic, but also for enjoying fantastic views of the city. This is also a wonderful observation desk, and therefore it is always chosen by tourists as a spot to take selfies from different angles.
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