Family trip to Xiamen with children. Ideas on where to go with your child

Xiamen is a large modern Chinese megapolis. Today you can find entertainment for children of any age here. In addition, citizens are very attentive to children, and especially to preschoolers. This is due to national traditions, and the recent policy of the authorities "one family - one child". The locals let the kids almost anything. There are dozens of small playgrounds and special children's centers in the city. You can leave your child under the care of a caregiver for a few hours here. There are children's areas and slot machines in many local shopping centers.
Xiamen has a good geographical location and a mild climate. It is ideal for growing and storing many products that are sold in abundance in local stores. For example, here you can find … Open
There are places where you can go with the whole family in Xiamen. For example, it is Xiamen Kuailegu Water Park. This is small by the standards of China Water Park. The child will be able to swim in a large pool with artificial waves and slide down a couple of dozen slides. They're all pretty cool. You can buy all sorts of necessary things like a swimming cap and glasses for swimming in the Water Park. You can also snack on both Asian food and burgers here. However, it is worth considering that children under the age of eight will not be allowed on the vast majority of slides. This is due to height and weight restrictions. A very bright led show takes place in the Park at night.
If your child loves extreme roller coasters or similar attractions, where turning upside down at high speed is just a nice addition to the sharp differences in height, it is worth a visit to Xiamen Fantawild Oriental Heritage. There is not much entertainment here. But their quality compensates for their small quality. Young children, however, can only look at the really beautiful interior of the Park and ride a few quiet carousels. Local 3D cinema with views of Xiamen and China will be good entertainment for families. Copyright
Xiamen is situated in the Fujian province. This city is a major port and an important tourist center of the country. It was founded almost 2,000 years ago. In the 3rd century AD, at the … Open
If you do not know where to go with a preschooler, it is worth paying attention to Xiamen Fantawild Water Park. It's a pretty small Water Park. There are some extreme roller coasters here. But the vast majority of attractions are designed for preschoolers and younger schoolchildren. These are epic water battles, shooting each other from special water mini-hoses, animation programs, which held several times a day, and quite gentle slides. Slide down these slides can be both one and two in a special circle.
If you are looking for an opportunity to spend the whole day in an amusement park so that it will interesting for children of any age and parents, then it is worth going to Xiamen Fantawild Dreamland. It works from nine-thirty in the morning until six at night. You can stay from opening to closing here. You will definitely not get bored all day here. The Park is decorated in traditional Chinese style. There are pagodas, dragons and other paraphernalia closely associated with the ancient Far East. In addition, bright and detailed interior elements attract the eyes of kids. They also serve as the perfect backdrop for teen selfies.
Today you can find thousands of restaurants not only with traditional Chinese cuisine but also with dishes from anywhere in the world in Xiamen. If you are more accustomed to native food, … Open
The landing site on the children's train is right at the entrance. It runs throughout the Park. Umbrellas for visitors waiting in line at the turnstiles are installed here. There are water rides in Xiamen Fantawild Dreamland. They are especially popular in the hot summer. There are also breathtaking roller coasters with dead loops. You will be able to enjoy several beautifully decorated scenes. Traditional Chinese-style performances are held on schedule here. They are clear for both adults and children. There is also a horror room in the Park. You can also find quieter carousels for the youngest visitors.
Shuanglongtan Eco-Sport Scenic Zone will appeal to children of 9-10 years of age and older. It's not exactly a traditional amusement park. Of course, there are a few common attractions like roller coasters here. But it will be more interesting for the child to try himself in active sports. A child, for example, will be able to test his abilities in archery or riding on local grass skis. Motocross will interest the boys. The park is located in the suburb of Xiamen. You can get there by bus. There are traditional swings, carousels, and slides in the Guanyin Mountain Dream Coast Vacation Area. Also, base-jumping and several unusual attractions inspired by Chinese adventure films are waiting for children here.
Xiamen is a great place to experience traditional Chinese culture. In addition, many traditions have been preserved here due to the proximity of Taiwan. These traditions are completely gone … Open
If your child is interested in marine life, it is worth going to Xiamen Underwater World. The child will be able to see several hundred fish from the water area of the city here. In addition, the performance of trained seals is held daily in the aquarium of the park. A child will be able to take a picture with a deer, pat a goat and even touch the mustache of a real tiger in Xiamen Haicang Wild Zoo. There are not too many animals here. But the child can contact the vast majority of them. Time is specially allocated for this purpose.
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