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Vinnitsa acquired the status of a large-scale modern city only in the 30s of the last century. Now the territory of the city and its immediate vicinity is 4.5% of the total area of ​​Ukraine. It is located in the central part of the Right Bank, on the Dniester River. The history of the picturesque city is more than 600 years old. Today more than 400 thousand people live on its territory. Vinnitsa region has long been a major agricultural region of the country, and this status is preserved for it even now.
First and foremost, in Vinnitsa you need to look at the Arch in the Central Park of Culture and Leisure named after Gorky, as well as a fire tower located in the park named after Kozitsky. … Open
The history of the appearance of the name of the city is quite interesting. According to one version, it was named after the Vinnichka River. Many locals have a different version; they believe that their hometown was named Vinnitsa because a few hundred years ago a lot of distilleries were built here. During the excavations on the territory of the city, traces of settlements of Old Russian and Scythian tribes were found, and in the 9th century tribes of Tivertz and ulitsa lived here. Their lands were part of Kievan Rus, and after its devastation they moved to the Galicia-Volyn principality.
In 1362, the Lithuanian army of Prince Olgerd defeated the army of the Tatars, and on these lands, the rapid economic and social development began again. In 1569 the city became part of Poland, whose influence also affected its architectural appearance and lifestyle. It should be noted that Vinnitsa is often mentioned in historical reports as applicable to the events of the National Liberation War, which took place from 1648 to 1654. From 1667, according to the provisions of the Andrusov Truce, the entire territory of Right-Bank Ukraine, including Vinnitsa, was transferred to the power of the Polish crown. Copyright
Guests of the city can successfully combine walks in historical places with other interesting entertainments. In Vinnitsa there is an excellent paintball club "Sparta", where all conditions … Open
At the end of the XVIII century Vinnitsa experienced one of the most difficult historical periods. More than 1500 of its inhabitants died of plague. Soon the territory of the city passed under the rule of the Russian Empire, and in 1810 about 10 thousand inhabitants already lived in Vinnitsa. In the shortest time, several educational institutions, a hospital, a theater and shops were built in the city. The Great Patriotic War also left a mark in the history of the city. During the war years the number of its inhabitants was reduced by almost 70 thousand, and about 1900 houses were destroyed. In the post-war time, visitors and indigenous people promptly restored the city, restored historical monuments and erected large factories. A beautiful city with a rich history, of course, deserves the attention of curious tourists.
The interesting historical symbol is the old water tower that is located in Kozitskogo Square. The old tower was built of red brick. There is a watch on its facade. In the period of the Second World War, the tower managed to survive even despite the fact that it served as an observation point that time. After the war, there were living quarters in the tower. Families of workers of the local water service company lived here. Since 1984, the tower has belonged to the Local History Museum that houses the collection dedicated to the Afghan war. Near it, there is the Local History Museum itself. You can see these two museums during the single sightseeing tour.
1. Travelers planning a rich excursion program should definitely go to the Southern Bug and visit the Pirogov Manor-Estate, which is considered one of the most interesting sights of Ukraine. … Open
The unique architectural monument is the Manor House of Potocki. At one time, it belonged to a wealthy and influential family. This house is second to none in its beauty and size. It houses unique collections of pieces of art and antique furniture. This luxurious architectural complex has been partially preserved to this day. Now, you can see several restored outbuildings and a mausoleum where the members of the Potockis are buried. All the buildings were destroyed in the 20s of the last century and a new hospital was built here.
IMG_7705 In the surroundings of Vinnytsia, there is an important monument dedicated to the Second World War, the Werewolf Bunker. In 1941, the new military complex of Adolf Hitler started to be built and finished in just a year. In total, this complex consists of over 80 ground facilities and 6 underground ones. When Hitler’s army retreated, all the ground facilities were destroyed. Underground rooms are being investigated now. A lot of incredible stories and legends are connected with the ruins of the military bunker.
Many travelers who come to Vinnitsa are eager to try the dishes of real Ukrainian cuisine; there are more than enough attractive national restaurants in the city. First and foremost, … Open
All sweet-teeth should certainly visit the Chocolate Museum that was called after the local Roshen chocolate factory. The museum is located right on the territory of the fabric. It was opened in 2010. Its collection will primarily attract children. During the excursion, they will learn about how different sweets are produced. The significant part of the museum collection is automated, which makes it a unique culture center.
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Sightseeing in Ukraine: things to see

Ukraine is famous for its beautiful parks and nature reserves. Yevpatoria is one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in the country. It is famous for its wonderful pedestrian zones, parks and walkways. The only dinopark in the country was also opened in Yevpatoria not long ago. As one can guess from the name, the main exhibition of dinopark is dedicated to dinosaurs. During an excursion there, visitors will learn many interesting facts about first inhabitants of the planet and see many precious archaeological findings. There are also several attractions, restaurants and playgrounds on the territory of the complex. … Open

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