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Xiamen night view Xiamen has a good geographical location and a mild climate. It is ideal for growing and storing many products that are sold in abundance in local stores. For example, here you can find dozens of different fresh fruits. Both fresh and frozen fish, shrimps, crabs, and shellfish are sold in large quantities. You can taste dishes from lancelet in the city. It is quite exotic for a European. You will find a large assortment of canned olives in the Xiamen shops. They are sold both with fillings and without them. An interesting acquisition can be dried seafood, which is often used by urban chefs.
Xiamen offers its visitors a very interesting and rich excursion program. In the city, there are a lot of unique religious monuments and constructions of different epochs preserved. In the … Open
The number of shopping centers has only been increasing in the city in the last few decades. Also, more and more new stores appear here. Their range includes souvenirs, clothing, footwear, and electronics from leading Chinese and world brands. There are all opportunities for full shopping here. The vast majority of large stores are concentrated in the five largest retail areas in Xiamen. Zhongshan Road is one of the most popular places. It was built using a rather interesting style at the confluence of the architectural traditions of the East and West.
You can buy if not everything that is sold in the city, then almost everything here. Household appliances and electronics are beside traditional outfits and souvenirs. Grocery stores are located next to the latest boutiques. Prices are generally designed for middle-income consumers. In addition to Zhongshan Road, you can go shopping at Siping Road and Lady Street. They are located nearby. It's easy to get here. It is enough to take any of the bus routes under the numbers 2, 3, 4, 10, 12, 23, 25, 27 and 30. Shops open at nine in the morning and close late at night. Copyright
Xiamen is a real find for fans of active pastime. In the city, there is a great number of sports and entertainment centers. It will be interesting for the whole family to visit different … Open
Longtou Road is another place that attracts both visitors and local shoppers. It is located on Gulangyu Island. Dried fish, snacks and nuts are sold in large quantities here. Note that it is necessary to bargain when buying. If you do not know Chinese, just show the seller the price on the calculator or on the phone screen. The cost of goods is often inflated twice with the expectation of bargaining. In addition to seafood, many artisan products are sold here. It can be embroidery, color sculpture, ceramics. Calligraphy items, paintings, and antiques are also popular.
Xiamen, Fujian China Xiahe Road also provides a great shopping opportunity. There are several large shopping centers and three dozen smaller stores here. If you want not only to go shopping, but also to immerse yourself in Chinese culture, you should go to the shopping and entertainment center Egret Alluvion. You can find it at the North end of Hubin Middle Road. Several theme parks are built here. Folk art groups traditionally perform here. You can buy clothes, shoes, perfumes, and electronics at the Mall. In addition, you can spend time on slot machines or going to the cinema.
In Xiamen, travelers can take advantage of services of upscale modern hotels, most of which can be called real masterpieces of modern architecture. Kempinski Hotel Xiamen is one of such … Open
You can get to Middle Hubin Road by taking buses 8, 12, 26 and 72. If you want to visit the largest bookstore in Fujian province, you should go to the intersection of Xian Yue Road and Jiahe Road. The six-story City Plaza shopping center is located here. You can buy clothes, furniture, appliances, perfumes, and goods for everyday life here. Products of city masters can be found on the first floor. Modern clothing and electronics are located on the second floor. There is an exhibition hall, a gym, and several restaurants in the Mall.
Even if you are not too fond of markets and prefer to shop in modern stores, it is worth visiting at least one Xiamen night market. It is worth doing in order to plunge into the unique Asian atmosphere of trade after sunset. You can taste something new from the food here. This can be, for example, Taiwan Snack Street or Late Night Market. If you want to buy seafood or goods from local artisans, you should go to the Eighth Seafood Market or Market Longtou Nongmao. But keep in mind that many of the local dishes are quite spicy.
Xiamen is situated in the Fujian province. This city is a major port and an important tourist center of the country. It was founded almost 2,000 years ago. In the 3rd century AD, at the … Open
The opportunity to buy paintings from local painters is quite interesting. You can find anything. It can be paintings with views of the city or abstract paintings. You can buy paintings in galleries like Jiuyujinlai Art Gallery or Fuzhou College Xiamen Arts and Crafts. You can also buy Chinese Handicrafts here. If you are interested in antique or ordinary ceramics of high quality, you should go to Wan Qian Tang. Woniu Xiansen is ideal for those who like to buy unusual cards. ZaHuo 2nd Shop will appeal to connoisseurs of antiques. Creative souvenirs and pet products are sold in the Puppy Miscellaneous Shop.
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