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Ukraine is known for the natural beauty of the steppes, the mysticism of the Carpathian Mountains, the endless blue sky and the gold cereals that decorate the Ukrainian flag. The fauna of Ukraine is rich: deer and wild hamsters, ducks and wild boars, pelicans and carps, nutrias and lynx inhabit dense forests, deep rivers, calm lakes, wide steppes, maritime spaces and shores respectively. There are more than a dozen national parks in the country, as well as natural reserves. January is the coldest month in Ukraine, and July is the hottest month. The climate of Ukraine is continental, but temperatures slightly vary from region to region. The country is rich in reservoirs – there are about three thousand lakes here.
Among the Ukrainian holidays and holiday traditions, there are those well-known to Europeans, for example, the New Year and the First of May holidays. …
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The ancient flooded village of Bakota in the Khmelnytsky region awaits lovers of antiquities and caves. The village was flooded in the early 80s of the last century because of the construction of HEPP (hydroelectric power plant). There, in the White Mountain, is a cave monastery with a thousand-year-old history, which can be visited with a guided tour. There are springs there, and many believe that the water which flows in them treats all diseases. This water is crystal clear, and is safe for drinking. There are beaches on the banks of the river too. This place is warm and incredibly beautiful. In the Boldyna hora of Chernigov are located St Anthony of Kiev Caves of the Holy Trinity Monastery, a legendary place of secrets and mystics, and a cave system with a thousand-year old history. There are also ossuaries from the remains of monks, and caves located at a depth of more than 10 meters, in which the monks lived.
Guests of Ternopil should definitely visit the famous Ternopil pond. This is an artificial reservoir, one of the decorations of the city. You can go for a walk along the shore or cruise on the pond by a boat, admiring the green trees and the ripples on the water. In winter, the locals and visitors walk on the frozen pond, trying not to disturb the fishermen sitting over the holes. On the territory of Ukraine and Slovakia flows the river Latorica, along the unbearably green banks of which you can go to Mukachevo, which is in the Zakarpattia region. The greenery here is really luxurious, emphasizing the beauty of the calm river, which is born in the mountains of Volovets district. Due to the care of the locals, the water is still clean and rich in fish. It is good to take a boat trip around Latorica, and for a more extreme holiday, you can go to the mountains, where the water is faster, and engage in rafting. Copyright
These spots really worth the attention of a real traveler-researcher. …
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In Kiev, you can take a break from the noise of the city and enjoy nature in the park “Landscape Alley”. This is a wonderful place to relax with clean air, amazing figure benches, mosaic sculptures and fountains that will make tourists feel like children again. In Kharkov too, there is a wonderful green oasis in the middle of dust and clouds of exhaust gas, and it is called the Central Park of Culture named after Gorky. This is the main and the largest park in the city, full of greenery, in which cultural events are often held. Cleanliness in the city parks of Ukraine is closely monitored, so it is a pleasure to walk in them.
Gorgeous arboretum in Kirovohrad, with sixty years old history, is not considered the lungs of the city for nothing. Its green part is full of an incredible number of different plants: trees, shrubs, flowers. In summer, the park is decorated with bright colored tulips of various kinds. In the entertainment part of the park, there are two dozen rides and a stage. From the reserves of Ukraine can be distinguished the Biosphere reserve named after F. E. Falz-Fein located in Askania-Nova. It is better to visit this place in May and September, when it is not hot there and very beautiful. The reserve is large, and many rare plants grow here. You can also order safaris across the steppe where wild animals live, or communicate with goats and other well-groomed pets living in spacious aviaries.
Monuments and architectural objects, notable for the history and culture of the country. …
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The National Botanical Garden named after N. N. Grishko in the center of Kiev, is a great place for those who want to get acquainted with the Ukrainian nature, but are afraid of wild places. This is one of the largest gardens of its kind in Europe. It is quiet and fresh here, especially early in the morning. The garden is swamped in greenery; tulips, lilac, chrysanthemums grow here. For those who wish for exotic, it is recommended to visit the Japanese and Korean gardens, as well as greenhouses with exotic plants. There is a Botanical Garden in Kiev named after the academician A.V. Fomin – one of the oldest in the country. It was founded in the 30s of the 19th century and can boast of a huge number of plants from all over Ukraine, and also of species from other countries in greenhouses. It is very quiet in the garden; you can relax on a bench or lie on the grass under the singing of birds.
The conquerors of peaks will surely be attracted by the highest point of the country – the Carpathian Mountain Hoverla. Its height is 2 kilometers, and there is almost always snow on the top. Despite this, Ukrainians and guests of the country love Hoverla, that is why its slopes and the peak from which you can see far around, are rarely deserted. From October to April, it is very hard to climb to the top, but experienced climbers choose particular this time to visit. In Verkhovyn is located the Mount Pip-Ivan, or Pop-Ivan, suitable for beginners to climb. The mountain slopes that smell of herbs are very beautiful and full of berries. There is also a closed observatory at the top.
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