Travel tips for Ukraine - what to prepare in advance and what to obey

1. If you want to give flowers to a Ukrainian woman, you need to make sure that it is an odd number of flowers. An even number of flowers in a bouquet is suitable only for funerals, and such carelessness can offend a Ukrainian woman. If she is superstitious, it could even frighten her. Do not present expensive gifts to a Ukrainian, even if it is from the heart. The Ukrainian, having received a gift, which by his standards is too expensive, will consider himself obliged to the presenter. He may also be suspicious and decide that the one who presented such a gift is devising something and wants to bribe him (the receiver) in advance. Also, do not buy things for unborn children, even if they seem necessary. Many Ukrainians see it as a bad omen. You cannot give knives and other sharp objects as a present, as this is a sign that the giver and the receiver will quarrel soon. Handkerchiefs are not presented either, because it is believed that the handkerchief received as a gift will bring tears. There is no need to give mirrors either. If you decide to present a wallet to a Ukrainian, you first need to put some money in it; the smallest coin will do — to attract money.
2. It is point-blank unheard of to confuse and mix Ukrainians and Russians, Ukraine and Russia, for obvious reasons this is simply insulting. The height of disrespect will be to call these countries the same or declare that Ukraine is part of Russia.
3. If you want to whistle in the room, you need to make sure that no one is nearby. Whistling in the house, even virtuously, prophesies financial problems for its occupants and the whistler himself. Some Ukrainians treat whistling in non-residential premises with prejudice as well.
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4. Entering the house or apartment of a Ukrainian, you should immediately take off your shoes. The vast majority of Ukrainians have spare slippers for guests. Wiping the soles on the doormat is unacceptable, street shoes will not be tolerated here – they won’t let you seat at the table for sure.
5. Upon meeting you should shake hands firmly, maintaining eye contact, especially when it comes to business partners. A strong handshake symbolizes confidence, and an open look – honesty. A person with wandering eyes or dull eyes does not command trust.
6. Women go to Orthodox churches with covered heads and in skirts, which must cover their knees. Men on the other hand take off their hats in the church. Shorts, open shoes and bright T-shirts are not allowed, no matter how hot it is. In churches and temples, it is forbidden to take pictures, talk on the phone, or even talk in general.
7. Never congratulate a person on his birthday before the date, or even celebrate the event in advance. This is considered a bad sign, not promising the celebrant anything good. Some people even believe that this may reduce a person’s life. To congratulate a person and celebrate the birthday in areas does not presage anything bad. Copyright
8. The fig sign is considered a rude gesture; you should not point a finger at a person or an object. If you want to make an indication, you can use all fingers of the open palm. It is acceptable to beckon on somebody with one finger-gesture only if this somebody is an animal. In cafes and restaurants you should not click your fingers when calling for a waiter – this is very rude.
9. Those who refuse to drink in the company of others may be looked at askantly and the refusal written off as snobbery. Some hosts will be gravely offended if guests refuse to drink with them. Usually they drink to the health of those who are present at the gathering, if other toasts are not offered. If you had a chance to attend such a sad event as a commemoration, you cannot refuse a shot of vodka. Everyone must remember the departed; refusal will be considered as an insult to his memory. For those who for some reason completely reject alcohol, it is better to mention it immediately to the new Ukrainian acquaintances as soon as the topic to join in a feast approaches.
10. You should not refuse eating on a visit, and you must certainly eat the entire portion served you. If the guest does not eat any product, he needs to inform his host of it politely immediately upon receiving the invitation.
11. Ukrainians know that some not very educated residents of the USA and some European countries are barely familiar with the fact of the existence of Ukraine. It would therefore be a good idea to get acquainted with the culture of the country before your trip and learn a few phrases in the language. The Ukrainians will be flattered.
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12. Neither the city streets, nor nature can be littered. While walking among the beauties of Ukraine, you should not pick flowers or stomp plants. This is also a manifestation of respect towards a hospitable country.
13. You should know in advance the phone numbers of taxi services or install their applications. Taxi drivers waiting for customers at spots where many tourists are, can deceive unsuspecting foreigners by inflating the price and this is not the worst possible consequences.
14. Buying food near the subway is not the best thing to do; it often turns out to be of poor quality and may simply be dangerous.
15. In public places you should not bring out money, telephones, or cameras. In general, it is worth keeping an eye on your pockets and bags.
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Gorge Maryam-Dere

From the series “ Survived Artifacts of Early Christian Civilization”
In the immediate vicinity of the Crimean city of Bakhchisaray there is the valley is named after Mother Mary - Maryam-Dere. Adherents of the Christian religion know the gorge because of the old Assumption Monastery that was founded in the 8th century. According to legend, it has been built by monks, who fled from Byzantium. The picturesque gorge reminded them of the home country, so they decided to start their abode there. According to another version, the monastery was built on the spot where shepherds have found the icon of Holy Mother. The latter is widely known as the Bakhchysarai icon.

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Infected Apartment in Kramatorsk

From the series “The Most Radioactive Zones on the Planet”
One of the most egregious cases of radiation detection occurred in the Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk, which now is known throughout the world. The capsule with the radioactive element cesium-137 was detected within the wall of a residential building. The history of this case goes back to 70s of the last century, when an ampoule with cesium was lost during industrial activities in Karanskyi career. One of the large enterprises mined gravel and crushed stone in this quarry. The vial fell out of a measuring device during the planning stage.

An extraction of gravel had to be stopped immediately. The search for the ampoule lasted a week, but ended in failure. That days, the rubble from the quarry was used extensively for the construction of Olympic facilities in Moscow, as well as for building … Read all

Tunnel of Love

From the series “The Most Surrealistic Places of the Earth”
One of the most remarkable and romantic places on earth can be found in the Ukrainian city of Klevan. Its landmark is the Liebestunnel - the three-kilometer long railway track, on both sides of which the tall trees grow. Their crowns are linked together and form an incredibly beautiful corridor. For many years now, the romantic tunnel has attracted photographers from all over the world, as well as the newlyweds, who organize the original and very beautiful photoshootings.

The railway through the tunnel is in operation. Three times a day, the train goes here, which supplies the raw material to the nearby woodworking company. The dense green tunnel of the right arch form is a true botanical phenomenon. No one has ever laid hands on his education. The tunnel is beautiful in all seasons. In … Read all
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