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Today you can find thousands of restaurants not only with traditional Chinese cuisine but also with dishes from anywhere in the world in Xiamen. If you are more accustomed to native food, then just look for the relevant establishment. You can also go to one of the popular restaurants of international food chains. There are many of them in the city. Local cuisine is incredibly diverse. Many of its dishes will be completely unfamiliar to a European. If you want to immerse yourself in exotic tastes, you should go to any of the city's markets. You can buy anything you want there. However, this option is suitable for those who are not particularly interested in what exactly is prepared selected delicacy.
Xiamen offers its visitors a very interesting and rich excursion program. In the city, there are a lot of unique religious monuments and constructions of different epochs preserved. In the … Open
There are a lot of fish and seafood dishes in Xiamen restaurants. For example, you can taste dishes from lancelets. Local chefs cook seafood without adding too much salt. The taste of most dishes of the city cuisine is sweet and sour. Serving a dish is considered no less important thing than its taste. So bright, artfully sliced ingredients are the norm for all city restaurants. Local chefs rarely add much spicy seasoning to dishes. But if you doubt the amount of spices, it is better to check with the waiter.
Local chefs slice the ingredients so skillfully that the pieces are almost transparent. This method of slicing better reveals the flavor and texture of food. Numerous dishes are served in the form of soup. First, you will be offered to eat all the grounds, and then - to drink the broth. Almost nine dozen types of seafood including turtles are cooked here. Also, cooks prepare more than fifty kinds of fish. It is fried, steamed, and baked in all possible combinations here. Mushrooms play an important role. This can be ordinary or tree mushrooms. Bamboo shoots are also used in local cuisine. Copyright
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The dish "Buddha jumps over the wall" is one of the most popular local dishes. Locals say that the name came from a saying of a Chinese philosopher. He said: "all the neighbors enjoy the pleasant aromas when this dish is served. And even Buddha, attracted by the wonderful smell, jumps over the wall." No one knows whether this is true or not. But the smell is really amazing when serving this dish. It is cooked from two dozen ingredients. They include chicken, pork and lamb. These ingredients are stewed all together over low heat. A bottle of Shaoxing wine is added to the dish.
haichang sunset view after the storm_0329 Be sure to taste sticky noodles or Mian Xian Ghu. First, shrimp and shellfish are cooked in the broth. Thin thread-like noodles are added later there. It is boiled until it increases in size several times. Er-Ah Jian's oyster omelet is delicious. Fresh oysters, sweet potato powder, garlic powder and, of course, eggs are used in its preparation. Oyster omelet is usually eaten by dipping into a garlic sauce. It is specially served for this purpose. It is also worth tasting snow-white fish balls. They are baked from fish paste mixed with flour and seasoned with spices. Often seafood or vegetables are used as a filling.
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It is also worth tasting Tusun Jelly. It looks quite normal. But if you are squeamish, it is better not to learn the composition of the dish. The fact is that jelly is made from a worm that lives on the seabed. Its body contains gelatin. It is mixed with water and turned into jelly after cooling. Turun Jelly is usually eaten with soy, pepper, garlic or sometimes sugar sauce. You can taste this protein-rich jelly with radish or vinegar. You can also order, for example, Ban Shee pork soup with dumplings. It is quite popular in Xiamen.
Xiamen Skyline It is also worth to taste Shacha noodles. You can order it at any local restaurant. Noodles are cooked in a broth of pork or chicken bones with the addition of Shacha sauce. Other ingredients, such as pork liver, kidney, tofu or duck tendon, are added if the customer asks for it. Noodle and shrimp soup is simple and delicious. The composition of the dish fully corresponds to its name. Be sure to taste the crab porridge. This dish is quite simple to cook. Rice is cooked almost completely ready. Crabmeat, celery, and ginger are added at the last moment. This porridge should be eaten hot. Otherwise, the taste will not be the same.
Xiamen has a good geographical location and a mild climate. It is ideal for growing and storing many products that are sold in abundance in local stores. For example, here you can find … Open
It is worth tasting Jiamu duck. It's a stewed sliced duck. First, it is fried with ginger, and then stewed for two hours. This dish is very good for the stomach. It is popular during the rains and cold weather. Peanut soup and Xiamen pancakes are delicious. You can wash it all down with fine local tea. Tea shops are located in every district in the city. It is worth at least once to enjoy the traditional Chinese tea ceremony. Wines are also very popular. They are made very often not from grapes, but from rice, millet, and herbs. You can also buy local vodka. It is often infusion on snakes. It is also worth tasting very ancient wheat vodka.
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